Galaxy Note 4 screenshot

How to do a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

By reading this tutorial you will learn the different ways of doing a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 4. Thanks to the S-Pen there are no less than five ways of capturing what happens on this smartphone’s screen. Let me show you how to get it done.

How to screenshot on the Galaxy Note 4.


How to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Pressing and holding the power and home button at the same time is the easiest way of capturing the full screen


  1. Press and hold the home button and the power button at the same time.
  2. Do not release them until you get a visual feedback from your phone that a screenshot has been taken.
  3. You are going to have to hold the buttons for about 1 second. If you are having problems getting it right remember the part about pressing them at the same time.

How to screenshot on the Galaxy Note 4 by swiping your screen.

How to screenshot by swiping the screen of your Galaxy Note 4

Make sure your hand covers the entire length of the screen

  1. Put your hand to the right of your phones screen.
  2. Swipe your hand across the screen from right to left until your phone notifies you that a screenshot has been captured.
  3. Your hand should be standing upright on your phone so that only the side of your hand and your pinky finger touches it.

In addition to these two ways of capturing a screenshot on your phone, Samsung has given us no less than three other ways of achieving this thanks to the S-pen.

Pull out the S-pen from your cell phone to bring up the air command menu. By default the air command menu automatically pops up when you detach the pen from the phone. If you have disabled this function, all you have to do is to hold the tip of the pen close to the screen and press the S-pen button to open it.


How to screenshot on the Galaxy Note 4 with the S-pen.

Galaxy Note 4 screenshot

Thanks to the S-pen you can capture your Galaxy Note 4 screen in three more ways

Once you got your S-pen and the air command menu up and running there is time to choose which method you are going to use. Let me show you how the different ways works.


By pressing the rightmost alternative on the menu you have picked screenwrite. When you choose this alternative you phone takes a screenshot of the entire screen, and takes you to an editor. This enables you to start writing on the screenshot directly.

There are a number of options available from the menu appearing at the top of your screen.

  • Pen settings is for choosing colors and different pens and pencils for writing. press it twice to bring up the options.
  • Eraser is for removing something you have written or drawn. Press it twice to bring up your Eraser settings.
  • Crop is for picking a section of the screenshot. Press it twice to choose between lasso and rectangle.
  • Next to these you have your undo and redo options.
  • The three connected dots are for sharing your screenshot.
  • The X is for canceling.
  • And the last one is for saving.

Image clip

If you are looking for a way to cut a small piece of graphics from your screens this is the best option for the job. Pick image clip if you want to screenshot just a small piece of the active screen.

The next step is to use the S-pen to make a selection on your screen to save for later. Once the selection has been done a menu will appear where you can edit it. From left to right they are.

  • Transform back to original shape. This is the shape that you originally drew when making a selection.
  • Transform into circle. Transforms your selection into a circle.
  • Transform into rectangle. Transforms your selection into a rectangle.
  • Transform into auto shape. Is a way to make your phone select intricate selections for you within your original selection.
  • Save in scrapbook.
  • Share via.
  • More options.

Smart select

Use this option if you find something you would like to share via text message. Once you have made your selection you can save it, share it or press the collect option on the lower right side of your screen. To get the most out of this option press the Collect button.

Your selection will now appear on top of your existing screen. From here you can pick it up and move it around with your S-pen, long press to bring up the trash icon if you want to delete it or press the + symbol to make another selection.

The next step is to start a new message. Once you have started a new message, long press the selection you made earlier until it detaches and move it to the enter message area of your message editing screen.

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