How to create folder on Galaxy s3

How to create folders on you Samsung Galaxy s3

Why use folders ?

If you have the Samsung Galaxy s3 you have what is most likely the best cell phone that there is. If you like and use it as much as I do mine your home screen is probably getting a bit cluttered.


creating folder on galaxy s3

Enter folder name

This is where folders come into the equation. You can make folders on your home screen to group those shortcuts. This will clear up a lot of space on your screen while without the need to shuffle through all your apps when you are looking for your favorite game or app. This means that you can put all you favorite games in one folder, for easy access and you favorite apps in another. Or maybe you would like to have a separate folder for work related apps so you don’t have to be reminded of work when you are home.



How to create folders on you Samsung Galaxy s3


The process of making a folder on your home screen is a simple enough task just follow these easy steps to start the clean up of your screen.

making folder on Galaxy s3

A Games folder


  1. Make sure you are on your home screen before proceeding, If you are not sure where your home screen is just press the home button in the middle of the lower end of your phone. This will take you there if you where not there in the first place.
  2. Press the menu button situated in the lower left end of your cell phone.
  3. from the dialog that appears press the “create folder” option.
  4. The new folder will now appear on your home screen.
  5. Press the folder to give it an appropriate name
Moving shortcuts to your new folder
Now that the folder is created you can start reorganizing the apps on your home screen into those folders for easy access.
  1. Press and hold down an app until the screen vibrates.
  2. You have now “picked it up” and can move it over to the folder you want it in.
  3. Drop it into the folder and it will now disappear from the home screen.
  4. To find it again press the folder you put it in and there it is.
If you change your mind or make a mistake simply open the folder, press and hold the app as described above and drop it back on your home screen.


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22 thoughts on “How to create folder on Galaxy s3

  1. could someone offer step by step instructions for creating folders in Gallery? and what about those comments above that say their pics disappear???

  2. I need to make folders for my bookmarks… My husband and I both use my s3 phone to surf and research a lot. It would be great to have one folder for wood working another for unicycle riding tips and yet another for underwater basket weaving. As it is we have to sift through countless bookmarks searching for the one that applies. I see the list icon in the bottom left press it choose add new folder but then can’t figure out how to get the new folder to add.

  3. I created a folder where I want to put screenshots/pictures in (of current work schedule and bus schedule) for easy access so i don’t have to scroll through all my pics in the gallery, but I can’t figure out how to move a single picture from my gallery into this created folder-is it even possible?! Someone please help!

  4. Nikita Vercuiel says:

    I want to create a new photo album in gallery but I have no pptions t to select a new album, I can “pick it up” or select certian pictures but I can’t find a way tp put those picss I selected in a new album ? Please help ☆ thnx

  5. I inadvertently removed (deleted) a home screen folder packed with office related shortcuts. Can I recover (undelete) it without needing to recreate the folder & contents? Thank you.

    • I haven’t found a way of undoing a folder delete. It seems that you are going to have to make a new one and repopulate it with the same apps you used to have in it.

  6. I have a problem deleting the empty folder. Only cancel icon appeared instead of the trash can icon.

  7. Hi,

    I have no problem creating folders but how can I delete them if I created one by mistake?

    Thank you.

  8. Does anyone know a way to save a file that is downloaded into a folder? When I select the download, it gives the option to send it but not to save it. I would like to be able to access a document without having to scroll through all my downloads each time.

  9. I have a folder named recipes on my home screen with a bunch of shortcuts to recipes online. They all say the same thing so I want to label the shortcuts in the recipe folder. Can this be done?

  10. When I open a folder, the phone audibly says “the folder is open”, and when I open an app in the folder it says “the folder is closed.” Is there a way to disable this audible message, or mute it? Thanks for all the tips!!

    • Sounds like your accessibility options has been tweaked. To mend this go to SETTINGS – MY DEVICE – ACCESSIBILITY – TALKBACK. Turn of talkback by pressing talkback and flicking the switch in the upper right corner to the left.

  11. Mathew Backlund says:

    I made a folder in my gallery and I moved some pictures into it upon creation. Once I dragged then in, the folder vanished and the pictures are gone. I reset the phone and still nothing?

    • Did you ever fix it? It just happened to me. I created a folder on the sd card to move pictures from the phone memory. Once it finished I couldnt see the pictures anymore, they disappeared from both.

  12. Is there a way to recover a folder that was accidentally deleted/trashed?

  13. I can create the folder just fine, and I can rename the folder… But how do I open it? Every time I press on the folder to attempt to open it, it brings up the “rename” window (showing the name of the folder in a small, dark rectangle). It thinks I want to rename it again. But I cannot actually open the folder.

    Having a folder doesn’t do me much good if I can’t open it. Any advice? Thanks very much…

    • It will behave this way until you put something in the folder. Once the folder has some content it will display the content when you press it.

  14. Miranda-Jo Andersen says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to create a folder on the Home page of my Samsung Galaxy S3. But, I’d like to make one on my Applications page, too. Please help.
    Thank you.

    • The approach to create a folder in apps is just the same as when you make a folder on the homescreen. The only difference is that you have to make sure that you are in your apps folder when you press that menu button.
      Also make a note of the fact that you cannot move apps the same way that you do on your homescreens. You have to first make the folder as described. Then you need to, once again from the apps folder, press the menu button and hit the edit button. Now you can rearange your apps into the folders you have just made. Hope this helps

    • How to create folders on the Apps page:
      1. Go to the Apps page
      2. Choose “Edit” from the Menu selections
      3. Select the app that you want to put into a folder and press on it until you see a selection of items on the bottom of the screen. You will see four icons on the bottom of the screen, including a “folder” icon on the bottom left.
      4. Drag the designated app into the folder –and you have now just created a folder.
      5. Now you can go ahead and drag the rest of the apps that you’d like organized into this folder.

      –Removing items from a folder is easy as well: just open the folder and drag the app out onto the page.

      I hope this helps!

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