Galaxy Grand 2 screenshot

How to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

From time to time something happens on your phone that you wish you could share with someone who is not there to see it for themselves.

This is when the ability to take a snapshot of what is happening on your screen comes in very handy.

For many years this was something we could only dream of accomplishing with our phones. But since the introduction of smartphones this is a feature we have become more and more fond of. Let me show you how to do it on your new phone.

Press and hold to take a screenshot

Press and hold

How to screenshot on the Galaxy Grand 2.

  1. Press and hold the power button and the home button.
  2. Hold the buttons for about a second until you hear a sound and see your screen flash.
  3. That’s it If this was what you were looking for why not

Unfortunately some people have a hard time getting it right, if you are one of them just remember you should press the buttons at the same time and keep them pressed until you see the flash and hear the sound.

Now that you have captured your screen you may want to see how it turned out. If you only took the one you can pull down the notification area when a thumbnail has been created. Tap it with your finger to open it.

If you want to see more of the screen dumps you have done, head on over to the screenshots folder in the gallery. To get there look for the gallery app icon in your apps drawer.

Once there you can do several things with your picture. If your intention was to share it with your friends you can send it as a MMS or share it through your favorite social network.

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