Galaxy s4 update brings more storage

If you are one of the many who thought that the Galaxy s4 had to little storage this one is for you.Samsung got a lot of heat for the lack of storage on the 16 GB Galaxy s4.

It turned out that the Os itself and Touchwiz took up a lot of that precious storage. After the update though you get a little more storage on your phone.

Originally the Samsung Galaxy s4 had a grand total of 9.15 GB of storage. After the update this has been pushed to 9.23 GB.

Firmware update for Galaxy s4 brings move to SD card

Firmware update for Galaxy s4 brings more storage

As you can see this is a push in the right direction, even though it’s a little one.

Whats more important is that this software update brings with it the possibility to move apps to your SD card if you have one. Moving a couple of big games could easily free up several GB of storage. Having a s4 as my everyday phone myself I would like to personally thank Samsung for this one.


Another mayor improvement this  firmware update brings to the table is HDR video recording. Basically this is a way for your phone to focus several things at one time. So you could have a crisp clear video of yourself with that beautiful mountain range several miles away just as much in focus. In some ways it actually beats the human eye.

As of right now the update is only available in Germany for the Galaxy s4 with the Snapdragon processor ( I9505 ) but as always it should very soon hit other versions and countries.

If you want to get the firmware update as soon as possible you should check out our How to update the Galaxy s4 tutorial.

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