How to screenshot Samsung Galaxy A3 A5 and A7

This is how to do screenshots on Samsung’s new Galaxy A7, A5 and A3 phones

Capturing what happens on ones cell phone screen is something most of us have now become quite accustomed to. It is something that is quite easy to do once you know how to.

So let me show you how.

Even though we are talking about three different phones in this tutorial, the important bits for for doing screen captures, ( the button layout ) is the same on all three. So whether you have the A3, A5 or A7 you can follow these easy steps to do a screenshot.

How to screenshot Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7

  1. Press and hold the power and home button at the same time.
  2. Do not release before your phone gives you feedback in the form of either a flash, a sound or a vibration.
Button combination for doing screenshots Samsung Galaxy A

Press buttons simultaneously for a better success rate

To see the finished result just pull down the notification area by placing your finger above the screen and pull down. A thumbnail will be present. Press it to open it in your image viewing app.

If you took a lot of screenshots or you removed the thumb from the notification area, you can find the newly created images in your gallery app. If you don’t have a shortcut to your gallery on the home screen, open the apps drawer and locate the gallery app inside. A new folder named screenshots will be present. This is where your images will be stored.

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29 thoughts on “How to screenshot Samsung Galaxy A3 A5 and A7

  1. Michelle Godin says:

    This works for the A5 but some times I do something with my left hand. And it takes a screenshot. I’m not sure what it is. I’m not touching the home key. I was wondering if someone would know of the second way to screen shot

  2. Thank you. It worked

  3. A3(6) is one of a kind….. buttons all work

  4. Thanks works very well on A3 2016

  5. Doesn’t work for me as well on Samsung A3. What to do?

  6. It really works thanks for the tip

  7. thankjsn

    • you can also use this:
      There’s no Print Screen option in Android as there is on a Windows PC or laptop, but taking a screenshot is easy. Press and hold together the power- and volume-down buttons, or if your device has a home button instead try power and home as you would on an iPhone or iPad.

  8. thank you.

  9. Mohamed AL Naqbi says:

    Thanks alot it works with me “Samsung A3 (6)”

  10. Sula ” A3 2016 non funziona! !!

  11. It is not working in A7. I m holding both power nd home button simultaneously. The popup screen which comes after that shows two options- google and opera. I could not see Gallery in that.

  12. Thankewwww so muchhhh ***

  13. Thank you, the android phone told us only how to swipe to screenshot, which was especially hard to do/inconvenient.

  14. Lifesaver! Thankyou, didn’t realise it was that straight forward! :)

  15. Rukshan Jayawardena says:

    Thanks a lot buddy.

  16. Doesn’t work for the Samsung A3…

  17. tahsin çakır says:

    Thank you very much. I was looking for that for months.

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