How to take screenshot on Samsung galaxy s3 I9300

How to do a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy s3

One of the main advantages in my opinion of buying a Samsung galaxy s smart phone has always been its ability to do a screen capture without the need to root your phone. This is particularly important for webmasters who need this function to get pictures for their websites. With the release of the Galaxy s III Samsung has introduced a brand new way of doing so. This way of doing it is definitely very cool however a bit difficult to master. So thankfully the standard Ice Cream Sandwich way of doing it also works. In this tutorial I will cover both ways starting with the brand new and very cool way. This will also work on the American I535 the T999 and the I747

If you got the Samsung Galaxy s4 check out our Galaxy s4 screenshot tutorial, which is slightly different from this one.

First way

  1. Put the palm of your hand so it covers the screen from top to bottom.
  2. Swipe your hand from right to left across the screen.
  3. A white line will go across the screen to confirm that the action has been registered.
  4. It will likely not work on the lock screen so unlock your phone before attempting this.
Galaxy s3 screenshot

First way

This way of doing it can be a bit tricky, but thankfully there is a second and easier way.
Second Way
  1.  Press and hold the power and the home button at the same time.
  2. The phone will use about a second to register the combination. Do not release before the confirmation pops up.
  3. Let me repeat some key words here : Press and hold and the words at the same time.
screenshot Galaxy s3

Second way

Found something useful, why not

Why not let me show you a few ways to backup your Android photos so you won’t loose another picture again.

For more information on this phone check out our Galaxy s3 article

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38 thoughts on “How to take screenshot on Samsung galaxy s3 I9300

  1. michael stoodley says:

    how can i update my samsung s3 to s4

  2. Home and power button did not work on my S3 but I found a post that mentioned that you have to push HOME+POWER+BACK button all at the same time. This then worked but is a bit cumbersome. I was very grateful for your tip regarding hand swipe (karate chop style) – worked a treat. Thanks very much for your contribution.

  3. Thanks!!!! Very helpfull

  4. I am talking about my tablet!! A few days ago it came up to update & I did!! Now icons appeared & some are gone!!! I used to like to take pictures of things I needed to save, because I don’t have a printer yet!???? Thanks for your help,

  5. Very helpful thanks :)

  6. Thanks a lot for the second way, it works much better for me.i usually use the first but if its of a photo it would go to the next
    when I swipe.

  7. Thanks for the help! I accidentally took a screenshot a few days ago and I’ve been trying to figure it out ever since. I tried the first way and it didn’t do anything. I dunno if it was the positioning of my hand or what. The second way worked the very first time. Thanks a bunch! :)

  8. I had no idea that my Samsung 3 could do Screenshots. I just happended to wipe my screen with a piece of tissue and it a screenshot. Now I can’t seem to get it back. I tried holding the power & home keys at the same time and my phone keeps coming off. Samsung could’ve created an easier way to do this, i.e. just touching the pic to save or having an option from the home button. The options they have currently is cumbersome and fustrating

    • I agree with you that the wipe to screenshot feature is quite cumbersome and hard to do. The other way of doing it is a bit simpler once you get the hang of it. Just do a few practice runs and you will soon get the hang of it.

      • If you use the side of your hand to swipe, like a Karate chop (pinky on screen), it will work a lot easier. slide either direction from one side of the screen to the other. if you have your whole palm on the screen it does not work. :) hope this helps. thats what the best buy guys told me when I got my phone! :)

  9. Great. It worked for me thanks. But I can’t find the image in gallery? Any idea where it is saved or name of the folder? have checked all images twice…

  10. ella pampilon says:

    is it working when you are skype-ing?

    • Although I haven’t tried to use the screenshot feature in skype I’m pretty confident that it will work. I have captured my s3 screen this way many times in in many different apps and have never come across any problems. It works great on home screen and in apps.

  11. Greg Richardson says:

    Problem with the hand swipe is that if you happen to hit an icon the screen changes, very cumbersome indeed. also if your palms are sticky the hand gets stuck.. is there an easy way to do this without triggering something you dont want ????
    Also I like to take screen shots of my ‘Keeper’ screens which show my passwords ect…. BUT I get a notification saying this is not allowed. It worked on my iphone :(
    Thanks Greg

  12. Wow so good. Androit has blocked this hand sliding feature. Im so glad the 2 button method works still.

    • It looks like the Jelly Bean update removed the palm swipe method. Fortunately the Home + Power button method works.

      • Actually it still works on my s3 after updating it to jelly bean. Are you sure it is ticked of in your phone setings

      • Open your camera app. If you see a message that says “camera failed” restart your phone. After that camera and screen shots should work.

  13. Severe Mistake. I must have missed “at the same time” by a split second. Because my entire phone when dead. I pushed the power button again and now I only get a battery charging icon in the middle of it. Not what I was hoping for. I may try the palm swipe when the phone (hopefully) comes back up. I guess everyone will understand if I am in BlackOut for awhile. Great tip, but should have stated the severe consequences of getting it just slightly wrong. One would think it would just not save the screenshot. At least this one did. But thanks for posting it. I will try the handswipe gesture. Sometime. You might tell someone that the captcha, at least on my screen, keeps the first char on the end of the text entry. It was a ‘minus’ sign and hard to even see it was there. I just got “one – 8” I’m good with puzzles but this was just extra fun. I know it’s hard to find a real programmer these days.

    • I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. Sounds relly weird though. I have never heard of anyone ruining their s3 from doing a screenshot. Anyways best of luck :-)

  14. Superb tip about the buttons -the palm swipe just for not work for me but buttons I can do! thank you!


    LoL. got it to work. it has to be pressed AT THE SAME TIME.

  16. It does not work inside apps like games, though…. :(

  17. Thanks. Both the tips worked and i prefer the second like a charm.Thanks again.

  18. Thanks for tip 2 :) Not able to get tip 1 to work……..

    • Hit the motion button in your settings. Scroll down a little and check that the palm swipe has been ticked of. This shoud make it work.

  19. Thank you for your helpful tutorial post! I actualy created a screenshot by accident one but I could not figure out how I toke the picture.

  20. Excellent tutorial…i love that i finally learned…an
    d the first method is just great!

  21. Thank you so much for the guide.
    Now i am able to take screenshots whilst playing games

  22. How do i delete these saved screenshots from the clipboard? Just touch and delete is not working.

    • If you want to delete a screenshot you need to go to the gallery and touch the picture. A trash bin will appear in the upper right corner. Put your finger on the trash bin and the screen dump will be deleted.
      If you are looking to remove a notification simply hit the “Clear” button in the notification area.

    • I think you want to remove the picture from the clipboard list.
      Step 1, On your device, Launch the “Messaging” Apps
      Step 2, Tap “Compose” Icon;
      Step 3. Press “enter message” for 2 seconds, You will see two option: paste and clipboard
      Step 4. Tap “clipboard”, you will see the content on clipboard.
      Step 5, Press and hold the ‘screen shot” stored on clipboard.
      Step 6, Tap “delete from clipboard”.

      I found that in this guide:

  23. […] Screenshot. Samsung has added a brand new way of doing a screen capture from the phone screen. The way this is done is by putting your hand on the right side of the screen and moving it across towards the left. Read more about it in this article dedicated to the screenshot function of the galaxy s III. […]

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