Galaxy s4 to be announced in February

According to unnamed Samsung officials the next galaxy phone will be announced in February
In a recent article Korean times claims that They have received information from Samsung officials regarding the announcement and release of Samsung’s next flagship cell phone. The Galaxy S4.

According to these annunomous sources the phone will be announced at the European technology exhibition in February 2012.

Samsung will showcase the unit at next years mobile world congress in Barcelona. This would set the launch just nine months after the launck of Samsungs previous top model, the Galaxy s3.

According to the same sorces the Galaxy s4 will sport a 5 inch OLED display, hopefully without increasing the physical size of the cell phone it self.

Galaxy s4 to be announced in february

Galaxy s4 to be announced in february



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3 thoughts on “Galaxy s4 to be announced in February

  1. I don`t know. You can get the phone with 32 gb and then buy another 32Gb which will give you 64 gig.I have never seen a 64 gb micro Sd card, but maybe there is one. Why not go check arnoud yourself?

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