How to block Calls and Texts on Android

If you’ve got some random stranger or just somebody who keeps setting off your ringtone or alerts, you may be in frustration wondering, how can I prevent this person from contacting me? You may have heard of the term “Blacklisting.” Blacklisting applies to many things universally, not just including contacts.

When you add a contact to your Blacklist, that contact is automatically blocked from sending you text messages or phone calls, pretty much every method of communication via the Mobile Carrier network.

There are manual ways to achieve this and automated ways that third party apps can do it for you. Let’s go through the different methods you can achieve this, as well as the ways that different Roms/interfaces go about doing this.


This method applies to Touchwiz users, preferably Android 4.4.4 (Kitkat) and below. If you want to enable Blocking mode, which will disable all notifications including incoming calls and texts, Head over to your stock settings app and go to the My device tab.

Enable Blocking mode and select disable incoming calls. You can set a time interval from what time blocking begins and when it ends.

To block specific numbers, the Touchwiz method of Blacklisting is by Adding the number to Auto-Reject list, which is basically the Blacklist. Go to settings > Application settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto Reject List > Create. Next you will need to follow on screen instructions to add the specific name of the contact, or phone number of the person you want to block off completely.

There is a neat trick that I really enjoy, which is, simply create a single contact, and name it Blocked Numbers Group. Now, add multiple Phone number fields, and insert every single Blocked number of the people you want to have blocked, and save that contact, which contains multiple numbers. This way, you can save a lot of time having to add each contact individually.

Block texts and calls android

You could also opt to have all incoming calls from the unwanted person, routed directly to your voicemail so you will never be bothered with a notification from the incoming call. Go to your Contacts app, and create a new contact for the person you want to block. Name that contact anything you want, just include the person’s phone number in the contact.

Next, find the contact and view it. Click the 3 dot menu button at the top right of the contact name, and select the option “All calls to voicemail.” Keep in mind all incoming calls from the Blocked caller will be redirected to your voicemail, and you can check that at any time if you wish to hear the content of the call. You can also disable this by simply unchecking the “All calls to voicemail” option.

Call rejection Android

Third Party Apps

As I mentioned earlier, there are apps that can Block or simulate Call/text blocking for you by auto rejection. Apps like Mr. Number or Call Blocker can automate this process for you quite easily. All you need to do is download these third party apps from the Google Play Store, install it, and follow on screen instructions to start your blocking process.


If you’re like me who is running Cyanogenmod 11s, (which comes pre-installed with the Oneplus One), then the Blacklisting/number blocking process is quite simple. Head over to the CM11 Stock settings app, and go to Privacy > Blacklist, and turn on Blacklisting. Next, click the + Button at the bottom left corner, and proceed to enter the Phone number of the person you wish to block. Enter the Phone number of the person you want to block, or click the contact button on the right side, and select the contact from your Contacts app, and automatically block that person from there.

You can also choose to block either only Incoming calls, incoming messages, or both. After you’ve chosen the number of the person you wish to block hit OK. You should now see the Name or the Number of the person you wanted to block. If you want to change settings for this blocked contact, like only block calls, click on the name/number of the person and uncheck the option. You can also delete this person off the Blacklist, so that this person will no longer be blocked.

Unorthodox options

Mobile Network Operator Request- This may seem weird, but when nothing seems to work for you, which may seem odd itself, because there are a lot of options for blocking, you have one last resort. You can call up your Mobile network provider, and make a special request, to block off this person’s phone number and prevent him/her from reaching you. Depending on the Mobile network provider, some may comply with your request, but some may not.

Changing your phone number – Another odd way can be applied in serious cases, like stalking. You could literally change your mobile phone number. You could visit your mobile network provider’s retail location and request a number change. This method is really annoying in a few ways, like the people who already have your old number need to be reminded that you have changed your number. This can be stressful, but when you have no other choice, this is something to consider.

Using a VoIP service/app- If you can manage to get ahold of a very cheap monthly plan, which includes very limited Calling and Texting, but unlimited Internet/Data, this would be an option you could use. You could download third party applications that allows you to make phone calls/Text messages through the internet. Most VoIP applications allow you to do both within the same app. Beware of some safety concerns, like when you have to rely on your data usage/data signal to make calls and emergency (Non-911) phone calls, you are stumped, because there is no data signal where you may be. So VoIP (Voice/video over IP) may be a non-recommended option.

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Kenny currently lives in Buffalo, NY. Where he studies computer networking & programming. He has owned a number of Android phones including the Galaxy s3, Galaxy 3 mini, Galaxy s4 mini, LG optimus 3D, and the Oneplus one which he is currently using. Kenny will likely get the Oneplus two once it is released.

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  1. all these helps sites are rubbish, they are just getting email addresses so they can send you spam

  2. Kimberly Myers says:

    I have a Samsung android 4.4.4 I need to block a contact but not delete all the msgs. I can’t find stock settings, my device tab or blocking mode. I bought this phone a year ago. I’m desperate to stop this please help

  3. How do I block a contact from sending me sms in Samsung Galaxy 6 G920V I can block his calls not his sms

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