how to unblock a contact on android

The Android operating system for cell phones is very versatile. In some cases the numerous options can be a bit overwhelming to the less tech savy part of the people who bought one.

I seldom get through a day without someone wanting me to help me with something they just don’t know how to do. Yesterday I received an email from a lady who had inadvertently blocked her boss’s phone number.

unblocking an android contact

So dear Janelle M. Krusper, let me show you how to fix your problem.

How to unblock a contact on an Android phone.

  1. Open the phone app on your phone. It should be on your home screen ( it’s icon is an old style phone on a green background ).
  2. Head on over to the contact you want to unblock, and press their name to bring up their details.
  3. The next step can be a little different from phone to phone but what you need to do is to bring up the settings menu for that particular contact. On my phone this is done by pressing the three squares in the upper right corner.
  4. From that menu you should have the option to “Remove from auto reject list”

If it turns out the number you are trying to unblock is not in your contact list you will have to head on over to the call log and find the number you are trying to unblock. Once you have found the number, press it and head on over to step 3 of this tutorial.

unblock number androidIf you came here trying to figure out how to block someone on your Android check out this tutorial on the subject : How to block someone on Android.



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18 thoughts on “how to unblock a contact on android

  1. My phone does not have ‘call blocking’ when I go to settings. What can I do?

  2. Your article on how to unblock a number was very helpful. It has saved me a week-long trauma of blocking my wife’s line erroneously. Thank you.

  3. After sooooo many tries, and so much time, I found your article! Almost there! I have Samsung note 5 and when I got to the “settings” step our phones are different. Someone out there with note 5 please help meeee!!!

  4. I was having the same issue when I inadvertently blocked my daughter. On my phone, rather than opening her specific contact, I had to open my Messages (where I could see the list of ALL of my conversations with everyone) and then go to the menu in the top right corner and choose “Blocked Contacts” and unblock her there.

  5. I have one block no but not visible in my reject call list.Help me how can I unblock it so that I can hear its ring tone and receive messages. my mobile is Samsung J5 2015

  6. It doesn’t work at my Samsung J5 (Android version 5.1.1). When selecting the contact I have options “Edit” and “More” at the top right corner. More comes with “Delete”, “Share Contact” and “Add shortcut on home screen”. Edit opens up a screen where I can change my contact’s name or phonenumber. There are no more options available at all. I could possibly delete the contact completely and create a new one with the same name, but that seems very silly.

  7. Hi does anyone know if blocked on Sony Xperia do you receive text msgs that were sent when the person was blocked if you unblock them

  8. Tatiana O'Connor says:

    I have tried all your steps but when I go to the three little dots the only options are:
    Delete, Reject call, all history.

    I get texts from the number but cannot get a call. they go directly to my voice mail.

  9. 6/13/16

    Hello. I hope you can help me w/ a problem I am having w/ my Sprint Samsung Galaxy s5 android cell phone.

    My problem begins w/ purposely “blocking” a particular “Contact” in my android cell phone, in ear May 2016.

    Now, I wish to “unblock” that person’s cell ph no., so that I can now receive calls from that same ph no.

    I read the instructions that you provided to someone else, which was basically:
    1. Open the telephone app (green icon) located on the android’s Home Screen.
    2. Skim through the names of my “Contacts,” until I find the particular person’s name, of which I purposely “blocked” receiving calls, s verbal weeks ago.
    3. I “clicked” on the 3 dots, located in the upper-right corner, of that person’s “Contact” page.
    4. At this point, I should be able to see an option to “Remove from Auto Reject List,” but instead, I see just the opposite, which is “Add to Auto Reject List.”
    5. (I also tried going into my “Telephone Logs” icon, & finding thie person’s name & phone no ., & “Remove the Call Block,” from there, but again, the only option-choice that related to Call Block, or Auto Reject, was “Add to Auto Reject List,” so that still did not work.
    6. I asked the person (whom I placed a “block” on), to return a couple of texts that I sent to her, to test whether, or not, I was able to “successfully unblock” her cell no., BUT, I still am unable to receive any text messages, or phone calls from her cell phone.

    I even tried deleting her Contact completely from my cell phone, then turned my cell phone off for awhile. Then, I turned my cell phone back on, re-entered her Contact information into my cell phone, but I still am not able to receive her texts or cell phone calls, to my cell phone.

    If there is any other strategy to try, in order to fix this problem, I would be sincerely appreciative & very, very grateful.

    Thank you very much.

    I don’t have a clue as to what to try next.

    • Cindy: Were you able to find a resolution? I’m having the same issue.

    • 6/15/16

      No, I have not found a resolution for “successfully” unblocking one (1) particular Contact that I purposely “blocked,” early May 2016.

      I followed the step-by-step instructions provided on this web site regardg the 1st step involvg opening the green-colored “phone” app, open “Contacts,” etc., but when I got to the stepnof opening the “Call,” option, a messg popped-up saying “I didn’t have any Contacts “blocked,” to unblock.

      So, I don’t understand why the Contact that I successfully blocked, can no longer successfully text me, nor call me on my cell phone. it’s just “plum” weird. That’s the only thing that I can say about this program blem. it sure is frustrating, however, & I really wish that I could feel gure out how trouble-shoot my problem, & once & for all, be done w/ this problem!

      I guess my next step will be, to call the local Sprint store, where I bought my Samsung Galaxy s5 cell phone, a couple of years ago.

      I don’t want to physically take my cell phone babk to the Sprint Store that I bought it b/c I don’t want whomever is working there to load unwanted stuff that I do not want, and n my cell phone. (That really happened, when I originally bought my cell phone, a couple of years ago, & signed me up, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, OR PERMISSION, which ended-up been ng a BIG MESS!!! A couple of cell ph services that the store sales’ person installed WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, ended-up costing me extra money on my cell ph bill, PLUS, HE, the salesman, received a commission-as if I “agreed” to adding the feature that he installed, WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION!!! I was so mad, when I figured out what had happened. i found out about the extra charge, when my husband looked closely to my bill, when it arrived, & noticed that my monthly bill had more than one charge for services that were installed on the day I bought my new cell ph!!!! Pretty nasty, huh?)

      Since I sincerely believe that a sales’ person working at a Sprint Store, or can surely tell me, the 2, maybe 3 steps, via over-the phone, that will remedy the issue I am having. Right?

      If I learn what I need to know, to remedy the “Unblock” Contact problem that I continue to have, I will be GLAD to post the resolution steps I used, to finally resolve my problem!

      BTW, thank you to whomever sent me a messg inquirng if I had resolved my frustrating Contact “Unblock” problem w/ my Samsung Galaxy s5 cell phone.

      • This works for my verizon droid (Turbo2)

        Do NOT go to an individual number/contact. Instead, you need to open the phone app and immediately click on the 3 dots (or “More” option) in the upper right corner of the phone contacts window.

        – Open your device’s Phone app phone.
        – Tap 3 dots or the “More” option.
        – Tap SETTINGS and then CALL BLOCKING.
        – Next to the number you want to unblock, tap the “X” or “Clear” and then Unblock.
        Note: Any calls you got from the number while it was blocked won’t show in your call history.

  10. I had contacts blocked when I was with Verizon. When I switched to Sprint, all of my contacts pulled over just as they were. So, if one was blocked, it remained blocked with Sprint. Now, I can’t unblock them. My contact details just has an Edit field or More field at the top right. Edit won’t let me do anything, and More lets me either delete, link, or share…..nothing else. If I try to delete the contact and re-add it, it comes back just as it was. Ugh, I need help! Thanks!

  11. I have a friend who insists he’s been texting me but I do not get his texts. My phone rings when he calls. His number is not on my auto reject list. I’ve tried everything :(

  12. Summer Tanner says:

    Thank you, “unspammed” a close friend “spammed” by mistake. Whew. Thanks again

  13. very nice but need to have more understanding info

  14. Thank you, it has saved me an hour trying to unblock my friend’s phone on my own

  15. Good job Bertil, this is very simple tutorial to unblock a contact on android devices

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