How Google could make the first true smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a great example of what a smartwatch shouldn’t be

Samsung seemed to have got their “smart” inspiration from smartphones. The gear has a standard display that requires waking up with a focus on the touchscreen and does mostly the same functions you can do with your phone. It can take pictures, make calls and it costs as much as a Nexus 4.

The wearable space is an opportunity to change how we interact with devices

Being on your wrist and out of your pocket/bag a watch is always easy access, this means that an “always-on” display such as on the Pebble or the Qualcomm Toq would be very valuable. You can view these devices with no interaction. This is a very powerful concept, but on these devices it is limited to displaying incoming notifications or something permanent like the time, weather etc. This is where Google comes in.

How Google could make the first true smartwatch

The power of contextual information

The concept of contextual (when you need it) information has gained huge interest and growth recently, with the introduction of things like Google Now. It can provide important information relative to where you are, what’s on your schedule, what you’ve planned and much more.

But Google Now is still tucked away in an app on your phone, so people are coming up with ways to get context relative information more directly. Such as the Aviate launcher.

Wearables are the perfect fit for contextual information

Bringing Google Now to a watch would make the information actually there when you need it.

Visiting somewhere new? All you need to know is on your wrist.

Got an appointment? Your watch will remind you to leave on time.

Booked a flight? Your boarding pass is on your wrist when you get to the airport.

At the movies? See what’s playing or see your ticket.

Going for a run? Keep track of it without doing a thing.

Perhaps a negative but, near a store? See what’s on offer.

It doesn’t stop at glancable information

With the new Touchless Control seen in the Moto X, you can interact with your device without needing to use your hands. Including this into a Google Now watch would allow you to do things without messing with a touchscreen, pressing buttons or making strange arm gestures. Perform actions and get answers to questions from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

The potential for a Google Watch is huge and Google is in a position to make a watch into an actual “smart” watch. With the news of the WIMM acquisition and other rumors, it has definitely got me excited.

“OK Google Now, when is the Google Watch released?”

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2 thoughts on “How Google could make the first true smartwatch

  1. Here’s a crazy thought. Make a watch that women would want to wear!

    • A smartwatch that looks like something women would wear. That’s a GREAT business idea. I bet the first company to make one will sell a lot.

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