How to update Galaxy s3 to Jelly bean 4.1.1 official version

galaxy s3 jelly bean update officialy here

Today we have finally been getting the first reports from Poland that the official Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 version has been made available for OTA update.

If you have the Samsung Galaxy s3 you have the best cell phone that money can buy, now however you can make it an even better phone.

Galaxy s3 jelly bean gs3

This is news we have been waiting for a long time, and somthing we are very excited to bring on to you. After quite a few rumors about when the update would be here and numerous leaked roms the day for updating your Samsung Galaxy s3 to Jelly bean is finally here.

If you just cant wait to find out if the upgrade has been made available in your country and on your carrier there is an easy way to check it. Just follow thes steps to check.


How to update your Galaxy s3 to Samsungs official Jelly bean 4.1.1.

  1. Turn on your Wi-fi or mobile data. Please take note that if you are not on a data plan it will be expensive to download this update via mobile data data such as 3G LTE or 4G.
  2. Open you apps list on your cell phone and press the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu that appears and press the About device button.
  4. At the top of the next menu press the Software Update.
  5. Now hit the Update button. Your cell phone will now connect to the Samsung servers and check for availability of the update to your phone.
This will also work for the Samsung SGH-T999, Samsung Galaxy S III T-Mobile, Samsung SGH-I535, Samsung Galaxy S III Verizon, Samsung SGH-I747, Samsung Galaxy S III AT&T as well as the international Samsung Galaxy s3.
If you get the No update available no not despair, this simply means one of two. Either Samsung did not release the update to your country jet or if your phone is locked to a carrier, that your carrier did not approve the update jet. There is no limit on how many times you can check for updates so keep at it and one day the update will be available.

So what can you expect from your Galaxy s3 after upgrading to Jelly bean?

  • Faster and more responsive.

Due to Jelly beans improved vsync timings it will behave smoother. This means a more responsive and reactive Android Os. It will even try to anticipate your next move before you do it to ready the resorces you will need next

  • Better support for international users

This means Jelly Bean will support Arabic glyphs and Japanese amongst others.

  • Resizable app widgets
Meaning you can decide how big you want a widget to be on your home screen.
The list goes on and on and there are a lot more than I just listed here if you want to find out more you can read our Jelly bean features post or check out the official Jelly bean page.


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27 thoughts on “How to update Galaxy s3 to Jelly bean 4.1.1 official version

  1. i cann update my mobile

  2. What should I do if they say Your system is currently up to date

  3. cathrine moreno says:

    my samsung gt1819.. won’t open.. after i reformat it.. whenever i’m trying to open it.. it stops at the samsung logo.. over and over.. please help. i don;t know what to do.. thanks in advance.. my fb page is cath c rbz.. please pm me whta to do..

  4. Hello I’m Anwar from Saudi Arabia I’m try to download the new software for samsung s3 and everyday since one month I get this massage (access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later)

    Please anyone can explain to me when the new update will be download ?

  5. Mehmood Nawaz says:

    Sir I have SGS3 its software version is 4.1.2 and its base version is i9300XXEMA5.when i try to update it through kies during update kies says the device has been disconnected but in meanwhile charging & its lite keep on and screen also in black mode (sleep). what i can do……..?????me also replace data cable but result same. kindly reply waiting your kind response.

  6. i bought a new s3 and in about phone am not getting anything about update
    some people told me that the first update it should pop up automatically but till now nothing so what should i do ?

  7. We are now heartily waiting for JB 4.2 update as we have read that 4.2 will bring some cool feature like Smart Scroll…

  8. Mohamed Montasser says:

    I always get No update available message … What is the problem and how can i solve it ? Is there any alternative way to update it ?

  9. I regret updating my S3. This”upgrade” removed the icon to toggle mobile data on/off.

  10. Sir,
    Every day I am checking for my galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update, its is saying
    no update available. When I can get this jelly bean update – ( I am in United Arab Emirates.)

  11. I got this phone not even a month ago and I been trying to update it. I try everything. It says update failed every time it try to update. I have to turn off the automatic updater cause it would do it every 5mins and not work :\

  12. This Update has slows down my s3 like hell ..Samsung is the most useless company makes useless phones and useless updates

    • A friend of mine had the same problem. Said he solved it by fully charging and them reseting his phone. Sure worth a try

  13. Everyone else in the country has it updated OTA and my device says no update available so I tried doing it through Kies and it still says I have the latest firmware. . My version is 4.0.4

    Help please

  14. hello, i’m in the philippines, the local carriers here have updated to jb.

    but, i’m still getting the “no update available” message.



  15. 27th of Oct, 2012 Update is not available in Australia on Yes Optus

  16. Update not yet available in Indonesia

  17. 27 Sept – not available yet in Ireland on Three.

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