How to update the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Kies

How to update your Samsung Galaxy S5 to the latest available official Android Os software version.

To get the most from your cell phone, it is advisable to make sure that the software it is running is always up to date.

This is a process that happens automatically unless you have disabled it on your phone. Mind you this is requires you device to be connected to Wi-Fi. If for some reason you can’t or won’t connect your phone wirelessly, it is nice to know that you can check for updates on your computer.

How to update the Galaxy s5 with Kies from Samsung

Kies from Samsung

If you can connect your phone directly to a Wi-Fi connection there is a better way of updating your phone. Check out our Galaxy S5 update tutorial, for details on how to do this.

Before you start, make sure that you have a computer connected to the internet and that you have the USB cable required to connect your phone to the computer.

How to update Galaxy S5 with Kies.

  1. Head on over to Samsungs support page to download the correct Kies version. Pay attention to the fact that there are three different versions, depending on whether you have a PC or MAC, and how old your cell phone is.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable. You may have to wait a few moments for drivers to be installed.
  3. If Kies does not automatically start you will have to manually start the program on your PC or MAC.
  4. As soon as Kies and your S5 connects the program will automatically check if it has the latest available Android version installed.
  5. If not, follow the on screen instructions to get your Galaxy s5 up to date.
  6. If this was what you were looking for why not

Once your phone gets the latest available version you can start enjoying the new features and improvements for Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was originally released to the public sporting Android version 4.4.2. Over the next coming months and years we expect Samsung to release several firmware updates to this phone. In general I would say that Samsung is among the best cell phone manufacturers at bringing us the latest software version. Hopefully this is not about to change anytime soon.

While your phone is updating why not check out the official Android website to see which useful new features and improvements you can look forward to playing with in a few moments.

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16 thoughts on “How to update the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Kies

  1. I recently bought a new un-locked S5 mini in July 2016. It’s still on 4.4.2 (kit-lat). and there isn’t an OTA update for Lollipop 5.1.1 whenever I check the update software switch on my phone. Kies also reports that I have the latest software. Yet, it’s known that Lollipop was released for my phone in 2015. I have Mac based computers which allows JOdin with Heimdall to flash small files onto Android phones. However, owing to buffering problems with Heimdall, firmware files the size of Lollipop cannot be flashed onto my phone from a Mac

    My Knox warranty has not been triggered. So, I have a matching customer code and firmware code and I have the original firmware for my phone. So, it’s a wonder why Samsung has not released the update for my phone OTA or through Kies. Samsung haven’t been very good with there firmware releases.

  2. I’m in Australia, carrier is Telstra. I currently have Android 5, and got a notification from Samsung that Android S6 is available for update. But every time I tried to update through Wi-Fi (An Australian invention btw) I got about 500Mb downloaded and then a message mentioning server problems. So I installed KIES3. But running KIES there is no mention of Android – only the S5 firmware (which is confirmed as being up to date). Looks like I’m stuck with Ver 5 for now – could be demand on the Samsung servers with it being a new release. Anyone else have these problems

    • Sounds like something’s not quite right. Kinda hard to tell why this is happening apart from the obvious fact that Samsung is having server problems.
      What I do know is that updates via Wi-Fi and kies does not always happen at the same time. So I think you best bet is to restart your phone and give it another go.
      Hope this helps.

  3. By far the Galaxy 5s mini is an absolute nightmare my phone was playing up something evil so i deleted a whole lot of apps trying to get it to work and i accidentally deleted the kies app and know im trying to reinstall it says connect to computer im dammed if i know what they are talking about as i don’t own a computer. Definitely the last samsung im ever buying iPhone here i come as im nearly crying with frustrated anger

  4. Anthony Rivera says:

    I’m having the exact same issue with my phone, it’s really irritating.

  5. This wasn’t helpful at all. I got notifications this morning that my samsung apps need to be updated pending my approval. Then they disappeared from the toolbar without me taking any action. I’m not sure why they went away. I followed the steps to see if any updates were available but my phone said none were available. How can this be if I had some pending my approval?

  6. My S5 downloads an update but when I try to install it using lies but the phone fails to connect to kies.

  7. Samsung need to take more responsibility with the performance of its phones. I am in UK with with a S5. I went from Three to Samsung with error after error, internet intermitting, pausing, crashing then to poor quality of calls both in and out. transferred me to Samsung, all they asked was what android version, I replied with 5.0, they then said its out of date, checked via phone and kies3 and no update. Even sending the phone back for repair, they still can’t update it to 5.01 or 5.02. I believe these updates should be completed before these phones are put out on the market. Its just one error after error. People the Android 5.0 update is just as worse as the 4.4

  8. I checked for updates on my Samsung Galaxy s5 through the “About device” in my settings. I live in the U.S. It said I can update to the new software (5.0 I think) from my current 4.4.4 version. I started the update but my device storage was full already. After deleting a lot of apps and having from 0.8gb free space to 4.0gb free space, tapping on the “AT&T Software Update Available” notification does absolutely nothing. Then when I tried to check for updates as I did the first time, it now says my software is up to date. It’s still the same version that it was, and the notification for the software update is still there. It says I need to recheck in 24 hours. So is the quick fix to just wait out that time and recheck? Or is there an alternative that I can do right now?

    • Oh, and just an addition, Kies 3 also says my firmware is up to date.

      • I have the same issue and haven’t found a way around the 24 hours yet. I tried to take the battery out to reset the timer but it didn’t help and I don’t think its worth backing up, reformatting, upgrading, then restoring all just 24 hour timer.

  9. My friends have lolipop but my s5dont have the update why is it plz help mw with it

    • Most people believe that once an update is made available, everyone can download it right away. Sadly that is far from the truth.
      The first thing to consider is that updates hits different countries at different times. So if you are in a different country than your friends you are likely to get it sooner, or more likely in my experience later than them.
      Secondly, a lot of cell phone carriers tend to make their own modifications to Android Os before releasing it to its customers. This can delay an update with weeks or even months.
      So if you are on a different carrier than your friends you’ll likely get it at later ( thats how it feels at least ).
      Thirdly there is dumb bad luck. This often seems to be the case for me. I always get it later than almost everyone else.

      I know samsung has had a fair share of problems with this update, and had to pull the update in certain countries due to bugs. Hopefully they will have this sorted in no time and we will get our Lollipop before to long.

      Best of luck.

  10. Hey Running OS 4.4.2 on S5 in Canada my cell provider released lollipop last wk. However I was able to update only one of my S5. Kies says it has the latest OS but it doesnt when I check wifi says there is no update I have the current one. But I dont. Any suggestions?

  11. Im in the UK and have a Samsung S5 which is still running 4.4.2. I understand that Android 5.0 has been rolled out in the UK and now being rolled out in the states. Shouldn’t my phone have been updated by now or is the update still being rolled out around the UK?

    Hoping that Kies will be able to update my phone :)

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