Get Beats audio Sony Bravia Engine and more on any Android device

There are many things that you can do in order to modify your Android based device with the main thing being installing a custom ROM. Some manufacturers add in enhancements such as beats audio and the Sony Bravia engine while the hardware may be of higher quality in those devices most of the improvement is software based.

There are also other mods available available such as custom kernels, Apps 2 SD support and for a handful of devices dual booting.

Beats audio:

The devices that have Beats audio usually make this out to be a major selling point, but in reality this is not really the case. Usually the hardware while being of slightly higher quality is nothing amazing. The “better audio” comes from software installed as part of the Android operating system in order to teak the audio before it gets to the output, so in essence it is just a pre-configured software equalizer.

You get get the Beats audio experience on almost any device which has been rooted by using the App from this XDA developers post:

Although if you want a more robust solution it best to install a custom ROM for your device with Beats audio built in at the lower levels of the operating system, such as this ROM for the Samsung galaxy Y:

Sony Bravia engine:

This is a display modification in order to allow for sharper images and video on the Sony Xperia devices, although the screens on the Xperia devices are high quality most of the optimization is done through this software in in order to produce crisp and clear images.

The Bravia engine works a little differently to Beats as each device has to have it’s own port of the modification in order to properly work on that device. For example here is the Bravia engine for the Samsung Note II:

This can be installed on any ROM and all you need to do is flash it via your recovery.

Again some ROM’s have this feature built in with everything set up correctly for the device such as this ROM which again is for the Samsung Galaxy Y:

(Please note thought many people have had serious problems with Jellyblast ROMS which have been ported to other devices, so be careful with this one)

Custom kernels:

Some features require kernel support for certain things such as moving all user data to your 2nd SD partition, RAM disk support and CPU governors.

Moving all of your data is particularly helpful on devices which have extremely low on board storage, after installing a few apps you will find that the device is slower and also running out of space. Therefore it is a good idea to move all of this to your second SD partition which can be formatted in either ext2/3/4. Some of these file systems require kernel support which is where a custom kernel comes in to play as some file systems are more efficient for this task. Although basic kernel support is needed to use this feature with any file system (most stock kernels have support for ext2/3).

The next thing to do is download an app from the Play store called link 2 SD ( This app will then allow you to link you data, application files, application libraries and application data to your SD card therefore freeing up space on the internal storage.

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