Factory reset Android phone

How to factory reset your android phone

Has your Android smartphone become a little slow. There are many reasons why this could happen. Over time most devices becomes slower due to a multitude of idling programs and widgets that use a lot of memory. Many Android phones gets upgraded from time to time, if you upgrade your phone it will most likely be to a faster version. Read more about upgrading an Android phone here. If you have removed unused widgets and programs and upgraded your phone to the latest version and still having speed problems you should proceed with a factory reset to clear all old data from your phone.

How to factory reset Android Os phone

Factory resetting will erase all your data


What is a factory reset

A factory reset reverts your phone to the way it was when you bought it and turned it on for the first time. Once the reset is done you will have to reenter your Google account info. The one exception is that if you have updated it to a newer version of the Android Os It will not revert to the old version but rather keep the newest one. So if the reason for your reset is to revert to an old Android Os it can not be done in this way.


REMEMBER !  Resetting your phone will clear all data from your phone, so back up all the things you want to keep. Contacts,music,pictures and all other things that are irreplaceable to you.

checklist before you start

  1. Backup the things you want to keep.
  2. Make a note of your Gmail and your password.
  3. Charge your battery so you don’t run out of juice in the middle of the process.

At this time there are many versions of Android and the process varies a little on most of them, common to all of them are number 1 on the list :

  1. Find and press the settings button on your phone. You can find it in your app list on your phone. It looks like this
  2. This Is a bit different from device to device but you should look for where it says Factory reset and press it.
  3. Look for it in the Privacy folder for older phones or the Back up and restore tab in settings on newer phones.
  4. Press the factory reset tab and confirm.
  5. You phone will now reset to its original state.
If you still have problems getting it right check out this Youtube video


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3 thoughts on “Factory reset Android phone

  1. When I turn on the phone it says: Setup Wizard. Then tells me about the EULA agreement. Then it says: This device was reset. To continue sign in with a Google Accunt that was previously synced on this device. Enter my email. I am not sure. When I get to a point for my phone number they want to send me a 1 time code, but I cannot get the code since the phone is locked. I can make 1 emergency phone call, can you get me a phone number for me to someone who can help me. PLEASE

    • Sounds really strange. I was never asked to confirm my number after resetting a device. I would try starting the device without it’s SIM card and see if you will be able to get into your phone now. If you are prompted to insert a SIM just use the skip button.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for this information. Can you please help me out that by which way i can able to restore the old version of ics in s3

    Thanks in advance

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