How to update galaxy s2

How to update the Samsung galaxy s2 with latest official firmware

Galaxy s2 update screen

Galaxy s2 update screen

One of the best things about owning a galaxy s devise is that Samsung are constantly providing it’s buyers with the newest version of Android. As a result the Galaxy s series of phones can be considered among the best cell phones to buy.

From time to time Google releases a new versions of the Android Os. If you want to check if your Galaxy s2 has received a update since you bought it there is an easy way to find out. In this article I will show you the easy steps required to do so.

This will also work on the American versions of the phone, the I9100g the I929 Duos the skyrocket HD the HD LTE the skyrocket I729 the LTE I9210 the T989 the I777 the Epic 4G touch the X T989D and the LTE I727R


Before you start

It is always a good idea to backup your phone before an update for safe measure. Personally I have never heard of anyone loosing any data from an Android update. Samsung however recommends it so consider yourself warned.

Also it is a good idea to turn on you Wi-Fi to make sure you wont download a big file through your cell phone carrier ( can be expencive if you are not on a data plan )


Lets update your Galaxy s2

  1. Find and press the settings button. It can be found together with your applications or in some cases on your homescreen.
  2. Once there press the tab named about phone.
  3. Towards the bottom of this screen press the software update tab.
  4. A screen will pop up where you will have to confirm your choice.
  5. Downloading a new version of Android can take some time depending on how big the upgrade is.
  6. When it’s done your phone will restart and when it boots again you will have the latest Android version officially awailable to your phone.

Found something useful, why not

Samsung galaxy s2 updating

Samsung galaxy s2 update in progress

Why update ?
There are many reasons why it is vise to keep you cell phone updated. Maybe the most important is that security is an issue with phones just as with computers. Keeping your phone updated to the latest version of Android Os firmware means that the risk of your phone being hacked or worse is as small as possible.
Most updates makes you phone run faster. If you have been wanting that extra push when gaming, upgrading might just be what makes that game run a little smoother. Another thing is that most new versions comes with improved visuals, making you phone look better the older it gets.
Check details on latest Android version.
What if I don’t have acces to internett on my phone ?
Don’t worry there is another way of updating the gs2. I wrote a tutorial on this subject for the s3 but the process is the same, check out: update with Kies
Jelly Bean to hit Galaxy s2 in November 2012 check out the picture from Samsung Sweden at the bottom of the page which confirms that the update will be here in November.


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44 thoughts on “How to update galaxy s2

  1. i have android version GINGERBREAD 2.3.5 opened software update in phone settings but it says no update availible .

  2. Under settings by Samsung S2 has “about device” not “about phone” under settings. When I press update “Software update” at the top of the menu, “no firmware” appears in small letters half way down the screen.

    Any suggestions?

  3. y does it keep saying no firmware

  4. i am trying to update i went into setting then about phone but after that there is nothing to the bottom of the screens that says software up date

  5. I had the same issue of the update not being available.
    I reset to factory settings (2.3) and after that update was available in KIES :D

  6. Roberto Markham says:

    I believe you should take a primer course in English language and spelling. Punctuation should also be included.
    God, it was painful reading your gabble.

  7. I want to update my Sam gal SII. It is 2.3.6 and i didn’t get any notification of update till now. in setting it comes update is not available. that also didn’t update. Can u tell me anyway to update my phone.i am trying.. Still no update is Der. Please reply.

    • Try downloading Kies from Samsung and updating it that way. Sometimes when over the updates fails, you can still do a manual update via Kies. Best of luck.

  8. Am trying to update my samsung s2 galaxy but it fails.i have tried more than 10time it says processing failed.

  9. Edwin owusu says:

    i like it

  10. PI have a Galaxy S2 with Android version is 4.0.4. Service is with Flash Wireless / Sprint. Under About phone I do not have a tab for software update. How do I update to a later version of Android? When I go under systems updates / update samsung software it tells me my system is up to date.

    • You should try downloading Kies from Samsung to your computer and connecting your phone. This is another way to get the official updates from sammy.

  11. Hello,
    I want to update my Sam gal SII.
    It is 2.3.3 and i didn’t get any notification of update till now. in setting it comes update is not available. i tried with Kies also. that also didn’t update. Can u tell me anyway to update my phone.i am trying this from 2 yrs.. Still no update is Der.
    Please reply..

  12. When I click on software updates, it marks saying: ‘No Firmware’. What is the reason for this? What do I do so I can properly update my Galaxy S 2 for t-mobile? (t989)

  13. Ing Zimmerman says:

    I have S2 LTE I727R with Gingerbread
    Following your instructions, it stopped at item 3. Could not find a Software Update under About Phone and Settings.


  14. Hi!I updated my Galaxy S2 plus software and I don’t know how to put my apps on the screen.I see them only when I go to settings and Aplication Manager and they apper to be installed but they don’t show on my screen.What can I do?

    • Just tap and hold on the item you want to transfer and drag it to the top of the screen, this should let you move it to the home menu.

  15. When i want to update new software it start seatching and then write “No update avililble”.
    Plz plz.plz help me..

  16. I have a samsung galaxy s2 LTE.. And i dont have software update on my phobe when i go into ‘about phone’ why??

  17. I accidentally pressed download when the update came up and now it has completely changed which i dont like. Do you know how i can get it back to normal again? Is that possible?

  18. I have got an s2 too. I love it. Sometimes it restarts or doesn’t do copy-paste with files from one folder to an other. It has got Android 2.3 (2.3.6 but i’m not sure in it), so i think i should update it to 4.x, but i don’t want to lose my apps’ datas (for example i don’t want to start Angry Birds from the begining. How should i update it? Via wifi? Please help.

  19. I have got an s2 too. It sometimes restarts and doesn’t do copy-paste with files from one filder to an otther. It has got Andriod 2.3 (I think 2.3.6 but not sure) so I think I should update it, but i don’t want to lose my apps’ datas (for example I don’t want to start Angry Birds from the begining). So how should I update it to 4.x? Via wifi? Will my fames run after it too? Please help.

  20. I’ve been trying this method for so long but it didn’t work. “No available” always pop up on the screen. what may be the problem in my phone??

  21. My GS2, GT-I9100

    Android Version: 4.0.3
    Beaseband Version:
    Kernal Version
    dpi@DELL178 #3

    shows no update available and the detail on about phone from, Model number to Kernel version shows dimmed. Whats happening..??

  22. Have unlocked I9100 S2 running 4.0.4
    All boxes you suggest above for upgrade are checked.
    When I press check for updates, it responds no update available.
    Also if I try KIES it says no updates.
    Why is this? any suggestions?

  23. today i got an notification that software update is available,but when actually i downloaded this software,my phone rebooted automatically and when started only samasung SII logo is cuming,phone is not working.pls advice what to do?

  24. When I click on software updates, it marks saying: ‘No Firmware’. What is the reason for this? What do I do so I can properly update my Galaxy S 2 for t-mobile? (t989)

  25. I have a I9100 S2 (India)with ICS 4.0.4. I connected to Kies today. It popped a msg that an update was available. I was happy thinking it was Jelly Bean. The download began, phone re-booted but at the end I still have the ICS. No Jelly Bean. Kies no longer shows update available. OTA too shows no update. Phone works fine. What happened?? Was it an update for I9100G that mistakenly downloaded but did not install ?? And will I get the Jelly Bean for I9100 when it comes??

    • Most likely you phone got bumped from 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 today. The 4.1.2 is not jet available to all regions

      • You may be right. Only it was a bump from 4.0.4 I9100XWLPW September 2012 to 4.0.4 I9100XWLQ2 January 2013 version. I have no idea whether it is an upgrade ??? And what was the idea pushing this when we are waiting for 4.1.2

        • We may never find out. On the bright side I updated my girlfriends galaxy s2 to jelly bean yesterday OTA. So you may not have to wait much longer.

  26. hi,
    There are two Galaxy S2 in our family absolutely the same, bought at the same store, at the same time.

    Yesterday (21.01.13) One phone made a soft update (from 2.3.3 to newest one) and it’s ok, but another didn’t (when checking for update, it says “no update available”) and still it keeps version 2.3.3.

    Could you please give me an advice what to do? (I don’t want to root it)

    • There are many reasons why this would happen, and I can understand why you would not want to root your phone. This is what I would do : install Kies software from Samsung on your computer. Now attach your phone with a usb cable and start up Kies. The program will now automatically connect to Samsung servers and check for the latest update. Many times this will work when Over the air updates wont pull through. Hope this helps.

    • i hav samsung galaxy s2 wich my uncle has gifd me;ma cell is in black colour i juss wanna knw dat how can i update ma android it is 2.3.3??
      i hav checkd in setting but it is showing no update n pissed offf
      evn bbm.iz not workng in 2.3.3 its askng to update andraoid version…So plz some one help me can i upgrade ma cell???

  27. You cannot update the GS2 to ICS with the phones internal update app. You have to use Kies (which messed up my PC drivers)to get ICS. Then the phone has to be wired to the PC to make the upgrade. Kies is so bad; it messed up both my laptop and my desktop. Thus I am still running and waiting on Jelly Bean availability. 2Jan13

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