How to disable launcher icon notifications on Android

Notifications is a helpful feature of any modern phone. It lets you know when something notable has happened and helps bring your attention to it. For the longest time this has been an important part of just about any smart phone. Both Samsung and the iPhone has had them for quite some time.

Since the introduction of Android 8 Oreo, launcher icon notifications has been a integrated part of the Os. In this tutorial I will show you how to disable specifically the ones that appear on top of your launcher icons.

Even though these notifications for the most part are quite helpful sometimes you just want an app to stop cluttering your highly customized home screen or even disable them all together

How to get rid of notification dots on your icons

  1. Head on into your settings. You can find it in the app drawer or by pressing the gear icon if you pull down the notification area
  2. Tap “Apps and notifications”
  3. Tap “Notifications”
  4. From here you can toggle notifications on or off by pressing the “Allow notification dots” option



Disable icon notifications for just one specific app

  1. When you get a notification from an app you don’t want, pull down the notification area
  2. Swipe it halfway to the side and tap the gear icon
  3. From the screen that appears toggle the “Allow notification dot” option

Now that you have learned how to disable those pesky notifications we recommend that you check out our other tutorials, tips and tricks for the Android Os.

If you run into problems head on down to the comments section and simply ask for help. We will try to guide you as well as we can.

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