Galaxy S5 might run Tizen, and Android

The Samsung Galaxy s5 could be a Tizen phone, oh and of course also an Android.

It is still way too early to say, but one of the most interesting rumors we’ve heard so far indicates that the next Galaxy s phone can come in two versions. One will be an Android phone like we always have believed, and the other one could run Samsungs own Os, Tizen.

As we now know Apple has just announced its new set of iphones. And if things are the way it has always been, it is not long until the next installment to the Samsung Galaxy s series cell phones to hit us in full might.

How a corbon fibre Galaxy s5 would look like

Carbon fibre Galaxy s5

Galaxy S5 release date prediction.

The Android version is likely to debut with the newly announced Android 4.4 Kit Kat. To this date there has never been sold a phone with Tizen Os, that’s why our best guess as to version is, Tizen version 1.0.

Tizen is the result of a cooperation between  Samsung and Intel. It is thought that it is going to be a merger between Samsungs Bada Os, and Intels Megoo Os. Hopefully the result will be the best of the two worlds.

Check out our Galaxy s5 specs predictions if you are interested in hearing how we think the Galaxy s5 will be.

Galaxy S5 won’t be made of plastic.

We’ve heard lots of rumors that the Galaxy s5 won’t be made of plastic. That’s great news for all of the people that has been complaining that the Galaxy s series phones does not feel premium enough for the price range it’s in. The building materials we have heard mentioned is both aluminum and carbon fibre. We think the carbon fibre rumor is the one that sound the most plausible.

In a press release from SGL GROUP, a maker of carbon fibre we can read that they have established a joint venture with Samsung to start utilizing carbon in new ways. Read the full article here : Carbon fibre Galaxy s5.

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