How to screenshot on Galaxy s4

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy s4

For me personally one of the best things to happen to cell phones since they became portable is the ability to capture what happens on the cell phone screen. This is why I made this screenshot tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy s4.

If you run a website on Android related stuff like me or for some other reason want to do a screen dump of your Galaxy s4 you are going to want to read what comes next. This will work on both the I9500 and the I9505.

If you are looking for a way to do this on the Galaxy S5 check out our Galaxy S5 screenshot tutorial.


Galaxy s4 screenshot

Press Home and power button at the same time

The first way to do a Galaxy s4 screenshot

  1. Press and hold the home button and the power button at the same time.
  2. Hold them in for about a second or two.
  3. Your screen will now flash and make a sound to let you know that the screenshot is taken.
  4. That’s it. If it was helpful why not

This is by far the easiest way of doing it, but Samsung Has included a second and more fancy way if you would like to give it a shot. Just remember that the first way as described above is by far the best and easiest to master.

Galaxy s4 screenshot option two

Swipe you palm across the screen from right to left

Galaxy s4 screenshot the second way

  1. Go to your settings – my device – Motion and gestures – palm motion, and make sure that the Palm swipe to capture is ticked of.
  2. Put your hand on the right side of the screen making sure that it covers it from top to bottom.
  3. Swipe your hand across the screen to the left side.
  4. Your phone should now once again flash and make a sound to let you know that you have successful captured the screen.

Now that you have learned how to do a screen dump on your s4 you are most likely going to want to take a look at the pictures you have taken. To do this you could go to your gallery and enter the newly created folder, screenshot.

Another way is to pull down the notification area on your cell phone and press the thumbnails created there to take you directly to the earlier mentioned folder.

Now that you know how to screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy s4 why not check out our Backup android photos tutorial to make sure you never loose the pictures you have taken.

For those of you who like video tutorials I have added this video :

For more tutorials about this phone check out our Galaxy s4 tutorials section.

Or go directly to one of the more popular ones right here:


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42 thoughts on “How to screenshot on Galaxy s4

  1. Midnytelotus says:

    Thanks! That made it sooooooo easy!!

  2. tnx mate. even in 2017 this post rocks.

    NOW I KNOW HOW….;)

  3. Jeremy Hill says:

    I took a screenshot on my S4 and now I can’t get the touch screen vibration to work again as it did prior to the screenshot and my settings are double checked. Any suggestions?

  4. Very easy, just hold the middle botton an hold the power simple.

  5. You have a HUGE ‘typo’….please checkout your written directions
    on how to take a screen shot using motions and gestures.
    Under the “how to turn ‘on palm motion’ instructions”
    I think you meant to write “ON” and you wrote “OF” which can be very
    confusing. (do you mean OFF??? or do you mean ON?)

  6. Susan Van Bremen says:

    Thank you so much, trying to perform a screenshot has been driving me mad – now I’m happy & I’m about to check out your fb page

  7. Thank you I have successfully put screenshot to my phone, now where do I find everything it saved?

  8. Thank you. Very useful

  9. The “home & power” button doesn’t work for me, but I’ve rooted the phone and removed most of Samsung’s stuff (and Verizon’s, and Amazon’s, etc…) in favor of other apps (including ADW launcher).

    The palm gesture does work perfectly.

  10. Thank you! It took me several times to get this down. My phone kept rebooting. I think I finally mastered it though. Again, thank you so much for this information.

  11. was searching for answer cos i was getting the exact same problem as the first commentor – Cris. Strange thing is that if i tried to screencapture from whatsapp it was telling me no but if i went in through My Files and got the same pic up, it let me capture…go figure lol!
    Def good idea to free up some space though.
    Seems crazy that the notification panel only shows a part of the error message and theres no way to expand it to read the whole thing, well at least i cant find a way.

    Anyway thanks for helping

  12. I have tried to take a screenshot of some of my friends Watsapp pics but whenever i try I am receiving a message saying “couldn’t capture screenshot. Storage maybe full. When I go to my notification screen and tap on the message it doesnt open instead it has App info coming up in a small box and when i click on that it is showing me info about the app and almost everything is grid out except force stop and cache. Why am I not able to capture screenshots of watsapp profile pics?

    • Why not head on over to your phone’s gallery app and delete a few photos or even better a large video file or two before giving it another try. I think this would resolve your problem.

  13. This was really helpful. I actually thought that the galaxy s4 couldn’t screen shoot anything, so thanks.

    • Actually, I believe that all the Galaxy s smartphones from Samsung had this ability from the get go. At least I know for a fact that the S2, S3 and the S4 always could do this. Not 100 % sure about the original Galaxy S but I’m pretty sure that one has the ability to screenshot as well.
      At this point in time this feature is built into the Android Os, so any manufacturer of phones that don’t want this on their phone would have to actively remove it before putting it out for sale.

    • ethel hamilton says:

      I tried the screen shot but it’s not working help me please?

  14. Thanks a lot, this helped. Actually I knew it had something to do with the home and power button, but I wasnt holding it for a second or two. Anyways thanks alot!

  15. Thank you so much, this helped me and wasn’t confusing at all.


  16. Buttons method is easy to use and worked every time. Thank you

    • I want to take a moment to thank all of you who left a positive comment on this article. It is not often that people take the time to say thank you when they find something useful on my site. Most times I only ever hear something when someone can’t make it work. Once again thank YOU !

    • Button method does not work. Device reboots.

  17. The ‘Palm Swipe’ method didn’t work in my case when I the focus was inside some app (“Busybox”), only the Power & Home buttons combination.

  18. the “press and hold” button at the same time works me..thank you

  19. The swipe method works pretty well if you use the side of your hand. Not so well if you try to do it with your palm. Think of the outside edge of your hand as the lightbar on a portable scanner and you’ll probably have better luck with that. Once you get it down, it’s actually easier than having to pick the phone up to press buttons with 2 hands, since it can be done single-handedly on a phone that’s lying on a desk/table/whatever.

    • Nimisha Mashru says:

      Thanks so much as I couldn’t do it with the palm swipe, once I read your comment about using edge of hand, it worked. Couldn’t get it to work when pressing power and home button. So glad I read your comment, I cam screens hot now.

  20. I’ve tried it and it works. Thanks :)

  21. Thanks for this. The swipe feature works, but I find I have to do it 30xz! I wonder why tho, as it worked perfectly every time on my s3. The home key + power key works way better. As previously posted, it’s not like the iPhone method… you have to hit both keys AT THE SAME TIME. Thanks again.

    • First of all let me thank you for leaving comments on my site even though you have found what you are looking for. Second let me take a moment to agree with you that the swiping way of doing a screen capture on the Galaxy s4 is much worse than the button combo.

    • Try using the side of your hand, not the palm… makes a huge difference.

  22. Takes practice but it does work both ways, thanks. Have to make sure the hand is in front of the sensor when it passes. Also it will depend on how fast you swipe your palm.

  23. yep, frustrating. hand swipe doesnt work in my S4. already did the setting

    settings – my device – Motion and gestures – palm motion – tick

    i tried and tried and tried and tried…not working. HELP!!!

    • To be totally honest the swipe way of doing screenshots is nothing more than a jippo. It looks cool but in reality it’s a much harder way of doing it than the other way. If it does not work on your phone, forget you ever hears about it and do your screenshots the other way descibed in this tutorial.


  24. hi. i tried both ways and it did not work. any suggestions? thank you

    • Recheck that your phone is in deed a samsung galaxy s4. If so I would give it another try or two. This is indeed the two ways of capturing your screen on the s4. If it turns out you have a different phone, hit google one more time.

    • It’s not like the iPhone screen capture method, where you press and hold the Home button, THEN press the Power button. For the Galazy S4, you have to press both buttons simultaneously (at the same exact time) for it to work.

    • I have Samsung Galaxy S4 Relay and i think before home+power button worked. Now i have been frustrated since it didn’t work, for some reason. But i found that Power+home+voice down button together works!

  25. Great post, I only knew how to use the gesture method and it didn’t work in every instance. Thank you! Is there a way or do you already have a tutorial on disabling Swype on the Galaxy S4?

    • When your on-screen keyboard is up, look at your notifications bar at the top of your display. There should be a little keyboard icon in the top left. Pull down your notification bar and look for the “Select input method” next to the keyboard icon. A screen will pop up with three selections: Google voice typing, Samsung keyboard, and Swype. Simply select the keyboard input option you want and go about your merry way.

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