Galaxy s3 mini update

How to update your Samsung Galaxy s3 mini to the latest version of Android.

If you want to make sure that you Samsung Galaxy s3 mini is running the latest Android Os firmware version I will show you how to check for the latest update in your phones settings.

Before you start make sure that you phone is connected to Either Wi-Fi or have an active mobile data connection. If you are using mobile data connection take notice that your the bill you get from your data carrier might get very high unless you are on a mobile data plan that can carry this update.

How to update Samsung galaxy s3 mini

Galaxy s3 mini connecting to Samsung servers


A word of warning before you start :

Even if it is extremely rare sometimes updating a phone can go wrong. If you are unlucky enough to be one of those who loose your pictures or contacts you are going to regret not making a backup before you start.

If you would rather be safe than sorry check out the following tutorials before you start:

How to backup Android contacts.

How to backup Android pictures.



This is how you update your Galaxy s3 mini :

  1. Make sure your phone is connected as described above.
  2. On the lower right side of your home screen click the icon that reads Apps.
  3. Find and click the icon that reads Settings.
  4. Scroll down and hit the About device tab at the bottom of the screen.
  5. At the top of this display hit the Software update icon.
  6. Press where it reads Update.
  7. Your phone will now connect to the Samsung servers and check for available updates to your s3 mini.
  8. Found something useful why not

If you don’t have the latest available firmware version on your phone all you need to do is follow the on screen instructions. Depending on the size of the update you will soon have the newest and best version of your phone that you can have.

Keeping your smart phone updated is the smartest minutes you can spend on your phone.

Making sure that it is running the latest version will give you the safest and fastest experience that you can get. Among other things that you can expect is that your phone most times can be expected to look and feel like a completely new phone.

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24 thoughts on “Galaxy s3 mini update

  1. I always trying to update my s3 mini with a version jelly bean it always keep saying that my phone is up to date.

  2. Nothing happens when I click the “check for updates” button -.-

  3. what should I do if they say Your system is up to date.

  4. This is junk. The OS version.cannot be updated from settings. And what is meant by point 8? This whole site is a ploy to sell advertising.

  5. My phone just keeps saying samsungggg

  6. My phone just keeps saying Samsung can anybody help me out to solve the problem

  7. Update sotware samsung slllmini

  8. I need Android 4.3 for my s3 mini i8200 to connect to a MOTO 360

  9. Help me. What do I do when it says : Processing failed. ?

  10. Lashay Forrester says:

    It different to the other s3 mini why is that

  11. I used to have a permanent Bluetooth conn. with my car until 2 weeks ago when it stopped working. The only way to regain the connec. was to go through the motions in the car every time before I set off! This is a pain as it takes time every day. The phone has been back to Samsung, who flashed it/could not find anything wrong, I have numerous phone-calls/e-mails with Samsung/visits to the main dealership(Mercedes) who have shown me it is not the car’s fault. and I am now wondering if It will ever get sorted? I can get a connection, no problem but the moment I switch-off & leave the car it vanishes… please help

  12. help me please, my samsung s3 gt-19300 is hang how can i install a new fresh window to it and from which software

  13. sorry for got add will not update from phone (about phone)setting.s3 mini

  14. can u please explain to me in english how to update my s3 mini from 4.1.2

  15. So I know how to use my gs3 mini very well and when I go to the about device and click to update software, it just spins and says checking for update. I have left it for 20 minutes song of it would do anything but it does nothing at all… Any ideas to help?

  16. My Galaxy SIII Mini shows it’s updated to latest version of Android when searching for an Update.
    But it only has Android 4.1.2 installed according to the phone.
    This is not the latest version of Android.
    Is there a limit to which Android versions the sIII mini can update to?

  17. This update about galaxy s III will help alot to many those who dont have idea about the update. so nice work…

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