Galaxy s3 colors

Samsung Galaxy s3 now awailable in 6 stunning colors

The Samsung Galaxy s3 has sold more that 20 million units in just 100 days. One of the reasons why I considered not getting the Galaxy s3 was because I did not like the originally launched Pebble blue and the marble white.

Galaxy s3 all new colorsI can understand why Samsung did not make more colors to choose from in the beginning. I just wished that one of the original colors was the grey or the black one. Personally I ended up with the Marble white mostly because I just could not wait for the blue one to get here.

A little about the different color choices

Marble white

The Samsung Galaxy s3 was originally supposed to be launched in two colors. The Marble white and the Pebble blue, Due to problems with the blue one only the white color was available in the beginning. This is probably the reason why so many of us got the white one, simply because we could not wait for any other color to be launched.


Pebble blue

The pebble blue is the manlier of the two colors that was supposed to be among the two first colors for the S3. Due to problems with the manufacturing of the back covers on this model the phone was not available until several weeks after it was intended. The pebble blue is definitely a good looking color for a cell phone although it can look a bit purple in the wrong lighting.

Interested in hearing a little more on the Pebble blue launch problems check out our Purple Samsung Galaxy s3 article.


Garnet Red

The first color to appear after the two initial ones was the Garnet red. This version first appeared with the carrier AT&T but can now be bought at several carriers and even an unlocked version. According to Samsung this color was inspired by gemstone Almandite. It was worn y Egyptians in the ancient times who thought that it contained protective powers.


Amber brown

The amber brown Samsung Galaxy s3 was inspired by a gem stone belived to contained the secrets of earth inside and Samsung thought it would be a good look for the S3. I have to say that I agree although it is not my favorite color. On September 6th 2012 this color was announced together with the red,grey and black one.


We are getting to my two favorite Galaxy s3 colors now and I can’t for the life of me decide on which one I like the best of the two, the black and the grey one is looking by far like the more masculine choices. Sadly it is a bit to expensive to buy a new one so I will have to stick with my feminine Marble white one.


Sapphire black

This is maybe the most masculine looking Galaxy s3, however possibly not the best looking one, I simply can’t decide between the grey and the black. According to Samsung this is the color of gem stone that was worn by the people of India and Persia for protection. This is definitely a good looking color for the best cell phone there is, and one of my recommendations.


Titanium grey

Of the 6 colors now available for the Galaxy s3 I think this one just might be the best looking smart phone there is. I have jet to see

this one in real life. But if the pictures is anything to go by this one just might be the better looking S3 in my book. According to Saying this model expresses modernity and wisdom and brings a futuristic look to the phone.


Picking the color that suits you the best may certainly not be easy but thanks to Samsung we now have more colors to choose from. It is certainly a lot better that not having several models to pick from. Is is certainly a lot better than the 1 color that was effectively available from the launch date. Androidomedia wishes you the best of luck and rest assured that you have picked the right cell phone at least if you are going with the S3. Best of luck. You can not go wrong which ever version you choose.



Check out Samsungs own page to check out the different Galaxy S3 colors in 3D.

Or if you are interested in more details about the phone check out : Galaxy s3 review.




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  1. Phones shouldn’t be feminine or masculine. They are just phones. :-)

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