Galaxy s3 mini

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy s3 mini ?

Over the last few days a rumor has been circulating around the Internet that Samsung will release a smaller version of their best seller smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy s3. There are many reasons why this seems likely however the funniest reason is perhaps that releasing a cell phone named something ending with mini, which is just as big as the newly announced IPhone 5 would be a kick in the side to Apple.

Another reason why a smaller version might be released is that quite a few people including myself think that the size of the Galaxy s3 is a bit to big for everyday use. Don’t get me wrong it’s perfect for surfing the web and gaming but a bit to big for my pocket. (maybe I should just buy a jacket with bigger pockets..)

GALAXY S3 mini

Will the Galaxy s3 mini be just as big as the IPhone 5

The war between Samsung and Apple has been raging for quite some time now and was topped with the rumor that Apple was downsizing their hardware orders from Samsung, which is the biggest manufacturer of hardware for Apple.

I will try to predict a few key features of the Galaxy s3 mini from comparing stats from the Galaxy s3 and the s2 and the iphone 5.

Screen size 

  • Galaxy s2 : 4.3 inches, 480 x 800 pixels.
  • Galaxy s3 : 4.8 inches, 720 x 1280 pixels.
  • IPhone 5  : 4.0 inches, 640 x 1136 pixels.
  • Galaxy s3 mini : 4.0 inches.
I think Samsung will make the Galaxy mini 4 inches as the ultimate insult to Apple, Saying that cell phones with 4 inch screens can only be categorized as mini.


Android Os
This one is quite difficult to guess but it all comes down to when the “mini” is released. It will definitely get the lates version at the time of release. My guess is that Samsung will try to launch this phone as soon as possible to be a direct competitor to the new Iphone. In this case the Galaxy s3 mini will get the Android Os 4.1 Jelly bean.


  • Galaxy s2 : Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9.
  • Galaxy s3 : Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9.
  • Iphone 5  : Apple A6.
  • Galaxy s3 mini : Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9.
Rumors will have it that it is most likely to have a dual core chip. I however think Samsung will put  the same processor in the mini as is in the original S3, making it  a powerhouse of a call phone rivaled by none. Due to the smaller screen size the Galaxy s3 will then be the fastest phone  available.


Card slot
  • Galaxy s2 : microSD, up to 32GB

    GALAXY S3 mini size

    GALAXY S3 mini size

  • Galaxy s3 : microSD, up to 64 GB
  • Iphone 5  : NO
  • Galaxy s3 mini : microSD, up to 64 GB
Once again Apple is not giving the buyers what they want. The ability to expand your cell phones storage capacity is something Android can take for granted. The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini will of course be no exception. They will simply have to buy the more expensive models.


I wont list device size in inches, I will simply say that I believe that Samsung’s engineers will make a smaller phone than the Iphone 5 while matching the screen size of the apple device.

Will the next big release from Samsung be the next step in the escalation of the war by effectively calling their phone “mini” ? what do you think ?

Check out the already released Galaxy s3

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  1. Specs of this Mini would match the Galaxy Ace 2…

  2. i like the idea samsung galaxy s3 mini to be launching soon

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