How to upgrade samsung galaxy s2 to ICS

How to upgrade samsung galaxy s 2 to ICS or Jelly bean


Ever since the release of the Samsung galaxy s2 in May 2011 samsung has given it a haul over many times with new versions of android. The phone was initially shipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Later the smartphone was updated to 2.3.5 and December 12 2011 the upgrade to  2.3.6 was released. And finally this week Samsung began to roll out upgrades to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

So what kinda new goodies can you look forward to once you upgrade your phone. Some key features are :

A few things before you start:

For safe measure back up the data on your phone that you can not loose, even if I did not do so myself. And luckily I lost nothing. It would be pretty bad loosing all those family photos. And also make sure you have a lot of battery left on your phone or plug it in to a socket.

  1. On your home screen hit the applications button
  2. Find the setting button and click it
  3. Hit the about phone tab
  4. Press the software update tab
  5. Press the check for updates tab
  6. Turn on wi-fi
  7. press ok
  8. The upgrade will start downloading. Expect a god 20 min or so depending on you internet connection
  9. press pop up button once again to proceed
  10. once update is finished swipe your screen and enter your pin
  11. You should get a pop up telling you the update was successful
  12. Another pop up will appear telling you to choose your carrier
  13. If you want to double check that you have indeed finally got ice cream sandwich, go back into settings and hit the about phone tab. Scroll down a bit and your android version should read 4.0.3
  14.  A video is embedded below if you want to see the thing for yourself.


According to Samsung has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy s2 will get the Jelly bean update. God news for the formerly best cell phone from Samsung read all about it here

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53 thoughts on “How to upgrade samsung galaxy s2 to ICS

  1. When I press “software update” on my Galaxy S2, it just says “no firmware.” I’m stuck on Gingerbread 2.3.6 right now.

  2. I did it step by step but whenever I click the software update it keeps on saying that firmware is up to date.ehat should I do.. I WANT to update my SGS2 gungerbread to ICS. THANKS

  3. Hello sir.

    I have bought 1 samsung galaxy s2 I9100 mobile in Saudi Arabia on May 2013.
    Now it is in 4.0.3 Version. Now i am in India. My native is also india. I want to update it to jelly bean. I contact the Indian Samsung care. They told me that they could not give any solution to your mobile. And i am facing some problems in my mobile. Indian samsung told me that it is a software issue. So finall 1 mont before i went to my nearby samsung care i told my problem. And then they flashed my mobile. But now i am facing that problem again and again. Give me some solution sir. Please.

  4. hi have recently update my S2 i live in Australia since then not able to see video in any application. i can see videos in you tube but not on any other website or form any application. please help, tell me what to do.

  5. Sir after updating my camera clearity is somewhat lost . Pics i clicked are not clear…i had also done reset but still it is giving me problem,and another problem is sometimes i doesn’t show me incoming call m loosing my important calls due to this problem ….can u please suggest me something??

  6. Sir, I want to ask you something about the “once update is finished swipe your screen and enter your pin” . What does that “pin” mean? Is it the type of pin we make ourselves? sorry for my english, im from the philippines btw.and lastly sir, does my device need to be rooted in order to update? thanks

    • The PIN code I am refering to is the SIM PIN code that you most likely have on your SIM card. Unless you have dissabled it. As for your second question, No your phone does not have to be rooted for this to work, as this is the official way of updating your Galaxy s2.

      • ok. so i did this steps. yes i succesfully downloaded it,it installed it but when it finished installing and my screen was back on ,it sayd that my phone cannot update and i should try kies. i tried kies and kies said that my firmware cannot be updated and like that. any idea how to update sir? some said that i should try odin. but idk what that was. much thanks sir. god bless

  7. I have Update my SGS2 on ICS from GINGERBREAD But after update i m trying to put my a screen lock it could not work. and The power option comes on long press power button key are also not coming what should i do ..??

  8. Hello!

    Im from sweden (i live in scandinavia and should of been able to get the update for over a long time but it doesnt show up any update for me) and i have tried to search for an upgrade for months everyday my samsungs s2 has the android version 2.3.6
    why doesnt it find an update??

    Could i plz get an answer to what i should do? and yes tried through kies and same there

  9. I’m in New Zealand and my Galaxy SII update yesterday – but getting plenty of errors occurring all the time…such as “Unfortunately, the Process has stopped” or similar.
    Any idea why this is?

    • I have spoken with Samsung about this kind of things happening to peoples phones after updating. The only general advise they would give was that you should always do a factory reset after updating if you are getting errors. Just make sure that you backup the things that you don’t want to loose on your phone before doing so.

  10. My Galaxy S2 is set to automatically update… And I’m in Canada. It says I’m using Android Version 4.0.4… Has my phone already done this upgrade?!

    • This means your phone already is running ICS. Soon though you should be able to use this way of updating your phone to the newest version of Android. Jelly Bean

  11. I got my s2 from my bro @ United states n I am in Nepal n I want 2 upgrade it 2 ICS, but the software update option in my phone says “no firmware”, what should I do?? Plz hlp…

  12. hi, im using s2, and still using firmware 2.3.3.. i’m from malaysia, bought the phone in malaysia and studying in russia, the problem is i cant update my phone to any firmware since the “check for update’ button keep on telling “no update available”.. i tried with samsung kies too and it also didnt show any firmware available for download, what can i do to update to latest firmware, or even the ICS ?
    thank you

  13. I have try both way. Through OTA and through Kies Air. But it still the same. Through Kies Air, it said that my version is not compatible. Can u help me? I’m from malaysia.

  14. I have the Galaxy S2. I am currently on Gingerbread, but whenever I click the “Software Update” button, something pops up and says “No Firmware”. What does that mean? How do I update my phone?

    • It means that no update is made available for OTA ( over the air ) for your device. I would recommend that you try to update your gs2 through Kies. I made this tutorial on how to do it for the gs3, but the approach is the same for the Galaxy S2. Go ahead and check it out right here: . Let me know if it worked out for you.

      • Hi there, Im facing the same issue. Im in New Zealand. I’ve tried updating via Kies however Kies says that it does not support this version for a firmware update. Any ideas? Cheers.

  15. I get “..No update available..” answer when Check for update.
    I tried several times – same result

    • Do you reside in Poland ? I believe that is the only contry that are getting the update as of jet. You will just have to check back in a few days or so.

      • no I live in South Africa and friend of mine with same phone did the upgrade some time ago

        • Samsung releases the update to a few thousand phones at a time. Also if your phone is locked to a spesific carrier, you will have to wait until your carrier approves the Jelly bean upgrade. I sugest you just check back in a few days, or like me check every day.

  16. hiii all when i do update in Galaxy sII
    it reture with ni update available why ????

  17. Will this OTA to ICS update work for S2 phones on a prepaid non-AT&T provider such as H20 Wireless or only for AT&T contract/prepaid providers? Thanks!

  18. does it mean that galaxy s2 does not have enough memory to browse and download ????

  19. why is my galaxy s2 always telling me insufficient memory any time am brousing?

  20. I do not have a “search for updates” option in my settings for my galaxy SII. Why? and where can I get my updates with out this feature

  21. Uma, it’s not considered a software update. That path won’t work – ICS is a firmware update.

  22. Hi,I am from India.My S2 having Android 2.3.3. I tried to check for update but responded with ‘no update available’. How to update to Android 4.0?. Please give suggestions

  23. Hi do you know why when i receive a text message a grey box pops up with the number of the person sending the text… the content of the text and an option to accept or not accept? thank you

  24. Hi, my S2 having Android 2.3.3. I tried to check for update but return with no update available. How to update to Android 4.0? i am from Malaysia.

  25. […] time to time, if you upgrade your phone it will most likely be to a faster version. Read more about upgrading an Android phone here. If you have removed unused widgets and programs and upgraded your phone to the latest version and […]

  26. any news about ics for galaxy s2 in Egypt ?

  27. Thanks for replying so soon. Ok, The problem is when the downloading reaches 48%, it just stopped there and would not move again. Message appeared saying that my Wifi has been disconnected and bla bla bla. I tried 3x already and the outcome is still the same. So can you pls tell me what’s going on?? And give some advise about this situation. Thanks.

  28. Hello,
    I am from Malaysia. I tried to upgrade my Gingerbread to ICS as taught in the video. But whenever i pressed the software update, It appeared Terms and conditions. So should i accept it and continue with the upgrade or no?? Please advise. TQ

    • If you want the latest version of Android on you phone you should accept. And I really can not see any reason not to. As it improves the performance to you galaxy s2 a lot.

  29. i tried the exact same way but every time i click ‘ok’ when i reached the screen at 0:30, I’ll be told connection failed. I am pretty sure my wi-fi was on and i’ve tried restarting my phone but nothing works.

  30. francis bojczuk says:

    please help i cant update my s2 to ics i live in the uk and im on three mobile i have tried kies but it still says no update available !!!

  31. hey am in egypt and it says no updates too when will it be available? thx in advance

  32. The most likely reason is that the update is just available in scandinavia, Poland, Hungary and Korea as of jet. If you are from the UK the update will be available on the 19. this month.

  33. i have a problem that whenever i check for update it tells me no update available… can u help me with that?

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