Galaxy s4 specs leaked

Korean sources claims to have detailed information on Samsung’s Galaxy s4

Update : Galaxy s4 just got announced. Read all about the Galaxy s4 right here. plus when the phone will hit the stores.

Among the multitude of supposed leaks revolving Samsung’s 2013 top model smart phone this one might just pan out to be one of the most reliable, due to the fact that Samsung has all but confirmed that they have developed a 4.99 inch full HD AMOLED screen.

Another rumor that has to do with the s4 is that is would have a flexible screen, we think that one might just be a bit further into the future. Or simply used in another lineup of phones. Not the Galaxy S series phones.

Galaxy s4 specs

Here is the complete list of supposed hardware to be included in the Galaxy s4

  •  Adonis Exynos 5400.
  •  2GHz Cortex-A15 CPU.
  •  441 ppi.
  •  2GB RAM.
  •  4.99″ Full HD (1080 x 1920).
  •  2500mAh-battery.
  •  Android 4.2.
  • Weight: approx 125 g.
Adonis Exynos 5400
The difference between the Adonis exynos 5400 and the 5200 is the manufacturing process. While the two are basically the same the 5400 are produced using a 28 nm manufacturing process compared to the 32 nm for the 5200.
This means that the new chip can be clocked higher maybe as high as above the 2 GHz mark. Another good thing is that it can do this using less power while producing less heat.
Full HD 4.99 inch 441 ppi screen
If the Galaxy s4 comes with a 4.99 or 5 inch screen it will be around the same size as the Galaxy Note or the newly announced HTC droid DNA witch also comes with  a 5 inch full HD screen. You can read more about this screen which is rumored to be shown on CES in 2013. More about the full HD 4.99 inch samsung screen.
441 ppi
You might have seen the number 326 ppi when one is comparing phone screens up against each other. This is because this is the pixels per inch in the newly released Iphone 5 that Apple has been bragging about has. In comparison the Galaxy s3 has a pixel density of 306 pixels per inch. If the galaxy s4 comes with a 441 ppi this as close to what the human eye can detect  as we have seen in a cell phone screen this far.
Flexible screen
Samsung has been working on flexible screens for some time now and it is a theoretical chance that we might see an Android phone sporting one of these in the near future. However I think that it is not very likely that we will se this in the Galaxy s4. At the earliest we will possibly see this kind of technology in the Galaxy s5 or some other phone series.
Check out this amazing video of someone bending a OLED screen :

Galaxy s4 Battery
If the rumor turns out to be correct we will se a significant increase from the s3’s 2100 mAh. The rumor suggests that the s4 will sport a 2500 mAh battery. Sounds great, right ? The only problem is that the higher resolution screen will likely suck more juice and hence battery time might turn out to be lower that the previous Samsung top model phone.
Galaxy s4 release date
Want to know when the Galaxy s4 is announced or released ? Get in line, nobody really knows anything jet. But we can guess and speculate based on when the previous Galaxy phones was released. My best guess is that the s4 will be announced on CES in February and put out for sale around may 2013. If you want to dig a little deeper into why I think so check out my when will Galaxy s4 be released article.
Want to know more about the galaxy s4 check out my Galaxy s4 predictions.
If you have heard something, or even better know something why not share it with the rest of us in the comments section?


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