How to take screenshot on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2

just follow theese easy steps

One of the nicer features of the Samsung galaxy s2 has always been for the likes of me who are running a webpage, the ability to take screen dumps directly from your phone without the need for any additional software or rooting of your phone. After upgrading my smartphone to the official android 4.0.3 from Samsung however I first thought that I had lost that ability. The case is however that it has been modified to be the same as for phones who don’t have a home button. Like the nexus s. Here is the very short guide or tutorial for how to get it done now. This will also work on the American versions of the phone, the I9100g the I929 Duos the skyrocket HD the HD LTE the skyrocket I729 the LTE I9210 the T989 the I777 the Epic 4G touch the X T989D and the LTE I727R

Galaxy s2 screen dump

Galaxy s2 screenshot


Have you just upgraded your phone to the brand new ice cream sandwich and cant find out how to take a screenshot of your phone all you have to do is

  1. press and hold the volume down and the power button at the same time
  2. That’s it
If you have ugraded your phone to the latest version of Android for the gs2 there is a different approach
  1. Press and hold the POWER and HOME button at the same time.
  2. Hold for just about half a second or so and the screenshot is done.
  3. Found somthing useful why not
Galaxy s2 screenshot after latest update

with newest version of Android

A nice little new feature has also been added. After you are done a thumbnail of the picture you have just taken will show up in the notification area of your phone.


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140 thoughts on “How to take screenshot on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2

  1. For those who still find the hot key combination POWER/HOME to initiate the Task Manager rather than a Screen Capture (like ME!!), is there a work around like querying the Galaxy S2 – ICS4.0.4 system for defining/changing hot key actions?
    Any help will be appreciated sez Arr.

  2. For the Galaxy Centura Android version 4.0.4 to take a screenshot, you will have to hold the [u]power[/u] button with [u]volume down[/u] button and [u]home[/u]. It’s tricky but works.

    • This new update is making it almost impossible to take a screenshot. None of the previous methods work. I tried all 3 buttons at once: home, power, and volume down and that’s the only way to take a screenshot. Unfortunately every time that I do that the volume bar automatically pops up on the screen and therefore is in all the screenshots. Help anyone?

  3. Xperia Z user says:

    I use an a Sony Xperia Z, and just updated to Android jelly bean 4.2.2
    The power button volume one works fine
    So try it. ;)

  4. Thank Neptune i found out how to do it! With my old gs2 I use to press the power button and the home button just once and let go. But with the gs2 ice cream update u have to hold it! I been driving mysef crazy and thats all I had to do. Hope this helps u guys.

  5. I have got my phone updated at android version 4.0.4 and none of the above mentioned screencapture tips are working on my phone now.. kindly help..

    • Just follow the second step, press power button n home button together for precisely half a second as mentioned, do that two times so that u r sure u pressed it just for half a second, and not more than that..

      After you have done that, follow the first step, ie, hold power and volume button together, and screenshot wud be there.Even i updated to the latest android and was facing similar problems, n its working now..

      • Richard Lloyd says:

        Ahhh. Ive been trying all sorts of combinations. Only one that worked on my phone was both power and home together for precisely [well approximately precisely] for 1/2 sec. Too short or long doesn’t make the gravy.

  6. Thank you very much, this worked.
    (Although I like the old way of volume down & Power) is there anyway to undo that part of the update?

  7. works for me! Thanks a lot! press home button together with the power button and wallaaa! one screen shot have been captured! :D

  8. For those having difficulties with the power/home combo. Disable the quick lock when pressing the power button. After I did this it worked just fine. Being as I rarely take screen shots of my phone I will likely keep the lock screen rather than let it time out after 15 seconds.

  9. Thanks mate….
    Hold and power work perfectly..

  10. Hello,
    I have the samsung galaxay s2. I can’t do print screens anymore. I use to be able to do them by holding down the power button and the home button but that does not work any more (after a update) i have tried holding down the volume button and pressing the power button but that still didn’t work. Everytime i hold down the home button task manger comes up… Anyone got a idea why it won’t work? Andriod Version 4.0.4

    • Same here. Neither of these methods works for me. Power/home gives me task manager, volume-/power is just turning down the volume of my ringtone. Figured I’d try volume+/power, and that didn’t do anything either.

      • Please make sure you are pressing the home button FIRST, before then pressing the power button. Task manager will appear if the home button was pressed after power button, or you were too slow to press the power button.
        Hope it helps!

  11. You can still take the screenshot by holding the power button along with the home button..just have have to hold it about a second longer than you used to with the old Android. I also send my old Samsung galaxy s2 and they send me the new one with updated android.

  12. I have s2 gtI9100 with android 4.0.3
    But not able to take screen shot by any given method in forum…. It takes ss & show in notification area but not able to see in gallery….. In photo editor – unable to open files…. Likewise….. Any help…

  13. Thank you!!!

  14. I had this same problem…i figured out if you touch hold your finger ontop of the picture you want to save options come up to save,copy etc. hope this helps!

  15. Thanks for the help! Power- and home-button works for me :)

  16. After a replacement phone, I am now operating a galaxy s2; sgh-t989 with Android 4.0.4, with my original the home and power/lock/awake button worked, I’ve that as well as volume + home; volume + home + power. None seem to be working.

    • Same here. Did u find a way around it?

      • OMGGGGGGGGGGG I figured it out!! For everyone who can’t figure it out and who are trying over and over!!

        Home button and power button BUT push only the bottom of the power button. It’s almost like it only works if you press it half way. So push the bottom part of the button on POWER and HOME at the same time… waaalaaa

        • grateful S2 user says:

          THANK YOU!

          Your method works! WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY MAKE IT SO… I’m clueless. It’s so frustrating with this sensitive power button method…

        • That’s the stupidest thing ever. But it works. Difficult to get to work, seeing as I have to remove my case to do it right, but works. Thank you.

        • no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy I have been on the phone with customer support for both T-Mobile and Samsung for an hour while surfing different pages for solutions, after trying waaaaaaay to many different variations and ideas, and THIS ONE WORKED!!!!
          It is SOO temperamental tho! I CANT do it if my phone cover is on, and I have to practice like a ninja before I can get it just right. Holy crap. thank you! i may or may not have hung up on the friendly foreign customer service dude who didn’t understand that i’d figured it out by myself :) thanks you!

  17. Galaxy s2 skyrocket.. Not one of these works for me :( tried them all repeatedly

  18. Not working for me. I have version 4.0.4 on my phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  19. Neither works on my phone. I’m getting mad on it, tried and tried nothing works.

    • I would like to help you but I am going to need your Android version to find out for sure. Go to settings – About phone and check the Android version. Get back to me and I will try to help you

  20. You have to try to get this to work. I just got a Samsung Galaxy Sii T989 T-Mobile model. You press TOGETHER for a second both the POWER BUTTON and the HOME BUTTON (the second icon at the bottom left with the shape like a house). I took me a while to capture the screen shot :-)

  21. What I have noticed is that you need to hold down the power button and the capacitive home button for a second and a half.
    I had Previously the gingerbread os and that was only a half second to accomplish a screenshot
    I am currently on a Samsung galaxy s2 ICS I777.

  22. For those of you who have the newest version of the S2 that does not have a Home “button” but the row with the menu, home, back and search touch pad…in order to get a screen shot you have you press and hold the volume down button, the power button AND the home icon. I just did it by fluke

    • That’s hell of a fluke, pressing all those buttons accidentally. lol

    • That is not true. I have a newer S2 and pressing the power and home touch pad button is all I need. If I press the volume down it doesn’t work.

    • I got this to work correctly ONCE.All the other times it took the pic w/the volume bar included. Why would they make this harder??? Ugh

    • Kaylen Nichols says:

      I’ve tried all the things people said & they didnt work, but then I tried this (volume down, home, & power) and it worked!!!! Thank you! !!

    • It worked. Thank you so much!!!

    • THANK YOU!!! Just updated mine to Jellybean the other day and was SO upset I couldn’t take screenshots anymore! Tried this just now and it worked! Thank God for your fluke!! haha

  23. I have the galaxy s2 skyrocket 4.0.4 I cannot take screen shots, I’ve tried holding down the volume button n the power button and it still does not take pictures. Please help me with this feature.

    • Subhanshu Gupta says:

      Hi Esme you just need to hold the volume down button, power button and the home button simultaneously.. I think it should then work.

      • Hi, so I have the upgraded system & I used to be able to press the power & home key to screenshot but now I have to press the volume down/power/home keys which is fine…I’m able to do the screenshot however the volume thing is now in every screenshot. Idk what to do

    • I was just given this upgraded phone after filing an insurance claim and I noticed that with the original s 2 to take a screen capture you would push first the home button and then the lock screen. However, with the newer version you push the lock screen and then home button! Hope this helps!

  24. There IS no button beneath the home icon on the Skyrocket. Don’t assume everyone has the same SII device…

    • From the research I have done on the subject it would seem that the way to do a screenshot on the Galaxy s2 skyrocket updated to ice cream sandwich is to press and hold Power button + Volume down button at the same time and hold for about 2 seconds. Hope this helps :-)

      Oh and so sorry for saying the skyrocket has a physical home button wich it obviously does not have…

  25. Thanks alot….

    Its working perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S Duos.

  26. Snapshot feature works on Samsung Galaxy S2 (ICS) by Pressing Home + Power keys simultaneously and holding for half a second :-) Thank u

    • I have an S2. There is no home button, only a home icon. That brings up the task manager, so I can’t get a screen shot.

      • The s2 has a home button indeed. It’s the one button below your galaxy s2 screen

        • Um, no. On the SGH-I777, there is NO home “button.” There is a row of capacitive buttons on the bottom. For the 4.0.4 update, the Vol down+power method does not work.

        • The capacitive button that looks like a house is, indeed, the “home” button. Holding that button along with the power/wake button for a half second will take a screen capture. I just verified that.

          SGS II I777
          ICS 4.0.4

  27. it doesn’t workkk!! D’:

    • You should give it another try.
      Most people have problems getting it right the first time. Also be sure to use the second approach if you have the latest firmware for your phone.

  28. I tried this method and it still didn’t work….

    • Samsung Has changed the way to screenshot in the newest version of Android Os. I have now updated the guide accordingly. Hopefully you will get it to work this time :-)

  29. Charles Moreau says:

    Great advise! I have been trying the old way and couldnt figure out what happened. Works like a charm now thanks.

  30. Screenshot Ultimate is also a cool screenshot app. Works on all my devices (including Google TV), only downside is the interface, but all the other apps have the same problem.

  31. i have s 2 with ics upg and i tried both ways home+power and vol down+power and both worked

  32. thanks!!!!

  33. Holding the power and home buttons simultaneously for more than a second worked for me.

  34. if u have the s2 tmobile one just hold the home and side longer then usally n it works

  35. Thanks. It worked for me on my S2 (I9100). For 2.3, it was Home+Power keys. For 4.0, it’s Volume Down + Power, and you should hold it for 2 seconds.

  36. Wayne, are you sure you’re running ICS (Android version 4.0.X)?

  37. Ice Cream Sandwich on Captivate Glide does not have the screenshot feature. :'(

  38. Thanks so much for posting this!! Ever since my phone had the most recent upgrade, I haven’t been able to screen shot anything by using the power & home buttons at the same time! I’m so happy I decided to get online today and Google how it is done

  39. hold HOME+POWER works for me! Thanks Lots

  40. I have a galaxy s2 skyrocket i have to press the home+power button at the same time it works for me

  41. Power + home keu work for me.
    android 4.0.3

  42. Dimitry is correct – anyone with the latest update to their Samsung SII must do power+home, press and hold.I just did it on my Epic 4G Touch and it worked perfectly.

  43. If you push the home button and the power button at the same time it works but you have to hold it a little longer then before

  44. Hi all,
    To make screenshots on GS2 under ICS 4.0.4 just press home + power buttons together in the same time (no one before the other else it will not work) for 2 seconds .

    Hope it will Help

  45. I have just updated my s2 and nothing works to screenshot… Home+power doesnt work. Vol+power used to work but now doesnt!and home power+vol doesnt work. Please help its so frustrating xx

  46. thanks. really helpful. after ics update on my s2, i cant take a screenshot by pressing home + lock button. i just wondering how to do it, and finally here it is. thanks :)

  47. Volume and power didn’t work for me but pressing the home button (house icon) and power button worked :)

  48. rolf zimmer says:

    So I can take a screen shot with my galaxy s2 lte with ice cream sandwich by holding down power, volume down and home key but now the volume bar in in the screen shot. How do I get rid of that?

    • have you figure out how to take a screenshot without volume bar yet?

      If you do, and willing to share that will be appreciate

  49. Helped me. Thank you so much

  50. Thanks Cara, but that didn’t work either. How do I reverse the update. I miss my screen capture. I hope someone can help me!

    • 1st of all sorry for my language but i hope that i will help you….anyway press the lock button and home button 2gether (the same time)!

  51. Finally got it to work! Thanks Donald! I’ve got the S2 LTE from Rogers (I727R) and am in ICS…holding home, volume down AND power worked. Ugh! At least I got it working! Thanks so much!

  52. I tried every way and nothing is working!! I need to know what to do PLEASE!!!!

  53. yess!!! thank you I was fixing to get mad if I couldn’t do it anymore, you have to hold them for a second, it’s not like fast with the home key anymore

  54. So i was able to screenshot but cant find the shots after! Where are they stored? Thanx :)

  55. You have to try a few times until you hit the buttons simultaneously… Trial and error will do it…

  56. Luis from NM says:

    First press and hold power button then press volume down and wa La!!!! You should hear and see some results.

  57. I have SGS2 and still cant get this screenshot to work and i dont know my my new upated version. Please help.

  58. i still cannot take a screenshot on my Samsung galaxy note or my skyrocket with the ICS. I have tried all of the methods above to no avail. Is there another way or a way to change it??

  59. i have tried several times… apparently mine worked by holding ‘home screen+lock button’ for a few seconds.. using Android 4.0.3..

  60. Does not work on my build of ics. tried it many times. :(

  61. I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket pressing the volume down and power off button doesn’t work.It only turns the volume down or licks the screen. Pressing home then power like it used to be opens the task manager.stupid feature of ICS.

  62. For the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket,

    Hold down the home and lock button for a second or so.

  63. it doesn’t work :( i upgraded my S2 to ICS model#GT-I9100 , Android version 4.0.3

    • It took me a while too, but it worked if I push the power button first for a sec and then the home button. With gingerbread i used to push them at the exact same time but that doesnt work on ics

  64. Vol- and pwr did it for me ics i9100

  65. Just updated to ICS and I have the skyrocket. Holding down the home button and power button will work, you just have to hold it down longer. Tried it multiple times with various ways. Just keep trying if you can’t get it the first time.

  66. Holy cow! Thanks, Otto…I have the regular AT&T SGS2 (non-Skyrocket) and now I can get a screen shot BOTH ways! I guess I wasn’t timing it right but, after your post I tried again and it worked. So I can say for certain that on a stock SGS2 (i777) from AT&T, running Android 4.0.3 I can get a screen shot TWO ways:

    1- press the Power and Volume Down buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY… And

    2- Tap and hold the Home button and press the Power button SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  67. I just upgraded my AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket to ICS, and the Home+Power button still works for taking screenshots, but you have to hold it down a bit longer than previously. This is stock from AT&T, so I assume it is the TouchWiz stuff that is doing it.

  68. doesnt work for me samsung galaxy s2 v4.0.3 :( also looked in the apps folder and no sign of it in system/app either :(

    • I also just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and cannot get this to work. I’ve tried over and over again, and it just pops up both the volume screen and the power screen asking if I want to turn off the phone, turn on silent, turn on Airplane mode, etc. Please help!

  69. i cannot get the screen shot to function like you described. My phone just turns off

  70. Just upgraded my SGS2 (AT&T i777 model) and it works but, you have to time it right. You have to press them simultaneously. If you were used to pressing Home and then Power in a two-step process, just work on your timing. I like this way better actually, especially having the thumbnail show up

  71. how to do a screen capture on ice cream sandwich 4.0.4?

    I’ve tried pressing home +power,it works for the first few times but now it doesn’t work anymore. pressing volume down+power at the same time won’t work on 4.0.4

    please help!

  72. My phone has just recently got updated to 4.0.3. on its own. And to take screenshot I pushed and held down the volume down and power buttons at the same time. But all it does is silence my phone and bring out the option of shutting my phone off or silence it etc. What do I do? Oh, it’s the Galaxy S2 international version.

  73. How to take screenshot on Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S2?
    Just press Volume Down + Power Buttons at the same time to take screenshot on Android 4.0 ICS. The screenshot will be added to /sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots folder then.

    Update – Look like Samsung disabled default Android 4.0 ICS screenshot shortcut function on some firmware. Change back to Press and hold Home + Power buttons at the same time for 2 seconds to take screenshot.

  74. Omg thanks

  75. Just got the official ICS from Samsung on my Tmo SGS2, and Volume + Power, even long holding, doesn’t work – any insights?

  76. Pleas help i just upgraded my Galaxy s2 to ics the screen shot as u explained is not working .. :( i loved that feature of android

    • The only way this is not going to work if you are sure you have upgraded your phone to Ice Cream Sandwich, is if the power or the volume down button is not working properly

  77. Can’t do it …take a pic and then he says he can’t save the pic don’t know why because i have lot of space send answer to my email please

    • I just read a post in a forum where a person had the same problem as you. The thing is that his phone was rooted! and therefore the phone tried to save the picture to a different location than intended by Samsung. Have your phone been rooted at some time? If so I think this may be the reason

  78. I have the smaller version of the Galaxy Android..and i’m wondering if its the same buttons for a screenshot?

  79. No, it didn’t on Samsung GALAXY S2 with ICS 4.0.3. If I hold those buttons for a while, the phone just shoots down. Thanks anyway

    • I correct my previous message. Yes, it is possible to take a screenshot. Sorry about that, I was not pushing the two buttons simultaneously, Thanks!

  80. Thanks!! u really helped me :-)

  81. Hold it longer, apparently you have yo hold it longer than previous shortcut, i remember before upgrading to ICS i can just hold Home and power, it will instantaneously take the SS..

  82. It works but MUST push and HOLD (for about a second) both buttons same time….quick push does not work…..thank you

  83. If you have upgraded to ice cream sandwich this is the way to do it.
    are you sure you press AND HOLD the buttons simultaneously..

  84. Mine doesn’t work! Neither shortcuts, old or new! Any clues?

  85. Barry Mercer says:

    nope. doesn’t work for me. It used to but on LP7 it seems to have stopped

    • Nope…doesn’t work for my SGS2 – just powers down volume. Old Gingerbread worked every time for screenshot. Why change it…it wasn’t broke.

  86. […] screen shot. Learn how here :ICS how to take screenshot […]

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