Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader setup

How to setup the fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

After years of speculation and endless articles with rumors of an Android Os cell phone, with a fingerprint scanner we finally got the flagship model we always wanted. It’s been a long wait. And it did not help that the other popular cell phone Os got their fingerprint scanner last year.

While the competitors scanner work in such a way that you can hold your finger on the button, Samsung has implemented a scanner which requires you to swipe you finger across it. I won’t tell you which is my favorite. Rest assured that they both work.

How to setup the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner

Swipe your finger across the home button

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5.

How to setup the Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner.

  1. From your home screen press the “apps” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. In the quick settings tab, press the “finger scanner” icon.
  3. Press where it says “Fingerprint manager”.
  4. Agree to the disclaimer by pressing ok.
  5. Swipe your finger across the home button as you can see in the animation.
  6. Now all you have to do is enter a password as an alternative in case your phone can’t recognise your finger.
  7. Once you have done this your phone will send you to the “Screen unlock settings” screen, where you will have to pick “fingerprint”.
  8. That’s it, if this was useful why not

If for some reason your device is having difficulties recognising your finger, it can be a good idea to add another fingerprint to the phone. If you really want to use the finger you first used, but still have a hard time getting it to work you could setup the same finger again as a new print. If you choose to do so I would recommend that you hold it at a slightly different angle.

I would prefer if I could use my thumb on the scanner for one handed use. But had a hard time getting it right. In the end I had to setup my index finger to get it working in a satisfactory way.

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4 thoughts on “Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader setup

  1. The fingerprint security swipe is a joke. Why would you have an oblong button for a round fingerprint. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t work well at all. I will take several several wipe to get it to read. Take notes from iPhone

  2. Nicole murphy says:

    Please help me to do it on the samsung trend 2 lite

  3. I found it works best if I swipe whichever finger I use at multiple angles during setup. Each swipe just change by a few degrees and now it recognizes no matter if I’m slightly off vertical or if I’m swiping with my finger at 90°. Only time it fails now is if finger is wet.

  4. Thank you greatly for your tutorials. Even though I only upgraded from a Galaxy S4 to an S5 there are some big changes. I still haven’t gotten my fingerprint lock working yet I’m thinking it has more to do with how cold my fingers always are because I’m diabetic, but that’s just a guess. Those silly mood rings & such have never worked for me either…lol.

    I’m grateful for all of your tutorials and +g’d them too.

    Thanks & Happy Holidays,

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