Galaxy s3 battery life

How to prolong the battery life of your galaxy s3


To get make the most out of the battery on your Galaxy s3 there are a few things that you can do. Some of these things are easy to implement and some can make your cell phone run slower. I will walk you through the different things that you can do and witch you should not do.


Buy a bigger battery

If you don’t know witch end is up on your cell phone and cant find the settings tab in the menu this may be the easiest way for you to prolong the battery life. How much juice can be stored in battery is measured in Milliamps ( mAh ) The Samsung Galaxy s3 is sold with a stock battery of 2100 mAh, so make sure you get one with more than this. I’ve seen batteries with more than 4000 mAh for the s3, so making such a switch would double the time between charging. However read the rest of the guide before doing this and you may not have to.

Conserve battery on Android Phone

Galaxy s3 battery consumption


Turn on power saving

Put your finger on the top of your cell phones screen and pull down. This will make the notification area appear. In the upper right corner there will be a button called “Power saving”. Pushing this button will make your cell phone use a lot less battery. However this will also make it run slower, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t buy the best cell phone there is just to make it run like a slow cheap one. So unless you are far away from your charger please don’t use this option either. In an emergency though this is an effective way of conserving energy.


Airplane mode

Putting your phone in airplane or flight mode will turn off you GPRS or LTE signal. This will of course conserve you battery in a big way. The obvious drawback of doing so is that you can not place calls or text while this mode is in effect. If you don’t want to be reached or you are in an area with no phone signal you could turn on airplane mode to save a lot of battery juice. To do so enter settings and press the more settings. At the top of your screen press the Airplane mode. Your phone will now stop trying to connect to the mobile signals.


Reduce screen brightness

The biggest battery hog on new cell phones is the big screen. To ensure that the screen is not eating all your battery you can reduce how brightly it is. On the Samsung Galaxy s3 the easiest way to do this is to pull down the notification area. A Slider will appear near the top, put your finger on it an move it from right to left to reduce screen brightness. This is the easiest way of conserving battery on any modern cell phone with a big screen. On the Galaxy s3 there is a auto adjust option available. Simply press where it says “Auto” next to the slider. Your cell phone will now automatically adjust the brightness of your screen based on the surrounding light conditions.


Turn off GPS Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

These three use a lot of battery. Turning them off when they are not in use will save you quite a few chargings in a year. They can all be found in the notification area. Simply pull it down and turn off these when they are not in use. The only drawback is that you will have to turn them back on when you need them.


Turn off your screen

When your phone is not in use you should turn of the screen. Or at least set the screen timeout to a minimum. To do this enter the setting and press the Display button. Here you will find the screen timeout setting. Press it and set it to 15 or 30 seconds or simply make sure you turn the screen of manually when you don’t use your phone.


Restrict background data

This one is the holy grail in battery conservation. Unless you specify otherwise a lot of the apps that you have on your cell phone like Facebook Twitter and many many more will constantly try to connect to their servers to look if there is anything new to report. To do this hit you settings again. Press the Data usage tab to access these setting. Now hit the menu button on your phone below the lower left end of the screen. Press Restrict background data to force your phone to stop syncing continuously.


What is the biggest battery hog on my phone

You can monitor what uses the most battery on you phone by entering your setting and hitting the battery tab. Here you can further

analyse what uses the most battery on your phone.

For more information on this phone check out our Galaxy s3 article


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14 thoughts on “Galaxy s3 battery life

  1. Laurie Marsh says:

    What us the best place to buy genuine phone batteries please guys?

  2. I replace a new battery on the 12/12/2014, the battery is done what is the life time of this battery/

  3. I’m so frustrated. My phone won’t hold a charge more than 3 hours.
    I got a new battery ,turned off apps, put in airplane mode, turned down brightness. I was told the phone is old ! Got it to years ago!
    WTF . IM SO TIRED OF OBSOLESCENCE! The huge contracts and constant upgrades!
    And having to learn a new phone gets frustrating also!
    Why can’t these manufacturers suck it up and make stuff that lasts!
    I miss the American way things use to be!

    • Babe, buy a new battery. Not an OEM one on amazon. You bought a fake/counterfeit. Buy one of these, and your phone will be as new. Stop blaming obsolesence and whatever… the American way of things died a long time ago. Everything is made in China. We don’t even make half the parts in our own cars. The American way of things is to be ignorant about emerging technology and then blaming foreign markets for our ineptitude in their use.

      • I agree with you but there are still a vast number of things still made in America. The Chinese are knock-off specialists and other foreign countries have set up shop in China. We as Americans however are much to blame for buying their product, especially when there is often an American made product sitting on the same shelf. Some things can’t be helped like a totally American made car and many electronics but you are still supporting America much more by buying an American vehicle from an American plant. The so called American dream was invented by ordinary people doing extraordinary things by fulfilling their own dreams. History is cyclical. The only thing that is dead is when we’re laid to rest.

  4. gary lewinski says:

    simply what should i turn off when i’m going to bed!!

  5. mercyme grace says:

    My battery keeps draining .and switching off.even if it has 70%chargem).it will suddenly switch of and when it restart again it shows 2% charge.
    What should I do since.buying a new battery is not kind of in my budget now?

  6. means according to u the best way to save battery life is to SWITCH IT OFF.. IT WILL PROLONG BATTERY LIFE TO HOURS… LOLZZ… NOT TO USE ANY FEATURE SO ITS BETTER TO SWITCH IT OFF.

  7. How much juice can be stored in battery is measured in – milliamp-hours.

  8. Can you help me for the problem of my phone S3 Mini to stop draining battery.

    I had try a lot of bigger plans to stop drain, but is unnstopable.. :/


  9. Great blog post thanks for posting

  10. My Android Galaxy S3 running JB 4.1.1 is draining battery because the Gallery is causing the screen to stay awake in background. Other than force stop on Galaxy, any ideas how to remedy?

  11. My comment is more of a question. Once Restrict Background Data is enabled, can you remove the ! icon in the notification bar? Samasung Galaxy S3 ICS 4.1.1

    • As far as I know you cannot remove the notification in the notification area that tells you the data is restricted.. Sorry

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