How to customize the Galaxy s4 Home screen

Let me show you how to change around a few things on your Galaxy s4 home screen to make it look just the way you want it.

Maybe the best thing about the Android operating system for cell phones is that you can customize it to make it look just the way you want it.

The thing you are going to see the most of on your phone is the home screen. So let’s dive in and take a look at all the options you have for making it look just the way you like it.

How to customize the Galaxy s4 home screen

Adding or removing an extra screen

How to add or delete a shortcut on the Galaxy s4.

  1. From your home screen tap the apps icon and locate the app you want to place on your home screen.
  2. Once you have found it press and hold it for about half a second until it detaches from the apps folder. Don’t worry though you won’t remove it from the apps folder, a copy will be made.
  3. You will be taken to the home screen. Don’t let go of the icon just jet. Move it about until you find just the spot you want it to be. If you want it on another one of your screens just move it to one of the sides of the screen to cycle through them or hold it over one of the previews almost at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Once you are satisfied simply let go, and the new shortcut is created.

To remove a shortcut simply find the icon you want to get rid of, press and hold. Now all that is left to do is move it over to the trash can that appears at the top of the screen.

How to add or remove a shortcut to the galaxy s4 home screen

Move it to the where you want it

How to add or remove widgets on the Galaxy s4.

  1. From the home screen press the apps button in the lower right corner of your screen.
  2. In the top right area of your screen you can see the text Widgets. Go ahead and click that area to bring up a list of all the available widgets.
  3. From here on out the process is the same as for the shortcuts. Just press and hold until the widget detaches and you will be brought to your home screen.
  4. Move the widget around until it is where you want it. Now all you have to do is let go and you are done.

To remove a widget from your home screen simply press and hold it until you see the trash can at the top of the screen. Move the widget you don’t want over the trash and drop it.

How to add or remove a widget

Moving around a widget

How to add or remove shortcuts at the bottom of your home screen on the Galaxy s4.

  1. Press and hold the icon you want on your home screen.
  2. When it comes loose you can move it to the bottom of the screen and let it go. If the list is already full it will replace the icon already there.
  3. If you want to place a shortcut that is not on your home screen in the first place you will have to move it to the home screen first. If you don’t know how, follow the instructions at the top of this article for how to add or delete a shortcut on your Galaxy s4.

To remove one of these shortcuts, also called favorites shortcuts simply press and hold the one you want to loose until the trash can appears. Move it over there and drop it.

How to add or remove a folder from the Galaxy s4 home screen.

  1. From the home screen press and hold your finger on an area where there are no shortcuts until a pop up menu appears.
  2. From that menu tap the tab that reads folder.
  3. Another pop up appears asking you to name your new folder.
  4. Write the name you want for your folder and click OK.

To remove a folder from the home screen simply press and hold it until you see the trash can. Now just move the folder over to the trash can and drop it.

How to change the wallpaper on the Galaxy s4.

  1. Press and hol your finger anywhere on the home screen where there are no icons.
  2. From the pop up that appears press where it reads Set wallpaper.
  3. From the next screen choose if you want your choices to apply to the home screen, lock screen or both.
  4. From the next pop up you get to choose if you want your home screen background to be a picture you have taken yourself. ( Gallery ) An animated background. ( Live wallpapers ) or one of the backgrounds supplied to you on your Galaxy s4 by Samsung .( Wallpapers )
  5. Either way you will get a list of the ones available to you. Simply pick the one you like the most. Now hit the home button and check out your new background.
how to change the galaxy s4 wallpaper

Pick your wallpaper

How to add or remove another screen to the Galaxy s4 home screen.

  1.  From your home screen press the menu button. It is situated right next to the home button on the left side.
  2. From the menu that appears hit the pencil icon that reads Edit page.
  3. To add another screen hit the plus symbol on your screen. If no plus symbol is available you already have the maximum seven possible screens.

To delete a screen just press and hold it and move it over to the trash can symbol at the top of the screen where it says Remove.

For more tutorials on this subject check out our Galaxy s4 tutorials section.

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42 thoughts on “How to customize the Galaxy s4 Home screen

  1. The biggest mystery I have experienced is how to chage the Lock Screen. Seems like every time I search through my Settings, my Lock Screen takes on an entirely new appearance and new behavior.

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial that explains how to master the contents of the Lock Screen and of its behavior?

  2. Someone upthread said they had lost their Weather widget. The opposite is true for me. I was exploring with my settings one day and now I have a Weather screen on my home screen. I don’t know the correct term to describe this.

    I don’t think it’s a widget because it occupies about one third of the total area of my home screen and it displays a few basic weather facts. But it’s fairly useless since I don’t let it use the Mobile Data connection to update itself.

    Why? I’ve heard some real horror stories about people who left their Mobile Data connection turned on and several apps and other things kept downloading a whole lotta data and ran up a very large bill in just a few days. I’m talking about $400 in three days. Isn’t that outrageous?

    Obviously a little understanding would have helped prevent that. But I just bought my phone about two weeks ago and I sure don’t pretend to have enough understanding to prevent that. So, I just keep my Mobile Data connection and Wi-Fi connections turned off unless or until I absolutely need them.

    My biggest problem is that you could take everything I know about my Galaxy S4 and it wouldn’t even fill a thimble. Almost everything I try to do just messes up two other things. I have never felt so defeated.

    Sorry to ramble. But I want to tell you the biggest disappointment ocurred when my phone upgraded to the latest version of the OS (5.0.1) and it seems to me the whole look and feel of my phone has changed. I spent hours and hours exploring my Settings and learning about them and now? Almost everything has changed.

    Blocking Mode has disappeared. The color of the on/off switches used to be so pretty and became so familiar. But now it’s all gone.

    Have you got a few more hours? Because I could spend that much time telling you about all the difficulties I have and all the things I don’t understand.

    Would anyone have any advice for me?

  3. I lost my weather widget on my homescreen. I try to drap and drop a weather widget there and either it doesn’t appear at all or some widgets just sit there saying they are accessing information. What am I doing wrong? Is it a setting?

  4. This is really the most helpful article I have found since getting my new Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. I have searched and searched to find answers without having much luck. Yet here you explained most of the things I wanted to know in one article.Thanks!!!

  5. Got s4 today.

    My homescreen favourite shortcuts are locked?!

    No matter how long I press them I can never move delete etc.

    Any known solutions?

    Thanks all.

    • Hi, have you found a solution to this yet? I did some research and it says you need to select multiple widgets, but mine doesn’t seem to have that option.

  6. ..I don’t suppose there is any way to eliminate all the program names from the applications pages? (so that all I have are the icons, with no text)

  7. I have two email accounts on my S4 and I have them together in an Email folder. Going into the email folder the one account is labeled “Gmail”, but the other is only labeled as “Email.” Is there a way to change the name of the account labeled “Email” to what I want?


  8. Please help me. I thought I knew what I was doing and moved my icons around on the five home screens. Now when I unlock my phone the home screen is number two, no longer number three the middle one. How do I fix this?

  9. This doesn’t work. …I cannot customise the short cuts on the bottom of the home screen long press edit nothing wirks its like theyre locked. Please help if theres one thing that drives me nuts with this phone its the nuances to HTC… youd think a top end phone S4 should be user friendly!!!

  10. Hello,

    Is there anyway possible to remove widgets when in the application screen ??
    Have no use for them at all.

    • If you want to remove a widget from the home screen all you have to do is press and hold it until a trash can appears. Next just drop it into the trash and it’s gone.
      If you want to completely delete or remove the widgets from the phone, I’m not sure if you can do this. If you delete the associated app I believe the widget will be deleted to.

  11. I can’t remove Apps Icons off the Screen of Galaxy S4. Every time I try to drag the Icon, It runs the App. It’s really Strange because I am pretty much used to Android environment. In the past I used Galaxy S i9000 and Note II and never faced such Issue.

  12. I saw a galaxy S4 with the owners name on the home screen in between the bottom shortcuts and the 7 little square dots that represent the different homescreens, can somebody tell me how to do that please

  13. Hi, I cant add the Google Now 4×4 widget. I create a new page, select the widget, let it detach, place it where I want it and when I release I just ‘No Cards’ on a blank page. I have delete other widget, because I thought I have too many, but still nothing. Please help….

    • Try this.
      place the widget just like you did before.
      turn on wi-fi or mobile data.
      longpress the home button until a menu appears.
      press the button with the g and wait until a card appears.
      head back to the home screen to see your google cards widget on your galaxy s4.

  14. Any idea if you can remove the tiny little home icon from near the bottom of the screen?

  15. Hey I want to use a landscape format pic as my home screen wall paper…how do I change it so when I go to edit/crop it in the wallpaper screen it doesn’t only show portrait format options?

    • As you may have noticed the home screen does not rotate when you flip it over horizontally. I think this is why Samsung has made it so you can’t have a home screen picture in landscape. It would not look very good on a vertical screen, like the home screen is.

  16. Daniella Lemons says:

    What do you do if the icons on your homescreen won’t move? All of a sudden, I tried moving my icons, but they won’t move. Please, help.

  17. You don’t say what happens if to the item that you put in trash can. Is it gone for good or did you just take it off the home screen—- and it went back to it’s original spot on phone?

    • Hi Carla
      When you drag an icon to the trashcan all you do is to remove the shortcut from the homescreen. No app or game is deleted by doing this. You can still find your app by pressing the apps icon on your home screen.

  18. How do i remove the top menu on the s4

  19. Is there a way to remove and/or change the names from under the icons on the home pages? I did it once and can’t remember how. Tx!

    • Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can only rename your folders on the home screen. To do this open the folder and click where the folder name is displayed. Now you can edit the name of the folder or remove the folder name if you want.

  20. How do you move the apps icon from lower right position on homepage to another page. The apps icon is the only one that cant be moved by hold/move/drop

  21. This guide is totally useless. There is no longer any ‘edit page’ under the ‘menu’. Thus I’m stuck with these redundant 7 home screens. That sucks!

    • Hm. That is strange. I just updated my phone to the latest available software and I still have the “edit page” when pressing the menu button…

    • The edit option appears on mine. Android 4.2.2/ Samsung SGH 1337
      Thanks for the quick answers.

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