google play error 491

How to fix Google play store error code 491.

Since you found your way to this page I will go ahead and assume that you tried to open up the Play store only to get a pop up saying “Google play error 491”.

This usually happens when users try to update or download an app or a game. Thankfully though, there is a way to get rid of this error message so that you can once again start using your phone the way it was meant to be used.

fix Google play store error 491

Google play store error 491

Follow these easy steps to fix error code 491 on your android smartphone.

  1. From your apps folder open the accounts tab.
  2. Tap the accounts and click the Google account.
  3. Delete the account.
  4. Reboot the your device.
  5. As soon as your phone is done rebooting head back to where you deleted the Google account and re-add it.
  6. If this helped you why not

That should take care of your Google play store error 491. Why not head on over to the Play store to check that it now works.

The ability to download apps, games and widgets is one of the main things that sets smartphones of today apart from the phones we had not that many years ago. I think this is why we get so frustrated when we can’t download or update our favorite apps. Hopefully though, if you followed this tutorial you will no longer have this problem.

If this didn’t do the trick , drop me a comment down below and I will see if I can’t help you figure it out.

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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

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  1. Didnt do a Thing for me
    ZTE Z798BL

  2. I found that going to the Google play store under app management then selecting disable allows me to to revert it back to the un updated factory version of Google play. Afterwards reactivating and stopping it from updating it had allowed me to download again.

  3. TheKateMeister says:

    At first that didn’t make sense as to why that would help.. Then it occurred to me what was the case for me anyhow. I had recently removed a Google account from my phone. I am a beta tester from that account for the app i was trying to update. My other account still on the phone was not part of the beta testing.. so it didn’t want to update to the newest beta version without that account. Added it back and problem solved. Maybe you should make note of this as well to your readers as most of them won’t see my comment but i think it’s info that goes along with your article perfectly (was your advice that made me realize why that account made a difference with that error) and will help many.. To anyone who does see my comment…. check the app you’re updating to see if you should or shouldn’t be getting beta version for it… Hope it helps as it did me.

  4. Thank you.

  5. Rick Johnson says:

    Hi Bertil,

    I tried your fix for my ZTE Grand X4 and it did not work. I can’t download anything from Play store. This started 3 days ago and I have no clue what I did or why this is happening. What else can I do…I’m very frustrated. Thx -Rick

    • Patrick Lindsey says:

      Same phone same trouble here. Please let me know if you find a fix!

    • the only best solution on my ZTE was factory reseting

    • I have the and phone and I can’t download anything either

    • M Chakraborty says:

      I use Samsung GT-I9082 Android 4.2.2. Go to Application Manager, Google Play Store, Uninstall Updates to get to Factory Version. (Check that all Data and Cache are cleared). Force Stop the App. Wait for 10 mins (not a must but seems to be a good idea).

      From Home screen launch Store afresh. After clicking Accept, use the factory version to download or update apps. (If you even then get 491, don’t panic, it will work after some time).

      The problem is with Play Store updates which is forced on the user. By the way, soon the factory version will be updated without your consent and the error 491 will appear again. I have done this procedures so many times and still managed to update apps etc.

    • I also have a ZTE phone. I was able to download apps when I first got the phone, now I can’t update or anything. I’ve tried every remedy I’ve read on-line, same problem. Pretty sure it’s just the phone.

    • I have confirmed a cleaner software has caused this 491 error 3 separate times on 2 devices after using the cleaner app!!

    • At least you were able to try what he said to do at least you were able to try what he said the first instruction he gives is to go to the app folder and tap on accounts then delete Google accounts etc etc well I don’t have an app folder and I don’t have any tab anywhere that says accounts. So I am truly screwed LOL

      • I think he meant the apps tab in the settings. Or the accounts tab, also in settings. On my tablet, those are completely separate, not one a subsection of the other. Are you sure you don’t have that? It has to be there.
        I’ve been getting this error for the past two, three days. I’ve restarted the tablet like five times in an hour just to download an update and an app. Great solution Google, and apparently no way to contact a person. I want to try solutions with the least serious effects, I don’t want to wipe all my settings. :/

  6. Guys, I tried everything possible and nothing worked until I downloaded google plus apk and all issues are done. Save time and just download google plus apk. :) Hope that helps

    • The Google plus apk worked for me. None of the other mentioned solutions worked.

      What the Google+ solution is doing is what is called a side-load install. What this means is that you are installing an app directly yourself (like you would do in Windows) instead of installing through the Google Play Store. I would encourage everyone to use this same process to keep the result at the top of google search: >Search for exactly “google plus apk” >Select the result to download the latest version from (apkpure appears to be reputable) >Click download google+.apk.

      The default android settings will not allow you to install this program. By default, Android restricts the source of app installs to the play store. You must first turn on >Settings >Security >Unknow Sources. You should turn this on before downloading – it will make it easier to install the .apk from the notification area. Else you have to go back and find the app (usually in your browser download are) after you deal with Android’s refusal to install it.

      I work in IT support and it is clear to me (in my case) that the issue has nothing to do with Google Play Store. The problem was cleared by either the download process or executing the Package Installer outside of Google Play Store. Neither do I believe it is specifically related to the Google+ app or the side-load security settings because I immediately uninstalled the app and turned off Unknown Sources and the Play Store was still able to download/update.

      If you understand these things, do some testing. (I can’t test further now that the issue is cleared.) Try just downloading something – anything. Google Play pops up the 491 error before the download process starts – not after download and before installation.

      If downloading doesn’t clear the issue, then try installing a different .apk. Preferably, start with this idea. If you have an .apk available without downloading, try side-loading it to see if that clears the issue. If not, then go download something. Try a different .apk to make sure there’s not some magic sauce in the Google+ installation that triggered the fix.

      Let’s do a poll and post here which solution worked for you:
      1. Download something – anything
      2. Side-load something – anything
      3. It *has* to be Google+ (doubtful)
      4. Google Play Store clear cache
      5. Google Play Services clear cache
      6. Google acct delete/re-add
      7. Recovery mode clear cache

      Hope this helps!

  7. Michael Evans says:

    Please find the problems i really love playing my games

  8. Michael Evans says:

    Did not update or download

  9. Thank you

  10. The Google Plus APK trick worked for me… the issue has to be something to do with the ZTE ZMAX PRO… i tried everything else under the sun and nothing but the APK trick worked for me….

    • Thank you I have been working on my phone for about 8 straight hours and also tried everything. I should have came to you first. I did exactly what you said and it finally worked. Thank you thank you and thank you again. I was about to toss it in the garbage.

  11. Error code 491 google play store, tried what u said did not work, now what i have an zte zpad help please i did exactly what u said still comes up.

  12. Error code 491 google play store, tried what u said did not work, now what i have an zte zpad help please

    • I have ZTE zmax pro I tried all Google troubleshooting which did not work then spent an hour troubleshooting​ with manufacturer only to have to factory reset the phone which worked for two days and I had to reset the phone again so my third time at the store I bought my phone in 6 days they are ordering me another phone according to the manufacturer they get 1000 calls a day for this error code and it can’t always be fixed so just FYI u may need to look into replacing it but I would exhaust these efforts first. The manufacturer had a couple methods that Google did not maybe one will work for u

  13. A person that you helped says:

    Hey thx you it’s work

  14. Your suggestion was good, but it did not work for my phone I end up deleting the game and now I cannot download it again :( I have been playing that game for 3years :(

    • That really sucks but if you take it back to the store they might just fix it for a while but you might have to be given a choice between a new one or they will probably give it back to you in ldk like 20to30 business days

    • Dustin Kimbrough says:

      I fixed it today, 12/25/2016. I you tubed it. Go to search bar, look up Google plus apk (yes, APK, NOT APP) and open page that says latest version 9.3.whatever, select download from secure server. Allow all permissions and follow instructions. It was the ONLY thing to work

      • Thank u so much I was working on this problem for months and no troubleshooting helped this actually worked!!!????

      • This works!!!! Just download Google plus apk over chrome and then after that go to Google play store and download the app you want!!

  15. If you are struggling with this problem and you have a ZTE ZMAX PRO, what you need to do is go to Google and type in “Google Plus akp”. You have to download that, next you open it and finish the installation. Click ” Done” and after that step you should be able to open Google Play Store and download apps without any problem.

    • Worked for me on my son’s ZTE ZMAX PRO. Thanks. I think CCLEANER deleted the apk file. We are removing the selection to clean apk files in ccleaner.

    • To get Google plus when Google play isn’t working is to get APKPure and download Google plus through that. It’s safe and works. I have been using APKPure since I borked my ZTE ZMax Pro. It downloads the apks so it will fix it.

    • Thanks….it worked for me as well…just to help others who are having trouble finding the download to fix zpad I had trouble finding it and finally found it right in the playstore…hope this helps

    • Thanks! Solved ZTE issue. Apparently fairly long lived issue since known for a year or so…

    • Google plus apk Works

  16. weird i noticed that it has happened with the zte zmax pro quite often. that is the phone i had issues with as well. anyhoo, i tried everything on every site, no luck. i was going to throw this phone out the window. and i most certainly did not want to factory reset. i came here, read the google+ comment. so i went to download the apk and it asked for permissions….wait…PERMISSIONS!i skipped installing the apk, went to the play store app and adjusted all the permissions. bam…it worked. it needs storage permissions to update. duhhh. why did i not think of this earlier?
    *** i went thru all my apps’ permissions, and noticed that almost all were turned off. no wonder why half my apps did not work properly.. idk if it did it within an update on the zmax, but go thru all your app’s permissions and i hope this works for you!

    • I have this same phone and same issue.. I’ve factory reset mine already and the issue works until my apps need updated again. Can you tell me exactly where to go to find the permissions?

  17. It’s still showing error 491

  18. I tried to delete my google account and reboot, didnt help. Also tried to delete data from google play etc as mentioned in a comment here, didn’t help. I am trying to update my whatsapp since it says I have to do so in 5 days in order to keep using it. And since family is abroad I really want to be able to use it to communicate with them. However, I have not tried to factory reset my phone since I dont want to lose the stuff i have on it. Any other suggestions what to do before I throw this piece of crap out my window…? :)

    • And, if so matters, I have a samsung phone.

    • Try the following which worked for me several times in the past (today being the latest):

      1. Switch off WiFi and 3G/4G (no internet).
      2. Click Settings. Application manager. All (processes).
      3. Navigate to and click Google Play Store.
      4. Click Uninstall updates. Click OK – this will reset the app to the Factory version (the first version). The storage sizes will change – Data 0, SD card data 0, Cache 0 KB.
      5. Without connecting to the internet, Launch Google Play Store.
      6. Click Settings. Click Auto-update apps. Choose Do not auto-update apps (radio button).
      7. NOW connect to the Internet
      8. Launch Google Play Store (as usual to update or download an app).
      9. Choose the app and click Install. It may give the same 491 error BUT –TRY Install Again – It Works!! (It has been working for me – but it reappears – no problem for me, just little irritated with Google/Android).

  19. Hi there,

    I’ve got a ZTE Max Pro– deleting data from both Google play store and App Services didn’t work, adding another google account didn’t work, all suggestions from Google Play support didn’t work, multiple reboots didn’t work. Still the same 491 error pops up for any app I try to download. My system is up to date, I removed updates from Google play and nothing has changed. My sync is turned on, Bluetooth is on, my internet connection is fine.

    What do I do now? Am I missing something?

    I just wanted a music downloader :( now I can’t download *anything.

    Please share any other solutions you know of,


    • When all else fail I would recommend doing a factory reset of the device. Just remember that you’ll lose everything stored on the phone.

    • I have same phone with same problem. I have done EVERYTHING Google has suggested. I’m about to do a factory reset. Please help. I do not want to lose everything!

    • o work for metro and this customer is having the same problem<with the zte pro max. any suggestion he sent it in and got a new one and same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody have a solution plz.

    • Bryant Dempsey says:

      I just got the ZTE Pro last week and everything was working fine until I uninstalled an app and now can’t download anything keep getting same code as you were 491. Have you gotten this fixed and if so how did u get Google to start working again. ZTE want me to do a factory reset and I don’t really want to do this unless j know it’s going to work cuz I’ll lose everything and apps I have on phone work fine. To many ifs doing a factory reset. Please let me know how you fixed this problem. Thanks and have a good day

    • Same here, I also have the ZTE Zmax Pro, tried everything and nothing works. How will we get this fixed? I’m getting angry now.

    • To all ZTE Pro users, make sure Google + is downloaded on your phone and updated. If not, download it and that should solve the problem, or at least it did for me.

      • If i cant download , how will I download an app to help me download……………..

        • FYI My problem was when I got my new LG the guy at the cell store had put my ZTE sd card in the new phone (I had asked him to leave it in the Zmax pro). As soon as I put my sd card back in all worked well and it downloaded great. LG Backup. Note: I connected with wifi and no sim card was in.

      • The problem with this solution is that once you have that error code 491 you cant download anything at all. So im sure that is the fix but cant download “google+” due to this problem ZTE phone.

        • Bill L (MetroPCS) says:

          I work in a MetroPCS store and just had this problem with a customer’s phone. I was able to download the Google+ APK off of the internet, install that, then the Play Store worked just fine.

        • Try downloading apk files from UC mini browser. It have its own download manager so it won’t be affected by error 491. Get the browser from PC

        • Thank you so much Bill L!!! I was able to search for “Google Plus apk” through my phone’s browser and downloaded it. Then found the file in my downloads, opened it and let it install on my Zmax Pro. After it installed.. I went back to Play Store and it let me download my updates and download new apps!!! THanks so much, this works!!!!! :)

        • thanks Bill…it worked like a champ! :)

        • Bill thank you so much, yours worked, unfortunately it was after I tried like 5 other ways that didn’t :)

        • hey lisa! where can i download google+ apk using a browser?

        • WOOHOO!!!! Thanks so much!!! This has been driving me nuts and trust me it’s a short drive. Finally I can download again on my zmax!!!! I love you Jaime :)

        • brandi jackson says:

          I was not able to download anything either, but I googled g+ apk and downloaded it and now playstore works!!! Thank you for the advice!

  20. My device (7″ MJS tablet) does not have an option to delete google app, only “force stop”and “disable”. I’ve tried both, neither work

  21. What does this do to all other apps tied to this account — especially things like Calendar. (If this erases entries, it’s a non-starter, especially since this error is tied to a single app and not ALL apps)

  22. I tried ass directed but its still the same. What else can I try?

  23. It didn’t work, it gives me an error message with DF-DLA-15 code. Please help.

  24. My data connection is starting automatically that i don’t want. I want to start manually. Anyone tell me that how to fix it.

  25. It didn’t work. Also, you don’t need to delete your account. I resolved this as follows:

    Go to Settings > Apps > All.

    Force stop and clear data (all data, not just cache) from:
    * Google Play Store
    * Google Play Services
    * Google Services Framework


    You’re welcome.

  26. Wayne mananquil says:

    Still not working

  27. It didn’t work for me. I have looked in a lot of places but I can’t find anything.

  28. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4 edge. I have done everything, nothing g is working. I can’t even update the 47 apps that need updating . The Google play store just won’t work. Please, any other suggestions, I’m so frustrated.

  29. Brand new tablets and can’t even download an app because of these 491 errors. I have tried all of these methods to no avail. I keep getting the same error code.

  30. Jeremy Harris says:

    So updated my galaxy s3 to stagefight now it is stuck in recovery mode. No files on bkup or in cache files. Will not connect to pc so only way I can fix is aply updTe with sd card. Please help

  31. Done what u have said but still can,t download apps from m playstore

  32. Hello.. I deleted and then added my account as you had said .. I was able to download an app without the error .. But when I was about to download the second one, I got the same warning again.. Please help me..
    Also, my phone gets switched of very often .. Assuming it has 60% battery while it gets switched off, I am able to switch it back on only after plugging it .. It is back to 60% battery once it’s ON.. what do i do?

  33. Hi.. i have a problm after uninstall the update of google play store now it doesn’t work.. it show error msg plz help me out.. how can i update its version.. my fon is samsung galaxy s duos 2… rply fast plz

  34. Thanks a lot. It’s working now and it even fixed my camera fail problem! Bless you!

  35. Geraldine Kyuketsiki says:

    I also got Google Play services error on my Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F … Lollipop 5.11……. Sick of this error..

  36. Doesnt work for me

  37. it doesnt work for me … kindly help me out

  38. I was attempting to download an app it read insuff storage so I cleared my caches and it gave 491 error message. I then restarted my phone and now my app is downloaded.

  39. Thanks you! it worked fine!

  40. It works! (: and I found another shorter way, that is to add an email acc and tap that new email at play store and it fixed it(: dont have to reboot from this option
    im using samsung(:

  41. Tnx :) Worked for me!

  42. it helped,thanks :)

  43. Did not work but I see it did not work for a lot of others. What else?

  44. Chris Grande says:

    I don’t why but it works for other apps and it doesn’t works for the app I want download .

  45. Robertos Van Den Enden says:

    Thanks, Bertil. I really have a lot of updates going on but i could’t because of that stupid error 491

  46. I found restarting the device the best option without deleting my things

  47. I have tried everything even factory reset my galaxys5 and it didn’t work. Help ?

  48. It did not work for me. I have tried it several times but no success. My playstore misbehaved after upgrading my samsung i9000 from android 2.3.6 to 5.1. Anyone with a solution is welcome to assist.

  49. I do not get an error message. When I try to download an app or widget the bar looks like it is downloading but there are no percentages and it never finishes. Tried rebooting. Did not fix. Do you have a fx for this problem? Thank you.

    • James T. Quark says:

      Your Internet could be slow or you could be lacking enough space. Or it could be having connection issues because something else is downloading – that it’s usually the case when it happens to me. Good luck!!

    • I have that problem and found when I turn on wifi it would download.

      Hope tha helps!

  50. It didn’t work. What should I do now???? Please help

  51. How do I update the play store from version 3.10.14 on my Samsung galaxy s duos

  52. got rid of 491 error now package invalid is stopping d/l

  53. Gaurav Tiwari says:

    Please Help

    When I am Installing this app in Samsung Android GT-I9082 it Show it will installed soon but not Installed after two days. How can I find ,,,

    Please Help.

  54. Got rid of the error but just goes to store acts like it is downloading and never finishes.

  55. Thanks for the help Bertil. For what it’s worth, I read your advice, but before going further I decided to try a reboot. This alone worked fine on my Samsung S5.


  56. Did not work for me I have tried many different reboots clearing data, caches, removin Google account. I encountered this error after removing Google play services and Google play store from my Rooted LG Optimus 2. Unable to figure out how to force the apps through adb command prompt with windows 7, I thought I could send the two Google play apps from a file explorer off my tablet (Tainishi Digiland DL1010Q) on account of both using same OS 4.4.2 KitKat. Both play services and store installed without error but soon after they needed updates, the apps were copy’s from the tablet of course being .apk files, now when trying to update play services through play store I get error code 491 this being for all attempted update/downloads, after trying different combinations of the above solution, some factory resets, tried booting in safe mode and adding Google account, also tried adding account after regular boot up during guest mode, still encounter error 491 only exception is when in setting on play store and after tappin version build number I a pop states a new updated version of google play store will be downloaded only nothing ever happens on screen, I gave up but after a few months with only gmail and Google+ apps to entertain while being mobile I’m determined to resolve this nightmare, that all being said my rooted optimus 2 with the use of my fingers are at your disposal, any negative outcomes from some ideas you may have for me will not be blamed towards your service, I’ll be thankful for you taking the time to give my self inflicted error a response,
    Eargerly Waiting Response – Larry Murray – A.K.A “LarBear”

  57. I have a vonino Sirius z tablet and a have de same problems with error 491.I have this error when I introduction in SD card. I solved my own,by removing the SD card and I install game in internal storage. Later I copy the games in SD card. By the time of the downloading and installation the SD card is removet

  58. Alexander Postow says:

    I have a Huawei phone and cannot delete the account is it the phone or am i missing something

  59. It didnt worked..
    Mine is micromax A1 and I’m trying to instrall gangster Vegas ….it downloads for 1.5GB then i error 491 or any other error happens .I have tried 4-5times but the same thing happens ….plz try to help me

  60. Unfortunately, this didn’t wotk for me. I tried your procedure many times but it’s didn’t help at all.
    Is there any other way?

  61. it did’nt work ;( please help

  62. It worked perfectly.thank you for the solution.

  63. worked perfectly. Thanks!

  64. Satisfied Reader says:

    It workedd! Thanks x

  65. Worked like a charm. Thanks man, you totally saved my life!

  66. thnx bruh u r my man

  67. Abhishek Shenoy K says:

    Awesome! Thanks it works!! :)

  68. I have a problem cannot update apps everytime i get error 491 read your advise but cannot remove the billing account can u help me how to remove it. Thx in advance

  69. Hi,
    i have Samsung galaxy Neo GT-I9060. Whenever i try to download/install any app from google playstore, it starts downloading the app but when the app is near to install it suddenly restarts itself and the app goes lost.. Please help me.


  70. LOL what a complete waste of space this was. My child’s tablet has now had to be re set to factory. all her work etc is forever gone. You complete mug. If I could put on you the pain of seeing your 8yo daughter cry like she’s lost all, believe me I would. I have spent the last hours trying to get back some of her lost work and play to no avail.
    I strongly advise all looking at this to be either, very careful or go to an expert in person.
    ERROR code 491 mixed with muppets like this adviser has made my next few days a complete absolute nightmare .

    • Hi Sean
      I’m so sorry that my guide did not work for you, but if you read all the other comments you will see that a lot of people found it really helpful.
      Don’t you think it’s kinda harsh blaming me for data lost during a factory reset, after all I never suggested that you should do that.
      Hope to see you back at a later time.

    • Pretty pathetic that parents nowadays entertain their kids with tablets to distract them from the real world. Why don’t you take a tutorial of parenting instead.

    • Nowhere on this page does it say to factory reset. Dont blame someone who is trying to help for your complete inadequacies. Its YOUR fault your daughters stuff was lost not the person who published this advice. You are the ‘complete mug’ as you so charmingly say. Thanks Bertil, this worked perfectly for me, although i didnt reboot.

  71. thanks..this work for me :)

  72. Hello. Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried both ways and still have good old mister error code “491”. Very frustrating. Good you help me ? Thank you

  73. Huawei ascend y330
    Reboot of fone works when playstore error 491 pops up
    thx for help op and contributors

  74. On my case I got rid of the problem by restarting alone. Didn’t need to delete any accounts.

  75. Thanks!! .. It worked for me, too! :)

  76. It also works if you restore PlayStore to its factory state

  77. Whenever I open play store it will shows only white screen I can’t download anything please help me

  78. Hi… I’m so happy as this worked brilliantly for me.. :D Thanks so much, I was at the point where I was ready for launching my tablet through the nearest window, honestly.. This has been driving me nuts for a couple of months…..I actually wasn’t optimistic about it as I was really hating my tablet, but I “whooped” with sheer joy and a touch of “in your face tablet”!! LoL. Thanks again man I’m overjoyed (y)

  79. This method did not work for me.

  80. it’s work, thank you for the solutions

  81. No, this method is not working on my android phone. I tried this several times on different occasions. It is just not working. Immediately after doing this I tried to download from google playstore, but it is showing the same error code.

  82. Did not work. is there any other solution?

    • Go to settings/apps/google play store. You erase the app data and you open it and download whatever you wanted to download. It worked for me.

  83. hi ! thanks for sharing this :) it worked

  84. worked for me.thanx a lot

  85. Hello, dear, I strongly followed your tips but did not find out the solve

  86. on my side once i hv clicked instal botton nothing goes on apart from long lasting loading
    wats the hell is this with ma phn??????

    help pliiizzzz!!

  87. It worked for me.thx

  88. I can’t download apps from play store whenever I have clicked on install button my data plan icon’s arrow become grey. Okay I can understand may b it is connection problem server down but it can’t b like this every time plzz tel me is any problem in it plzz tell me.

  89. error 491 had me stymied too. Enough so that I searched and found this page and attempted this very good suggestion to no avail. Then as I looked in dismay at the notification bar I noticed something, I had disabled sync the previous day to conserve battery life and hadn’t re-enabled it.

  90. Akshay Bhanderi says:

    Hellow..! I am using samsung galaxy grand duos GT-I9082. Actually co-incidently Google play store is deleted from my smartphone. And also I am not able to signin or create new account in G+. An error is occuring. So I don’t know what to do. Can you please suggest any ways to solve this issue?

  91. Aswin smokie checkz says:

    I couldn’t download any of the app from Google play store. what should I do???

  92. It works with reboot ONLY too. You don’t have to delete your data and account.


    Guys I cant download any app or game from playstore in my tab.its showing that
    “error retrieving information from server(P=RPC:S-7:AEC-0).

  94. Debashish Bardhan says:

    Hello, I have a problem with my samsung galaxy tab 3 neo, When I try to download any apps from playstore the app is not downloading, it is showing only downloading bar, but no percentage bar is coming, what could be the issue, help is much needed.


  95. Hi All, I am facing the same problem like those of you. “ERROR 491” l have tried all the methods but failed. Frustrated though I try downloading a latest version of my phone build number (Huawei MediaPad x1). You know what it works. No more error 491 hope it will solve your problem too.

  96. Thanks! This worked for my Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

  97. Oh wow good its works

  98. hello helpers..i am facing problem with my SGS2 PLUS. whenever i install google play services it doesnt work and stops. i get a message saying unfortunatly google play services has stoped. and when try to use Gmail app it says gmail requires google play services which is not supportedby your device ): plz help

  99. Adriano de Oliveira Gonçalves says:

    It worked for me. Thanks!

  100. lorenzo(larry) says:

    I can’t get rid of error 491 on my Metro PCS Alcatel One Touch Fierce smartphone..Can’t update or download any apps.I did a factory reset.Deleted my account & re booted.I disabled, force closed or cleared cache on Google play store or Google play service..Nothing worked..Help please..

  101. This worked for my Samsung Galaxy Mega on the 1st attempt. Thanks

  102. solanki mahendra says:

    I’m still getting same 491 error code after doing the steps twice. Please help

    • Mero Mobile Store says:

      It was happens to me.
      1. Remove google account from setting.
      2. Restart my device.
      3. Go to setting and add google account.
      4. Go to PlayStore
      5. Download whatever you wants.

      Its works.
      All the Best…

      • Tameisha Fenton says:

        I have tried that already and it comes up as “No connection” and i don’t know have to fix it. Can you please help me, i have a samsung galaxy trend and i don’t know what to do.

        Please and Thank you

  103. I’m still getting same 491 error code after doing the steps twice. Please help

  104. This worked for me but after downloading an app or updating my apps I have to keep doing it again and again! It’s really frustrating…is there any way to stop the error once an for all?

    • download latest version of your device’s build number on sd card and follow the screen’s instructions to reboot it. “ERROR 491” will forever gone.

  105. Akhilesh Rathore says:

    Did thrice still not able to rectify 491 and 927.

  106. Yeah it helped me thanks

  107. Will it delete my memory?

  108. Prasun banerjee says:

    It really worked…thanks a lot

  109. Thanks a lot dear

    solved problem with your tip


  110. Thanks! It helped!

  111. It still didn’t work

  112. thank you dude

  113. Thank You very much dude..!!
    Its work and thank you once again..!!

  114. Just follow this simple step.

    Go to settings
    open more/application manager
    open google play store
    force close it.

    This should fix your problem.

  115. I did this and it worked but it happens again every couple of days. I even did a factory reset at one point and it still does it on a regular basis.

  116. I find this happens on my LG G2 most often when I use a cleaner application. In my case I have narrowed it down to when I wipe Chrome’s history, or make the mistake of deleting what the app decides are junk files. In either event I simply reboot the phone and it resolves the issue. Now on my tablets. I have 2 Yoga 10’s and they both did it over and over while I was trying to install a ton of apps back to back. I followed all the suggestions about deleting Google play, rebooting clearing cache and all that and it never worked. What I had to do was actually STOP the Google PLAY SERVICE, Not JUST GOOGLE PLAY, the SERVICE. Once I did that I still cleared the cache in the app rebooted and it was fine. Honestly this 491 thing is a joke. There are far too many answers in the forums and the developers attitude is like. oh that should not happen………. Yea well your right it should not. Many users can’t follow simple instructions and understand them much less get into advanced settings. They need to fix this issue. You get the error more than once be descriptive about the issue and recommend a reboot, run a script then have it restart. Better yet get to the heart of the fault and just fix it already. It is not often Android has issues but I am a bit taken back by the attitude over this one being its obviously not major , a simple issue and should not be simply listed as an error but a defect (Users enhancement). Then again what do I know, I am only an engineer/project manager that has done development in C and C++ and Python so I am not special like the high priests…………

    • You’re correct Chris, both Google Play Store and Google Play Service needs to stop. I begin to wonder why Android is becoming more and more Windows like where a reboot will solve anything. Maybe some time in the future we’ll see “Ctrl”+”Alt”+”Del” button on the main panel. :P

  117. yeah!v thanx for ur help. its working …nd stay tuned if it gives a problem once more i vil defntly inform u…….

  118. Thanks a lot it worked in my samsung tab3

  119. thanks a lot…it worked for my samsung s duos 2 :)

  120. Did this 3 times and didn’t work.
    I even deleted cache and data..

  121. Thank you so much for the tip,it worked!

  122. thanks it worked. this message was annoying. thanks again.

  123. Giridhar Reddy says:

    It’s right but again I’m getting same problem and also not able to reboot device this time

  124. Where is the app folder

  125. Taeven Peterson says:

    Dude, how did this get posted? I did it and the next time I tried to download an app (which was right after I did the steps) I had the same thing happen after as before. This doesn’t work.

  126. I have rebooted my device samsung galaxy s duos. it worked. but same error occurred again on the next day. what can I do in this case?

  127. Thanks man helped me a lot.

  128. Thank you very much. Your solution did solve the error code 491 problem.

  129. This worked first time but keeps on coming back i think problem is with play store and play google services there is a BUG that needs to be fix.

  130. hi
    i followed your step but the problem is still prevailing.please help.


  131. It worked for me even without deleting the account and just be rebooting it once.

  132. I’ve tried removing google account and clearing cache in apps but after rebooting my phone I still get that error 491. The thing is, it’s only giving me that error message on a single app, but the others, I could download and update without any problems.

  133. Thanks a lot. Worked the first time I tried! Thanks again :-)

  134. Malik fernando says:

    That worked great. Samsung galaxy s duos 2

  135. Thank you. Did the job just fine

  136. i tried but it didnt work and im not sure how to re boot it because i dont want all my data to be erased.I have the samsung galaxy tab 2

    • A reboot is a restart (device power of, then back on again)
      Do this manually if you cannot trust the reboot function.

  137. Nothing has worked. I have even tried a new email address. Still nothing. I always get error 491 or 902.
    I’ve reset everything and still it doesn’t work.
    What now?.
    Please please help me.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 7inch

    • Install hotspot shield manually by using other sources rather than play store…
      try to connect it with the server and then after that open play store and try to downoad any app …. i hope ur issue will be resolved.. close hotspot shield after doing that…

      • should should should…. if ya dont know then dont sugest.

        • sean, get over it, this is useful information which has helped me and other people. You failed to backup data before doing a factory reset. You caused your daughter’s pain so just accept it and move on.

  138. This worked. Ty so much

  139. Heather Defreitas says:

    Hey, thanx alot for your help with ERROR CODE 491. Was a little skeptical, I had never used help from WITHIN THE DEVICE but I sure am glad that I did.

  140. Hey Dude!
    Its working for 4-5 days only. Few days later again and again its shows like that. How to rectify this permanently.

  141. Worked like a charm, thx. :)

  142. Hi it didn’t work for me.

  143. Hi. It did not work I’ve tried it several times. Now it’s saying error 921. Please help

  144. thank u so much dr (y)

  145. Thanku very much. .I just synchronised my google account amd the error is gone. .

  146. It worked .Thank you… :) :) :)

  147. I have been tryin to down load game apps ex:candy crush it want let me ive reprogrammed my phone deleted everything even my google email account still getting error 491 please help

    • Same here.
      Then to add to the insult of loosing all because I followed this advise, my comments never got shown and no reply by email etc was recieved. people like this numpty should find a new hobby and leave the rest of us in peace.

  148. No prob is solved plz help

  149. Didnt work for me

  150. It don’t work to me.
    Any options?

  151. owais razzak says:

    Greaaaat! Thank u very much it works★★★★★

  152. It worked! Thank you! My fiancee’s phone wouldn’t install any apps and hangouts wouldn’t do video calls so he couldbt see my daughter and I for over a week. Now after finding your advise and removing his google account from his Samsung and adding it back everything is working again! I can’t thank you enough, seriously.

  153. Ashish Kumawat says:

    Thank you so much developer. It’s really working…I appreciate your great effort for my kind of persons. keep helping.
    Thanks once again.

  154. Ankit Bajaj says:

    its working 100% true

  155. hrishikesh reddy says:

    Thanks so much bill.It really works and now im back to gaming on my android device.thank u once agn

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