Galaxy S5 gets a software update before it is even officially released

Today I finally got to see the Galaxy S5 displayed in my local cell phone store. To my surprise a software update was already ready to be installed.

Ever since Samsung announced they would ship actual Galaxy S5 smartphones to stores weeks before it’s official release date, April 11 th I’ve been bugging the employes at my local store more times than I will admit, for a chance to see the Soon to be new flagship model from my favorite smartphone maker. I’m obviously talking about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Software update available.

Today when I got there the man behind the desk simply pointed his finger towards a corner in the small shop. I hurried over to take a closer look.  After a few moments of looking at the design I unlocked it to take a closer look at the GUI.

First Galaxy S5 update

Before long a familiar icon in the notification area took my full attention. I pulled it down to see that the unit had indeed downloaded and was ready to install what I can only assume was the first ever firmware update to ever hit the Galaxy S5 since it was shipped from Samsungs factory. At the time I did not think much about it but noticed that the update was more than 150 MB. If my memory serves me right I think the file was 153 MB in size.

Quite a noticeable update for a phone that has hasn’t even been put out for sale. Actually that’s not completely true since two Korean cell phone carriers started selling the device two weeks before the date set by Samsung.

If you decide to buy a Galaxy S5 this means that you are likely to receive an update to your phone quite soon after you boot it up for the first time. Unless Samsung managed to update the devices they are going to sell you before it left the production line.

To get the update as soon as possible you could check out this Galaxy S5 update tutorial. Here we show you how to manually check for Android Os updates before they are automatically pushed to your device.

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