How to factory reset Galaxy s3

This is how you safely factory resets your Samsung Galaxy s3

Has your Galaxy s3 has become a little sluggish lately. There are many reasons why this could happen. Over time most devices becomes slower due to a multitude of different reasons. Many Android phones gets upgraded from time to time, if you upgrade your s3 it will most likely be to a faster version. Read more about updating your Galaxy s3. If you have removed unused widgets and programs and upgraded your phone to the latest version and still have problems with speed you should proceed with a factory reset to clear all old data from your s3. Another very good reason to reset your phone is if you are selling it and want to make sure that your data is removed.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy s3

Remember that factory resetting will erase all your data


What is a factory reset

A factory reset reverts your Galaxy s3 to the way it was when you bought it and turned it on for the first time. Once the reset is done you will have to reenter your Google account info. The one exception is that if you have updated it to a newer version of the Android Os It will not revert to the old version but rather keep the newest one. So if the reason for your reset is to revert to an old Android Os it can not be done in this way.


REMEMBER !  Resetting your phone will clear all data from your phone, so back up all the things you want to keep.

Backup Android contacts.

Backup Android Photos.

checklist before you start

  1. Backup the things you want to keep.
  2. Make a note of your Gmail and your password.
  3. Charge your battery so you don’t run out of juice in the middle of the process.

How to factory reset your Galaxy s3

  1. Find and press the settings button on your phone. You can find it in your app list on your phone. It looks like this
  2. Find where it says Factory reset and press it.
  3. Press the factory reset tab and confirm.
  4. Found something useful why not
Still not sure how to factory reset your Galaxy s3 ? Take a look at the video below :


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11 thoughts on “How to factory reset Galaxy s3

  1. I have done the software update and tried to do a factory reset but when it restarts it wont go further than the time and date setting. Also boxes keep popping up saying that apps have stopped. Is there something I can do to fix this?

    • Bruce MacGillivray says:

      My daughter did this last night, and now I have the same problem–unless I can find a solution my phone is stuffed

  2. I reset my phone, it shuts off then the Samsung logo starts appearing and the droid character spinning. Then the wording Samsung stays stuck in the middle & the blue light stays on but that’s as far as it goes. . Any advise?

  3. After the factery reset my wifi is not working properly

  4. I did a reset on my husband’s tablet and now we can’t set up a samsung account…it won’t let us pressure any of the buttons not the sign in not the create new account or the skip buttons it just brings up the page and won’t let us do anything else

  5. I have done that but now my phone just froze in the middle of the process.

  6. Katie-Jo Cadwalader says:

    Well I did this and now I can’t log into my instagram or my snapchat

  7. Excellent! This resolved the problem with my S3 not syncing my contacts!

  8. Becca Hollenbeck says:

    I updated my phone so i cant find where it says factory reset

  9. i have samsung galaxy s3. can i upgrade its os v4.0 ics to newer version? how?

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