How to download android apps

If you have just bought your first Android phone, congratulations and welcome to the best cell phone operating system.

One of the best things about having an Android Os phone is the many available apps and games that you can install. There are two obvious ways of downloading and installing an app to your phone. I will go through them both.


The first way of installing apps to your phone is in many ways the best since it does not include any additional equipment except from having your phone available.


How to download and install Android apps from play store

selection of apps for installation on Play store

  1. On your cell phone make sure that you have a data connection so that you can access the Internet through your phone. The fastest way is if you can connect to Wi-Fi. If this is not an option you can also use a Mobile data connection. You can turn it among your phone settings.
  2. The next step is to press the play store icon on your phone. It can in most cases be found on your home screen, and if it is not you will have to find it among your apps by pressing the apps icon on the home screen.
  3. This will open the Play store. This is the where you can browse and choose which apps or games you would like to install.
  4. Found something useful why not


If you have followed the How to download Android apps tutorial you are now on the Featured tab in the Play store. To browse through the available Android apps and games put your finger on the screen and flick it to the left to go through the different top lists.

If you would rather browse through the apps in the different categories flick your finger to the right.

When you have found something you would like to install press it with your finger to get more details on the app in question. A new screen will appear with more detail of the app you liked. All that is left to do is to press the download link on this screen.

If you know which app you want

let’s say that you know what you want to install, and that something is Angry birds. So how do you install Angry birds on your Android phone ?

Easy, follow the 3 steps mentioned above. Then press the magnifying glass in the upper right corner in the play store. Enter Angry birds and hit ok.

Play store will now return all queries matching angry birds, and you can choose to download and install angry birds to your phone.

How to start the app you have installed

Once your phone is done installing your app you can exit play store by pressing the back button until you are back to your home screen or simply pressing the home button.

To start the app you have just installed you will have to find the icon for the app. In most cases you will find it on your home screen. But if you don’t you will have to press the apps tab and flick through the other apps until you find the one you have been looking for. Press that icon and Voila.


Second way of installing apps to your Android phone

The other way to install apps and games to your phone is done through your browser of choice.

How to download and install app from google play store through your browser

The other way of installing apps and games to your phone is done through your browser

  1. Visit the Google play store in your browser by clicking the link or you can copy this URL : into your browser.
  2. Look through the selection until you find something you want to install.
  3. Click the install button on the left hand side. If you are not logged in you need to do so with your Google account information. ( Same as your Gmail user name and password ).
  4. Your phone needs to be connected to the Internet, either through Wi-Fi or your mobile data connection for the download to start.
  5. Found something useful why not

If you picked Angry birds as your first Android game to download you can now open your phone and start playing the game as soon as the install completes.
Followed the tutorial from start to end you have now learned how to install angry birds and other games and apps to your Android phone.
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