Galaxy s4 release date

When will the Samsung Galaxy s4 be released

Update : Galaxy s4 just got announced. Read all about the Galaxy s4 right here. plus when the phone will hit the stores.

The Galaxy series of cell phones from Samsung has for a long time been considered the best of the best of cell phones. So for those of us who are already now considering buying the newest addition to the line up, it would be helpful to know when the next one will be here.

Samsung has had great success with the Galaxy line of phones so there is not much doubt that the next flagship phone from them will be named the Samsung Galaxy s4.


Samsung Galaxy s4 set for april release

Samsung Galaxy s4 to hit stores on April 29.

The previous models release dates

So how does one predict when the next one will be released ? By looking at the release dates of the previous models of course.

Galaxy s

The Samsung Galaxy s announced by Samsung in March 2010, and first launched in Singapore on June 4, 2010. as time passed by the phone was launched in more than 100 countries and on more than 110 cell phone carriers. But the key number here is June 4, 2010.


Galaxy s2

The Samsung Galaxy s2 was launched on more than 120 cell phone carriers in over 140 countries and turned out to be the biggest selling Android smart phone for Samsung ever. It had a world wide release in May 2011. 


Galaxy s3

Although the phone was not easy to get a hold of, and despite the lack of the Pebble blue version. The launch of the Galaxy s3 was held on May 29, 2012. Around 300 cell phone carriers in about 150 countries has sold the phone in the 10’s of the millions. in my opinion the best cell phone to date.



The prediction

Although we know nothing of the next Galaxy s model as Samsung has not even mentioned it jet. There seems to be a quite recognition-able pattern in the launch of the phones.  Once a year a new model has been launched and every time it has happened in May or June. This means that the Samsung Galaxy s4 will most likely be launched May 2013.

Now that Samsung has told us when the Galaxy s4 will hit stores I am pretty proud to say that I missed the date by 1 day :-) in my prediction.

For more information on this phone check out our Galaxy s3 article
UPDATE : According to Korean times the Galaxy S4 will be announced in February 2013

UPDATE : Galaxy s4 release date confirmed for March 14th.

UPDATE : The release date for the Samsung Galaxy s4 has now been announced. The phone will hit stores on APRIL 29, 2013 for US and 113 countries worldwide!

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10 thoughts on “Galaxy s4 release date

  1. When Will samsung s4 be released in Singapore?

  2. When the galaxy s4 comes out and ho will sell it first.
    Thank’s Ryan McGanty

    • Nobody knows for sure jet, since there has been no word from Samsung on the matter. My best guess is first or second quarter of 2013.

  3. I know this is a prediction but samsung is not goung to make the cell smaller and wider and neither is going to make it faster with a 6 core. I think is going to be the same size with a bigger screen. Also same quad core but faster and I hope they put a bigger battery. Why not make some kind of solar panelto charge the phone because this batteries get drain quickly. I just have to sit and wait and hopefully the price doesnt skyrocket.

  4. I dunno if i should wait for this or just get the s3 god damn

  5. Talluru kalyan says:

    Hi I am very happy to here. About Samsung. Galaxy. S 4
    Place let me know the launching date in India….

  6. i am gonna buy that phone!!!!!

  7. […] Galaxy s 4   2400 mAh Li-Ion. Unless some kind of new battery technology becomes available in the coming year it is likely that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy s4 will become bigger in size and in how much juice it can store. My guess is that the battery will be a  2400 mAh Li-Ion battery made by Samsung themselves. While we wait for the s4 why not read our Samsung galaxy s3 review. Check out our Samsung Galaxy s4 release date prediction. […]

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