Galaxy s5 release date

Wondering when the next Galaxy s series cell phone will get get here?

By comparing the release dates of the previous Galaxy s series phones I have been able to predict the release date of the last one within one month.

So now it’s time to give it another try.

Based on when Samsung has released the Galaxy s, s2, s3 and s4 we can pinpoint pretty accurately when the Galaxy s5 will be released.

Predicting the release date of the Galaxy s5

Sadly this is not a picture of the Galaxy s5

First of all lets take a look at when the last phones in the series got released.

  1. Samsung Galaxy s – June 2010.
  2. Samsung Galaxy s2 – April 2011.
  3. Samsung Galaxy s3 – May 2012.
  4. Samsung Galaxy s4 – April 2013.
  5. Samsung Galaxy s5 – May 2014.

From looking at these dates it quickly becomes clear that Samsung releases a new Galaxy s series phone about once a year. I believe it is a trend among all the big phone manufacturers that they release a new top of the line phone model once a year to fit with the carriers yearly and bi yearly packages.

Galaxy s5 release date prediction.

I think that the Samsung Galaxy s5 will be released in the early part of 2014. Specifically my best guess is that it will be here by May 1014.

If this turns out to be correct Samsung should announce the Galaxy s5 as early as January or February 2014.


The Galaxy s series Android phones has for the longest time been among the best cell phones available and I am going to bet that the Galaxy s5 wont be an exception. In fact up until the arrival of the HTC one and the Sony Xperia z there was no real contenders to the Android cell phone crown. Hopefully by the tim the Galaxy s5 gets here the other cell phone manufacturers have stepped up their game and given Samsung a run for our money.

Check out our Galaxy s5 rumors article for more on the S5.

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