Early days Samsung Galaxy S6 predictions

Even though the Galaxy S5 has just hit stores around the globe, speculations around the next flagship model from Samsung has already started flying around.

In this article we will try to sum up what we expect to see from Samsung when the Galaxy S6 is released sometime next year.

Before you start reading, keep in mind that the things you read here are no more than educated guesswork. So don’t expect everything to pan out to be what you see when it is released. At the same time, don’t be surprised if quite a few things you read about here turns out to end up in the final product.

To kick things off lets start by discussing one of the more important things as far as flagship smartphones are concerned.

Galaxy S6 screen.

When talking of cell phone screens, one the most important thing is the size. To get a general idea of which size Samsung will pick for it’s next Galaxy S series phone it is a smart move to take a look at the previous models.

  • Galaxy S       4.0 inch super AMOLED screen.
  • Galaxy S2    4.3 inch super AMOLED plus screen.
  • Galaxy S3    4.8 inch super AMOLED screen.
  • Galaxy S4    5.0 inch super AMOLED plus screen.
  • Galaxy S5    5.1  inch super AMOLED screen.

When looking at those previous model screen sizes, one thing in particular stand out. They keep getting bigger. Not once did they release a Galaxy S series phone that had the same or smaller size than the previous one. Based on those facts we think it’s safe to say that the Galaxy S6 will have a screen bigger than the 5,1 inches of the Galaxy S5.

Another thing to take into consideration is the rumored flexible displays that some think we will see on the Galaxy S6. We think that Samsung won’t do anything revolutionary to the S6. More likely they will start a new series of phones to house the flexible displays and keep the traditional form factor on this one. Just like LG did when they announced the LG FLEX, rather than incorporate the flexible display in any of their current phones, like the G2 or the soon to be announced LG G3.

We predict that the next model will have a bigger screen by the smallest possible margin. Most likely it will end up having a 5,2 inch traditional screen much like the ones we are accustomed to seeing today.

  • ( Prediction ) Galaxy S6    5,2 inch     super AMOLED screen. 


Full HD versus Quad HD. That is the question. To be completely honest this race to have the most pixels on one’s screen is starting to remind me of the ridiculous race we have been seeing to put the most number of megapixels in a camera. I hope and think that people are starting to realize that this is getting a bit silly.

Actually I believe that manufacturers of phones will keep cramping more pixels in there until the general public understands that is is useless. It is important to remember that until cell phone screens can me made more energy efficient they are going to burn through the majority of your battery. And it is going to get worse the more pixels are cramped in there. So hopefully Samsung will put this of until it can be made without depleting your battery in less than a day.

Galaxy S6 rumors and speculations

Galaxy S6 battery.

As always the best benchmark for predicting what a jet unreleased phone is going to have in terms of hardware is to take a close look at what the previous models had. We think Samsung won’t release a new model without adding a few more mAh of battery juice. Even if they constantly seem to be able to get more from the existing power it’s likely they will add more Ampere hours, if nothing else, to be able to boast it has been improved from the S5.

  • Galaxy S     1500 mAh Li-Ion.
  • Galaxy S2   1650 mAh Li-Ion.
  • Galaxy S3   2100 mAh Li-Ion.
  • Galaxy S4   2600 mAh Li-Ion.
  • Galaxy S5   2800 mAh Li-Ion.

Batteries is the single most space consuming component in any phone. Even though Samsung phones has never won any “thinnest cell phone of the year” awards, cell phone size is definitely something that concerns all manufacturers. Another important thing to think of when it comes to batteries is whether or not it is replaceable. Luckily it would seem that Samsung has recognized how important this is to a large number of consumers. Also they have shown that they can make waterproof cell phones, without compromising with the ability to make a phone that can have it’s battery replaced when they released the waterproof Galaxy S5.

  • ( Prediction ) Galaxy S6   3050 mAh Li-Ion.

Galaxy S6 design.

Ever since the time HTC announced their HTC ONE the expectations for the next Galaxy S series phone, has been that it should be built from something other than plastic. Strangely though Samsung has ignored the uproar from countless forum posts and comments sections across the internet. The consensus has in general been that they could not expect the next flagship model to be a best seller unless the next one was built from metal, carbon or some other excotic material.

As we now know Samsung has proved these predictions wrong on a number of occasions. It is believed that the main reason to keep building it from plastic is in fact to make the most money per sold unit. By making sure that the stores selling phones earn as much as possible from each and every sale, they have given those stores the best incentive to sell their phone over any of the competitors.

There are some things though that indicate that Samsung may very well start making phones from something other than plastic. 06-20-2013 SGL group, a manufacturer of carbon fibre materials issued a press release stating that they has signed an agreement with Samsung to start producing parts for them. It was never specified that these parts was going to be used for cell phone, but as you can imaging rumors started flying around immediately.

We now know that the Galaxy S5 did not turn out to have a carbon fibre body, but maybe they have decided to give the S6 a bit of a more premium look. Only time will tell.

Galaxy S6 Operating system.

Since Samsungs tremendous success with the first Galaxy S there has never really been any question of which operating system the new Galaxy S would have. It was always a given that the next one would have the latest Android Os version. At this point in time though the speculation is that Samsung might go for their own Os, Tizen. We think it is unlikely that they would do this, but you never know. The rumor is that Samsung is trying to make their way out of the Android Os. Things that can support this claim is that they have been making their own infrastructure that could potentially replace the things that make the Android Os for cell phones such a great platform.

Seeing how little success Microsoft has had with their Os we think and hope that Samsung will stick to the winning formula, and give the Galaxy S6 the newest version of Android. By the time the S6 is likely to be released this is probably going to be Android 4.5 or 5.0. It’s really up to Google how they are going to name the next version of the Android Os.

Galaxy S6 release date.

By looking at the release dates of the previous models we can pinpoint quite exactly when the Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to hit stores around the globe.

  • Galaxy S  June 2010.
  • Galaxy S2 May 2011.
  • Galaxy S3 May 2012.
  • Galaxy S4 April 2013.
  • Galaxy S5 April 2014.

By looking at these dates we can say with pretty high confidence that the S6 will be available to the general public sometime during quarter 2 of 2015. Seeing that the last two became available in the very earliest part of the second quarter it could possibly even be available for purchase in the late part of the first quarter of 2015.

We think Samsung has a plan to release this phone to the public at a specific date, but this can be influenced by a number of factors. Among them are when other OEMs announce their flagship models. Another thing that can potentially influence the date is the fact that they need to have access to the parts this phone will be built from. If any one of the parts makers run into problems with manufacturing it will be hard for Samsung to get it to market the day they intend.

  • ( Prediction ) Galaxy S6   April 2015.

Galaxy S6 CPU and GPU.

Being the 2015 flagship model from Samsung we think it is safe to say that this phone is going to have the fastest and best CPU and GPU available at the time of release. In the past, buying the newest Galaxy S series phone has been synonymous with having the phone with the latest technology available. Unless Samsung decides to make the CPU and GPU themselves it is very likely this phone will have the newly announced Qualcomm 810 chipset. If they do decide to go that route it will be the first top of the line smartphone from Samsung that sports a 64 bit processor. It will also be the first processor from qualcomm to have utilize LPDDR4 memory.

The system has double quad cores and the newly announced Adreno 430 GPU which promises to be faster and more energy efficient than the CPUs we have today. It also supports 4K displays which I for one hope it does not get.

That sums up how we think the Galaxy S6 will turn out when it hits stores in the early part of next year. If you know something, or think you know something why not share it with the rest of us in the comments section of this article.

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