error code 919

Helpful information if you ever stumbled across the Google play error code 919 when trying to download something from play store.

Lately I have been hearing more and more people getting this weird error when they try to install something from the play store. So I decided to investigate this matter further so I could hopefully help those people in need of assistance on the matter.

This is what I learned. It seems that this error can be caused by a few different things.

Google play store error code 919

Solution 1

  • I suggest that the first thing you try is to log of the data connection you are currently on , be it Wifi or via mobile data. Try turning it of and then back on again. This is the solution that seems to help the most  get rid of this pesky problem. If you are on a wifi connection I suggest you remove it completely by going to your devices settings menu and then into the wifi settings. From there remove the network completely before reconnecting to it.

If this did not do it for you don’t be afraid there are a few more things you should try before giving up.

Solution 2

  • Some people have found it useful to clear out the Google play store cache. To do this head on over to your phones settings. From there pick the app manager or application manager. From the list of apps find and press the google play store, you may have to scroll down a bit before it turns up. The next and last step in this process is to hit the clear cache.

Another person claims that he got the error code due to insufficient storage on his phone.

Solution 3

  • To rectify this, you will have to make a bit more space on your device before testing one more time. The best and quickest way to make more space on your phone is to go to your gallery and delete a big video file or two, as these are the files that generally takes up the most space on anyones mobile device. This also goes if you have filled your device with pictures.  If you can’t do without them check out this tutorial on how to backup Android pictures. If you don’t have that many images or videos to delete you should check if there are some apps or games you can do without. To do this open the apps manage as described in the above mentioned solution and delete a few big applications.

If you followed these steps you will likely have solved the error code 919 by now. if however all these steps did not work out for you there is one last thing you could do. It is not a well known service but it is nonetheless a great way to sort out this and any other problem you might have with the play store. Contact google play store service personnel. You can do this by clicking the help symbol in the play store on your computer phone or tablet. It can be found by looking for a question mark in the top right corner on a PC or by pressing the menu button in the top left corner on a portable device. Alternatively you can follow this link which will take you directly there. Google Play help center.

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This article was brought to the pen by Bertil Hansen

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4 thoughts on “error code 919

  1. Harshagopal Deshpande says:

    Thank you sir.. My problem got solved..

  2. Neville Nagesh says:

    Unknown error code during applicaiton installation : “919”

    I have 8 GB free. Cleared Play Store app cache and it starts to download and install updates.Still generates the above during a fresh installation.

    Nexus 4 , Stock , 5.0.1,

  3. April Schneider says:

    I am experiencing error code 919. On my mobile data connection using an android LG4 phone

  4. Error code 919 everytime! Trying to download free apps all the Time! On play store! Waste of time and space! They need to sort this out!

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