How to get rid of Samsung account session expired

Does your Samsung phone keep saying session expired ? How to get rid of that pesky message.

Lately my cell phone has been nagging me with the message ” session expired. After looking around for a solution I finally found out how to get rid of it. If you are tired of expelling that message follow these easy instructions to never see it again.

How to get rid of Samsung account session expired message

Tired of this message on your phone


  1. Hit the settings tab in your apps library. It can be found on one of the first pages among your Android apps and games.
  2. Scroll down and press the Samsung account among the listed accounts.
  3. A new screen will appear with a bit more information on the account.
  4. To get completely rid of the annoying message in your notification area, press the Cancel sync on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Restet your phone.
  6. pull down the notification area and press the message.
  7. Retype your password and hit done.
  8. Found something useful ? Why not

If you have followed the four easy steps in this tutorial you won’t have to see that message anymore in your notification area.

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24 thoughts on “How to get rid of Samsung account session expired

  1. The original post did not work for me as Sync was already de-activated. What did work for me was logging in to my Samsung account (which I forgotten I had), then by clicking on “More” at top right there was an option to Remove Account…
    Completely removed it from my phone.

  2. OK, The Following worked for me:
    1. Pull down on the notifications bar
    2. Click the Settings gear(upper right)
    3. Scroll ALL the way down to “About Device” …click…
    4. If you are NOT running Android V 6.0.1 on a Galaxy S6, the rest of this probably does not work for you… Beyond here there be dragons
    5. OK, Click back arrow and select Accounts(about 1 screen up from the bottom)
    6. In Accounts, select Samsung account
    7. Turn off Sync for any accounts and features you find

    8. Back out … restart… Finished

    Of course, you could always log onto the site, ensure your passwords are all correct and so forth, but what’s the fun of that

  3. This doesn’t work for me. When I go into my samsung account settings I get nothing there that says “cancel sync.” So how am I supposed to fix the issue when I keep getting the annoying Session expired message every 5 seconds despite logging in? I am not looking to factory reset my phone at least I hope I don’t have to. But I would like to resolve this issue. After a while I just gave up and let the notification sit there it’s been there for a few days now because I can’t figure out how to keep it from popping up again.

    • Log into that account on your phone, if you don’t know the password reset it.

      Once logged in go ahead and log out of the app. Done.

      • tried that multiple times, doesn’t work. I get the same notifications once logged out. It’s doing my head in! Ready to swap to Apple if I can’t sort it.

  4. Woke up to the “session expired” message this morning AND no mobile network available. I contacted my network provider and there were no issues with the network or my account.

    I signed in to the Samsung hub and rebooted my phone. That fixed the problem, but how do I keep it from happening again?!?

  5. Open “Settings”, then “General” then “Accounts” then “Samsung Account” then “Profile” enter password. If you forgot then select “forgot password”. Follow the instructions and then sync. Problem solved.

  6. Debra Hoffman says:

    Oh no… I did the stop synch step and now my contacts are all jacked up, missing. I don’t know how to relink them as I dont know where they have gone. Can you help?

  7. I keep getting the message “Session expired”. However, my Samsung account has been deleted from the Samsung web site. When I attempt to follow the steps listed to remove the account from my S5, my password is not accepted since the account was deleted from Samsung. Is there any way to delete the account from the S5 that does not require a login to Samsung?

    • Tim, I have the same annoying problem and it very annoying because I don’t ever remember even setting up a Samsung account. The annoying screen just pops up asking to re-verify my account at the most inopportune time. Have you figured out how to get rid of it yet?

      • I have the same problem. I cant remember even setting up a samsung account either. Even had a samsung rep who was assigned to a dick smith store look at my was reset. Message still popping. So just leaving it as long as it does not affect anything I am doing.

  8. Thank you for this. It works!

  9. margaret valerie says:

    My HTC Wildfire S Saying…Samsung Account Session Expired? how do I restart my Account?

  10. Well that doesn’t help, if I wanted to enter a password I’d just do that in the first place!

    • Exactly.

      Instructions may as well read like this

      How to get rid of “Samsung Account session Expired”
      1. Log in to Samsung account
      2. Done.

  11. when got to the Samsung account screen in settings it only offers “sync all” at the bottom. No option to turn off sync. Can you help?

    • same problem here

    • For that you have to click on account details and a tab should open to ask you to update your samsung account n then the “disable sync” option will appear..hope ive helped :)

      • No prashant that doesn’t help. To access account details you first need an account I don’t even have an account I can sign into. This is almost rendering my Samsung S3 useless as it is doing it as frequently as every second sometimes.

  12. I don’t understand step 1. Ahahaha. Where is my app library?? R u talking about in PLAY STORE? I’m using my cell phone Samsung Galaxy S3 and so I’m confused.
    Because when I go to play store, IDK the option ur talking about.
    Please tell me where to locate

    • Hi and sorry if that step was a bit confusing. Let me try rephrasing that.

      1. Press the setting icon found among your apps.

  13. Hi Androidfact,
    Thanks for the above, I was able to figure out how to do the voice dial through the Google voice search on my Samsung Dart phone.

    So, I want to get rid of Vlingo. I pressed on it and dragged it to the trash bin. The shortcuts were gone but when I go to applications, it’s still there. And it still works.

    How do I get rid of it?

    P.S., anyone who answers with “Put contacts on Gmail account” as an answer to my question “My voice app for Smartphone won’t work?” will get automatic best answer.
    All the Best

    • Hi I sure do know how to delete apps on your phone. I wrote a tutorial on the subject, check it out right here : Hope this helps

    • well, you ALMOST have your answer…
      Dragging off the desktop to a trashcan removes it from the desktop, not from the apps list…
      So… In the apps list, long press on the app… see the trashcan?…
      Yeah, from the Apps list, you can move apps to the trashcan. THAT removes them from the phone

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