How to enable Double Tap to wake on the Nexus 6P

Coming from Cyanogenmod or another device with the Luxury of having a supported Double tap to wake Digitizer? If you’re bummed out that your brand new Nexus 6P doesn’t have the anticipated “Double tap to wake” feature, then fear not our short little guide here will show you a quick and easy workaround to this, so long as your device is certified to be rooted without problems.

The requirements to get Double tap to wake up and running on your device are fairly straightforward. Have your Nexus 6P rooted running the latest build of Android M 6.0 (if possible) and download the Terminal Emulator app from the Google Play Store. You’ll also need a short line of code that a fellow XDA Developer discovered.

Once you’ve installed the Terminal Emulator app, you should be greeted with a large black screen with your current user prompt (with Angler in it.) You’ll then input su.

In order to switch to the “Root User” or the “Superuser” of the device, granting low level administrative permissions. The next step is to input a string of code and execute it.


echo 1 > /sys/devices/soc.0/f9924000.i2c/i2c-2/2-0070/input/input0/wake_gesture

Copy the above code, and in your terminal emulator, long press and hold until you see a pop-up menu appear, then click “Paste” to transfer the line of code onto the command prompt. Once you do that, click the “enter” or “return” button on your keyboard in order to execute the code. After that, you’ve successfully enabled Double tap to wake on the Nexus 6P.

Keep in mind once you soft reboot or reboot your device, the line of code fails to run, meaning each time you reboot your device, you’ll need to repeat this short process to enable it once again, so it’s good to have the line of code saved onto a notepad application on your device for quick access.

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