First free to play Final Fantasy coming to Android and ios

Square Enix the Japanese game company best known for its excellent RPGs, is making a new Final Fantasy game for Android and ios.

The new game is based on and set to the same game world as Final Fantasy type-0, a game originally released for the Playstation portable in Japan. Sadly for fans of the epic saga revolving the Final Fantasy universe, the game never got released in any other languages than Japanese.

It would seem that now you will be able to finally play ( albeit an altered version ) of the game that you have been pining for so long. I don’t think this is really what fans of the series was thinking about when they begged Square Enix to release the game in a western version. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience though.

Final Fantasy Agito coming to Android and ios

Agito will be the first free to play Final Fantasy game for Android and ios

According to the magazine Famitsu via Siliconera we have been told that the game will be Free to download and play. This of course means that the game will be riddled with ways to “improve” the gaming experience by you, the player emptying your pockets of money.

Lets hope that they can find a way to balance this system in a good way, so it won’t end up one of those pay to win type of games.

According to the magazine it will be an episodic game where you spend 10 days doing “Solo Play Phase” followed by 4 days of  what they call “Team Play Phase”. Sounds like there is a single player and a multiplayer part to this game.

As it turns out Square Enix has actually released a trailer for the game. Go ahead and check it out.

For me personally the only game that ever was made  by Square Enix that I really enjoyed was Final Fantasy VII. I know you fanboys are going to hate me for it and likely leave me hateful comments at the bottom of this article. Just remember  to keep it clean. I won’t allow any swearing on this site.

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