How to screeenshot on HTC One V

How to do a screenshot on your HTC one V

There are many reasons why you would like to do a screenshot of your phones screen. Whenever something happens that you would like to share with someone you know, you could always screenshot and send the picture to your friends or family.

Say for instance that you did particularly well in a game and set a new high score. A buddy of yours is playing the same game but is not around so you cant just show him the screen. This is one of these occasions where it would be incredibly useful if you knew how to do a screen dump of your screen.


Once the screenshot has been taken you can find it in your phones gallery. From there you can easily share it in a multitude of ways. Some examples are via mail,

htc one v screenshot

Buttons you need to press

picture message, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Bluetooth, or you could choose to upload it to your Picasa account.


This should work on all Android HTC phones such as the  HTC one x, HTC one s HTC one v, HTC explorer, HTC desire, HTC wildfire, HTC sensation and many more.

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. Without releasing the power button now press the home button.
  3. The screen can now be found in your gallery.
For more help check out the HTC one V official guide page.

Or check out our Jelly bean screenshot page if your device is running Android 4.1 jelly bean.


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  3. my htc one v iš off because į press the power key together with the volume key..and now the screen iš off …

  4. Hey… thanks for this post.. it solved my problem!

  5. I am using HTC wild fire and when I do that (pressing the power button + home button) am getting a listing of most recently used apps. Is there any other way

  6. Thanks for this share…

  7. Verified and works with HTC Android One V as described.


  8. That isn’t HTC one V

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