How to update galaxy note 2

How to update the Samsung Galaxy note 2 to the latest official firmware version.

The best way to ensure that your devise is the best cell phone it can be is to ensure that it always is running the newest possible version of Android Os. This will ensure that you get the maximum performance from your phone. If you are not certain that your  phone company has made available an update,  there is a easy way to check for updates on your Note 2.

How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Connecting to Samsung Servers


Checklist before you update.

  1. For safe measure you should backup all your data to ensure that nothing gets lost in the process.
  2. Never start updating you device on a low battery. If you run out of juice in the middle of the update you may brick your phone.


How to update the Galaxy Note 2.

  1. From the home screen Go to your apps.
  2. From your apps go to the settings.
  3. From your settings scroll down to the bottom and choose the about device.
  4. At the top choose the Software update.
  5. Next hit the Update button and your Galaxy Note 2 will connect to the Samsung servers to check if there are any new updates available.
  6. If an update has been made available by your phone service provider all you have to do is watch as your Note gets the latest official update.
  7. Found somthing useful why not

Why update your device.

There are many reasons why it is recommended to update your phone to the latest Android Os version. One of the most important  is that Android is getting safer for each new version that comes out. If you want to make sure that your data is as safe as possible from hacking and malicious attacks from software and viruses, this would be the easiest and best way to do so.


With each new update comes a host of visual enhancements to our phones. If you want your phone to be as visually stunning as possible it pays (especially since updating is free ) to have your phone running the latest Android Os firmware.


In rare cases an update can go wrong this is very rare though so I would not worry about it to much. Should you however be so unlucky I recommend reading this artickle from pc world

Wondering why Samsung phones get the latest updates so fast you should read this article from nytimes on Samsung Android updates

Or check out this page from Google on the latest version of android.

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12 thoughts on “How to update galaxy note 2

  1. I was just informed by Samsung Support that if you cannot get updates for your phone in safe mode, then to go to Best Buy and the agents there will update it for you for free.

  2. I have updated my phone to use the Resurrection Remix Rom 6.0.1 and it has been working great for several months. Better battery life, very fast..
    A little slow to boot.
    Several sites have the instructions for rooting your phone, flashify to add TWRP and then simply follow the instructions to install the above rom.

  3. Is there a way to update to at least 4.4, or even to 5.0 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Mine has 4.1.2 and says its up to date. But I cannot download a lot of apps I want because my “device is not compatible” due to the operating system. Any help would be great! Please only email me if you have found a way to upgrade a Note 2. Thanks.

  4. My Note II wouldn’t update at all. I got this message that says “System configuration had been changed”. I don’t understand what happpened. The only thing I did last was to reset the whole thing. I followed all instructions. After that’ no updates was ever made availsble. My note 2 still has
    Android 4 1.1. Unless no more updates were made available to note 2?

  5. I keep getting an error when trying to update. “Couldn’t connect to server, please try later”. I’ve been getting this since I got my note 4 about a month or two ago.

    • After I factory reset my note 2 and updated.
      I got that too. I thought because of cable problems thus related to wifi. Desktop did same.
      But my biggest problem was Google interference and still is, it loads stuff like ads etc uses up my wonderful battery power etc.
      I’m pretty basic a local website and texting so ? Even put aps on I have never wanted. ..

  6. I have a problem with the update , every time I try to update the software they told they told me “the last updates have been already installed ” please help me and thanks

  7. Does anybody know if there is an other way of updating. I don’t have access to Wi-Fi on my Galaxy note 2 ?

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