google glass runs modified version of Android Os

Larry Page confirms that Google glass runs modified Android Os.

Google CEO Larry Page has now confirmed what we was hoping for, Google glass runs on a modified version of Android.

This was certainly good news for me as I was hoping for an excuse to write an article about Google glass on AndroidFact for quite some time now.

What is Google glass

Google glass is eyeglasses with a computer that you can wear. So why would you want to wear a computer on your head you say.. Well this is a completely different piece of computer that you have seen before. The computer is mounted on a piece of eyeglasses, with a twist that is. There is no glass just a projector that projects an image directly onto one of your eyes.

Imagine that you can get information right from the Internet on things that you pass on your way without the need to get your PC or smartphone out of your pocket.

Another use that springs to mind is that you can use them to take pictures or shoot a video while still having both hands available for whatever you want.

As seen from a google glass user

Google glass perspective

How Google glass works

Simply put Google glass is a computer running Android Os that projects images directly onto your eyes. For a more in depth explanation check out this post on how Google glass works.

By giving the “glasses” oral input you can tell the computer what to do. Your “glasses will ive you feedback through the display and the built in speakers that works by making vibrations into your skull. Sounds futuristic but it appears the future is here today, at least for the select few that is in the Beta.

How to get Google glass

Sadly you can’t. Google glass is currently in a closed beta and signing up is now closed. The best you can at this point is to sign up for news about project glass. over at the official page.

Can you make money from Google glass

It would seem that you can not at his point in time, as the terms that Google has put upon those who are developing apps for the project is prohibiting them from placing ads or charging for the download of apps for Google glass.

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