how to update htc one x one x+ one v and one s

Tired of waiting for Android Os updates for your HTC one series phone, here is how to manually check for updates

From time to time cell phone manufacturers release new firmware versions to their phones to ensure that the people buying them are satisfied.

How to update HTC one x one x pluss one v and one s

Connecting to HTC server

Why update

There are many good reasons for having the latest available Android Os firmware on your HTC one series phone. or any cell phone for that matter. When an update is available it is for the most part going to improve your devise in numerous ways.

  1. Security improvements
  2. Performance improvements
  3. Takes care of compatibility issues
  4. New features

Just to mention a few.


Before you start

It is always a good idea to backup any data on your phone that you can not afford to loose. I have never heard of anybody loosing data or contact lists or images but as we say better safe than sorry. At least you have been warned so don’t come crying if anything bad happens.


How to update your HTC on series Android phone

  1. On your home screen slide down the notification area and press the gear like symbol
  2. Tapp About.
  3. Press Software updates.
  4. And finally press the Check now button.
  5. Found something useful why not

Your phone will now connect to HTC servers to check if there are any available updates for your One series smartphone. If an update is found you can now confirm and your phone will get the latest possible official firmware version.

Backup your files and photos

How to backup Android contacts.

How to backup Android photos.


About the HTC one series phones

In 2012 HTC released the One x the one s and the one v. Among them the One x is the top model and the one s is the middrange phone. The one v is the cheapest of the three, and at the same time maybe the better looking one.

Later in the year 2012 Htc released the beefed up version of the one x called the one x pluss possibly due to the companies low sales figures.In an attempt to put the phones in a better light.


While you wait

Updating an Android phone can take som time depending on the size of the latest version. While you wait you can check out Latest Android version details.

You can read highlights from Android 4.1

Or read up on HTC one series phones

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