Galaxy Note 3 update

How to update the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

To get the most from your Galaxy Note 3 you should always make sure that it is running the latest possible firmware version. At the time this article is written the Note 3 currently runs Android 4.3 ( Jelly Bean ). From time to time Samsung releases new upgrades to their phones.

According to rumors Samsung is already testing Android Kit Kat 4.4 on this device. We suspect that we won’t have to wait too long before it gets here. It is likely that the Note 3 will receive another big update before Sammy stops updating it. It is not yet known whether the next version will be called Android 4.5 or 5.0.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 connecting to Samsung servers

Galaxy Note 3 connecting to Samsung servers

When updating this phone you can choose to do so OTA ( over the air ) or through a computer with Kies software from Samsung. Let me show you how.


Before you update take a moment to backup your data.

Although I have never ever lost any data while updating any of my Android phones, I highly recommend that you spend some time backing up your phone. At the very least I would Backup your Android contacts and backup your cell phone photos. This way you make sure that you don’t loose the most important data, should anything go wrong and you brick your phone.

How to update  the Note 3 OTA.

  1. From your Home screen tap the Settings icon.
  2. From the settings tab choose the General tab.
  3. Now you have to click where it says About device.
  4. Next, click the Software update tab.
  5. And finally click where it says Update.
  6. If this was useful why not

How to update the Note 3 via a computer with Kies.

Before you start check that you have the following.

  1. A USB cable to connect your phone to your PC.
  2. A PC with Kies from Samsung or a MAC with Kies for MAC.

Once you have downloaded and installed the correct Kies version you are ready to begin.

  1. Launch Samsung Kies and connect the device to the computer with the USB cable.
  2. Kies will automatically check if your phone has the latest available Android version.
  3. If an update is available a pop up will appear and you can choose to start the process.

If you have just successfully updated your Galaxy Note 3, congratulations. If no update was found you should wait a few days and give it another go.

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19 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 update

  1. Brenda dahlgren says:

    recently mcdonalds updated their app and my samsung note 4 no longer allows that app to work, anything I can do to my phone to get this app to work?

  2. I am using Samsung galaxy Note 3. but each time I try to check on the system update I keep on telling me your device is up to date. and the phone version is too low. 4.4.1, plys help I want to update to the latest version

  3. i have a note 3 neo but when i am going to software update and then update now it is not updating what to do…..

  4. guys I need and my wife have same note 3..and it happens 2 days ago we cant open anymore our mobiles.. what to do? pls need any suggestion..tnx

  5. hi dear i am using samsung galarxy note 3 with android version 4.4 but during update i facing error processing failed please tell me why i facing this error any solution of this error . kindly check this and update me

  6. My mobile got a msg I think it is on updating

    but this lasts for two hours!!!

    is this normal???!!

    i can’t even open it

  7. how to update note 3 verizon

  8. I have not recieved an update for my samsung note 3?

  9. salome dirang says:

    everytime I try to update my note 3 software update it says its been modified

  10. i already updated my note 3 from Kitkat to Lollipop 5.0 from my laptop with the odin software but i cannot to be mute my phone there is only two options vibrate & sound, Arabic font doesn’t support in action memo, calendar doesn’t show arabic date how i can solute these problems can you help me..? thank you..

  11. Myo Myint Paing says:

    My Galaxy note 3 version is still only 4.3.
    I want to update my phone to Lollipot.But when I did as you said above, the statement “The latest updates have already been updated.” always was displayed on the phone screen.
    So, what should I do sir?
    Please give me advice.

  12. I had trouble updating my Note 3. I would get errors about network unavailable, saying my phone is up to date even though it’s two versions behind, and update interrupted before even starting the update. I was on support forums and AT&T wasted 20 minutes just collecting information and then telling me to take it to a store without any troubleshooting.

    Eventually I took my wife’s phone and put her SIM in my phone, changed the date so I could try for another update, but still wouldn’t update. Without changing the date back I put my SIM back in and it started updating right after startup. I don’t know that it’s the fact that I put her SIM in I’m thinking you just need to reseat the SIM, change the date, and reboot.

  13. I cant update my Note 3 applications from Kies on my laptop

  14. Hey,

    Hope u are doing gud,

    I am trying to update my Note 3 but am available to do so as it says that it has been modified, please help me with this and also i am unable to update from my laptop as with the kies software, please update.

    Best regards

    Mayad Ali

    • I’m trying to up date my software on my note 3 but Al I have is that my device has been modified update are not availabl

  15. Hi,
    was an Apple guy now have a Note 3 and learning the ropes.

    Just to clear up something. The Kies 3 software for now anyway has no Podcast area or Playlist facilities right?

    If so then very annoying…….Itunes still winning for now!


    • Cindy Hampton says:

      believe it is one of your folders in files.
      Press your apps button on your home screen to access your files.
      Once you are in your files, you should be able to find your podcast folder there.
      I’m not exactly sure but I have seen the folder in my files, although I’ve never used it. I hope this helps. Good luck

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