How to turn any regular Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S5 developer edition

In this tutorial we will show you how to make any ordinary Samsung Galaxy S5 into a developer edition.

If you are a developer of games or apps for the Android Os platform chances are that you own a developer edition cell phone. Then again there’s a chance that you don’t even know why or if you should get one.

From what little information I have found on what separates a regular phone from a developer edition there isn’t much to tell. Seems to me that the biggest difference is the fact that it’s easier to unlock their bootloader.

Turn a regular S5 into a developer edition

Two more tapps

What’s a bootloader.

When you turn your phone on, the first thing that starts is the bootloader. It checks that the firmware you want to load is the one that the manufacturer of the phone originally intended the device to load. Put in another way, it stops you from tinkering with things they don’t want you to tinker with.

How to turn your S5 in to a Galaxy S5 developer edition.

  1. From your homescreen press the apps icon.
  2. Find and press the settings icon.
  3. Under system press the about device icon. You will have to scroll down to find it.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the next screen and start repeatedly pressing where it says Build number.
  5. After a little while a warning message will appear. Keep pressing a few more times and you are there.
  6. If this was what you were looking for why not

Once you are done you can go ahead and check out the newly unlocked developer options on your Galaxy S5.

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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

2 thoughts on “How to turn any regular Galaxy S5 into a Galaxy S5 developer edition

  1. androidfact-kc says:

    This guy does not know what he is talking about. Doing this DOES NOT unlock the bootloader, period. Every Android phone, bootloader unlocked or not, has hidden features intended for developers. Tapping the Build number repeatedly only reveals those features, but that does not unlock your phone’s bootloder!

  2. This is not the same thing as making the S5 a developer edition phone. ANY android device can use this trick to access the developer menu. And, again, that is NOT a developer phone.

    Developer phones do make unlocking the bootloader much easier. The only ‘downside’ is the lack of OTA releases. However, if you are buying a developer phone that isn’t a downside because the community generally provides updates faster than your carrier.

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