Galaxy s5 update

Updating your phone to the latest official Android version is a breeze when you follow these easy steps.

When the Samsung galaxy s5 had it’s worldwide launch on the 11th of april 2014, it originally came with Android Os version 4.4.2.

In the coming months and years you can expect Samsung to update this cell phone several times.

To get these updates all you really have to do is wait for them to get pushed to your phone. However there is a faster way of getting them.
Let me show you how to manually check your galaxy S5 for the latest available firmware version.

Samsung Galaxy S5 connecting to Samsung servers

Galaxy S5 connecting to Samsung servers

Before you get started I will give you a small warning. When updating there is a small chance that things could go wrong. This is why I always recommend backing up any data you can’t do without before you start.

I have personally never lost anything during an update, but I’ve heard that it is possible, so if you want to be on the safe side make sure you backup your data before you start.

Backup your files before updating.

Backup android contacts tutorial.

Backup Android photos tutorial.

How to update the Galaxy S5.

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to wi-fi. Simply pull down the notification area and press the leftmost button named Wi-Fi. Alternately you could do this using mobile data but this could get expensive if you are not on a data plan with your operator.
  2. Press the apps icon to take you to your apps.
  3. Find and press the settings icon to take you to the settings menu.
  4. Scroll down, close to the bottom of the screen and press the About Device.
  5. At the top there is a tab named Software update, press it.
  6. On the next screen there is a tab named Update, press that one.
  7. Your phone will now connect to the Samsung servers and if there is a update available the upgrade should start imminently.
  8. useful, why not

Why update your Galaxy S5.

The Android Os for cell phones is constantly evolving. What was once the pinnacle of smartphone operating system is in a few short months old news.

Regardless if your phone is a Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola or any other brand, smartphone manufacturers is always trying to please their customers by putting the latest Android Os on their phones. This requires a lot of work on their part, and they eventually want to sell you their newer phones so there is a limit to how long you can expect those upgrades to keep coming. Two years of updates is generally what you can expect from a flagship smartphone.

The most notable differences one can expect when getting the latest firmware version installed on your Samsung Galaxy S5, is the changes made to the Graphical user interface. In addition, and more importantly any update usually makes your phone safer and faster. This due to bug fixes that are made and pushed to your cell phone as they are found.

To find details on the Android Os version you are updating to check out the official Android Os Page.

Check out these Galaxy S5 tutorials:


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25 thoughts on “Galaxy s5 update

  1. Lebohang Mofokeng says:

    I have tried it several times but still gives me the same message, checking for updates then not registered on the network. I have changed sim cards the same error message occurs the says unable to download update.

    Try again later or go Sumsang Kies on your PC to Update your device.

  2. Stuart Bronstein says:

    Your instructions for updating a Samsung Galaxy X-5 simply does not work – the things you identify to do the job are not there.

  3. I don’t want to do another upgrade. I’m tired of everything crashing every time I upgrade something. I’ll go to the store and let them upgrade so they can fix it when it crashes. Is it just me or did this technology create loads of frustration? Seems like every time I use my phone or computer they do something to frustrate me. lol And no, I’m not an expert, but they write the programs assuming everybody is.

  4. I have done all the System Updates for my SM-G900F but everytime i go and see in the “about device” optional it always says 5.0 as Andoid Version… How can fix this in order to see the real Version of my S5?

  5. How can I update my galaxy s5 without WiFi

  6. I went to update my phone like usual & when I did, it turned off then brought me to a black screen with different options. It said to use the volume keys to scroll & power to select. At the bottom it said manual mode or something like that. When I selected the 1st option of restore system & when I got back to my regular systems screen it sais the update had failed. I don’t know how to update the phone rn so any help would be great.

  7. Hello, My phone recently went in for repairs and the reloaded the software and my network carrier information was lost doing this process.Now my OTA updates don’t come through but people I know have already received the update, and they are with the same carrier only difference is their phones did not get the software reloaded. Please Help

  8. I live in dubai, my all colleagues have theor s5 updated automatically with the same carrier but when I try to do mine it says device updated with the latest version

  9. i caint
    i do the software update but it just tells me its unavalable what can i do

  10. My Galaxy S5 auto updated recently (2 days ago) and since then, it won’t stay on wi-fi. It toggles between wi-fi and 4G which is very annoying! It never used to do that. It is also happening to a coworker with the same phone. Is there a way I can reverse the update or is there an update in the works to fix the issue? Thanks

    • Hi.
      Sadly there is no easy way of downgrading android phones to a previous software version ( unless you are into rooting and installing custom roms )
      Usually these kind of hiccups after updates can be fixed by doing a factory reset. I made a tutorial if you are not sure how to do this : factory reset Galaxy S5
      According to Samsung these kind of bugs arises sometimes after updates due to remnants of the old version that has not been cleared from your phones memory.

      • A Factory Reset will not revert the Android operating system back to its factory shipped. For Example, if you upgraded to Android 5.0 on your S5 it will stay as Android 5.0.

        The way to go about downgrading back to Android 4.2.2 originally shipped with the S5 is to Use Odin3 v3.10.7 for PC from SamMobile, then download your firmware version from SamMobile by typing in your model number i.e.. SM-G900F for a UK Galaxy S5.

        It will show a list of firmware for the S5 with various subscribers i.e. T-Mobile, EE, BT Etc. Download the correct one to your PC.

        Next connect your S5 to the PC via USB Cable then load Odin and load the S5 Firmware into in and then execute it to the S5.

        This should then Revert your S5 back to it originally shipped Android 4..2.2 .

  11. Hi,

    I updated my S5 to 5.0.2 version after being prompted but this update has made certain apps now crash (namely TripAdvisor and Dropbox) that were working without problems before. I have tried a factory reset and to uninstall/reinstall but this doesn’t work. Can you please help?

  12. I live in doha & I am using a s5. I didnt get the new update for my device

    • There is no need to worry yourself about it. These updates gets pushed some countries at a time. And if you are really unlucky your carrier even has to adapt it to their own liking. They don’t have to but some carriers like to give it’s customers some extra bloat.
      All you can do really is to keep checking back in a day or two, if the update has been made available to your phone.
      Best of luck.

  13. When I follow the steps above, my phone tells me that the system update app won’t run until I update Google Play services. To update Google Play Services you are required to give Google access to the personal data on your phone such as phone logs, SMS and MMS messages, contact info, etc. I don’t see how my personal info is germane to updating the phone’s OS. Is there a way around this SNAFU?

  14. Hi i live in cape town south africa and i have a s5 and still have the android 4.2 version

    • I’m assuming you tried updating your phone by following the steps listed in this tutorial ?
      In general I would like to say that not all updates hits all phones at the same time. Sadly your country and cell phone carrier influences when your phone gets the latest updates.
      Samsung releases these updates some countries at a time. In addition the update needs to be approved by your cell phone carrier. This can sometimes take a long time. I suggest you wait a few weeks and give it another try.

  15. Tanusonchawsakai says:


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