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How to get Emoji emoticons on your Android phone.

If you think that the emoticons on your Android phone looks a bit dull, and you are wondering if there is some way to get better looking ones you have come to the right place. Another reason to do this is if you get strange looking text messages from your IPhone buddies. The solution to this problem is to replace the stock text messaging app with one that supports Emoji on Android.

Install Emoji On Andoid phone

Emoji on Handcent

Sadly the stock messaging app for the Android Os does not support emoji, so if you want them on your phone you will have to install a different messaging app on your smart phone. The most used one is Handcent and it is that app this tutorial is based on. If you want another one you can find many different apps on the Play store. simply search play store for messaging.

  1. Go ahead and install Handcent sms and Handcent emoji plugin.
  2. Among your apps there will be a new icon called Handcent SMS, go ahead and open it.
  3. Press the icon in the upper right corner to make a new text message.
  4. Put your finger on the lower half of the screen to start making your new message.
  5. Push the menu button on your phone to bring up the Handcent messaging settings.
  6. Hit the Insert smiley and next hit the Emoji icon.
  7. Now you can go ahead and choose from a multitude of new emoticons for your Android phone
  8. If this was useful why not

If you don’t want two notifications every time you get a new message you are going to have to disable your stock massaging app from showing notifications. To do this enter the stock app and hot settings. Scroll down untill you see Notifications, and uncheck that one.

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5 thoughts on “emoji on android

  1. Richard H. Stout says:

    Too complicated!

  2. Want those black n wyt emojis on xperia z1 ..pls hlp if anyone can

  3. It’s AwSomE

  4. Chelsi Martin says:

    it just won’t work for me :( v downloaded so many apps. I have a Samsung galaxy s3 and I have cell one. idk if that makes a difference.

    • It worked like a charm on my old S3. Maybe you can find comfort in the fact that Emojis are built in on all cell phones with Android 4.4. Not sure if the Galaxy s3 ever will get it though.

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