Fire smartphone officially announced by Amazon

Amazon held a press event today (18th June 2014) with the promise of a new device and is exactly what they brought us with the announcement of the Fire phone.

Motion tracking screen:

This is Amazons first phone and is released as part of their “fire” range of devices, which includes the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and from today the Fire phone.

The feature of this phone that makes it stand out from the crowd is the motion tracking screen, which with four cameras on the front of the device, can track your head as you move in order to use the motions as gesture based input which is great for scenarios where you can’t hold the device (such as driving). The device also packs infrared sensors so that this feature still works even in no/low light environments.

The on screen objects also react to the way that the user is holding the device and give the screen the impression of having depth, this allows the user to clearly see whats on screen no matter what orientation they are holding the device in.

Great news for developers as well as Amazon are releasing a third party SDK in order to allow developers to tap into these new features in order to integrate them into their own apps.

Tech specs:

In order to smoothly run these new features as well as the normal day to day operation this device would require some serious internals, which this device definitely has. Packing a quad-core 2.2Ghz Adreno 330 SoC and 2GB of RAM this is plenty to get a smooth experience out of this device. Also for people who are serious about taking photo’s with their smartphones this devices has a 13MP camera and optical image stabilization. The built in Camera button will automatically open the default camera app and take a picture all with one press. As this is an Amazon device everyone how purchases the device will also get unlimited storage Amazons cloud drive service, although the unlimited storage is only for photo’s. For the people who are serious about their music on their phone, it has stereo speakers and comes with tangle free earphones out of the box. Battery time is reported to be up to 22 hours talk time and 285 stand by time, which considering the power of the device is simply amazing.

Amazon prime customers:

If you are currently an Amazon prime subscriber, you also benefit from many more features. These include:

> Access to the Kindle learning library

> Access to Prime instant video

> Access to the Amazon MP3 store

> Access to the Kindle book store

So therefore it’s probably worth becoming a prime customer is you intend on getting one of these devices. Although note that the device comes with 12 months free Amazon prime

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