in-app purchase not a bad thing

Why in-app purchase is not necessarily a bad thing for hard core gamers

The words “in-app purchase” certainly has a negative ring to it but why is it so? Is it really such a negative thing. Take a moment to think about it.

How many high quality games was available for free in the olden days? In my hay days there where none.

You may say that the games are not truly free. I claim that they on the most part is. What I mean by this is that in-app purchase games are actually better on the most part when you don’t spend any money on them. They certainly last longer when you choose the hard way and don’t buy that mega unrealistically big gun that makes you breeze through the game in a fraction of the time it takes to do it the hard way.

If you get a really good game, paid or not you would like it to last as long as possible. How many hours haven’t I spent wandering about doing things not related to the main story in those truly great games.

in-app purchase in progress

in-app purchase in progress

I am a bit stingy, I’ll admit it. I would gladly turn a dollar over on the other side and use it a second time if I could.

But the game developers need to make money to keep making us great games you may say. I totally agree, I love games and I would hate it if companies stopped making them.


The way I see it developers has three realistic options these days of making money. Lets say we have company A B and C.

Company A makes a good game, to make money from it they put it out for sale on Google play formerly known as  Android market. They price it at 4.99$. They will now have to rely on the fact that enough people are willing to pay that amount to get them to the top of the top new paid tab for them to have any chance of the game lifting of and earning them millions and millions of $.

This ultimately means for you and me that we have to pay 4.99$ to get a good game.

Company B makes a good game but put an ad at the top of the screen and release the game for free. This gives the company a good chance of reaching out to a lot of people who are not willing or able to pay top dollar for a game. The company may make a lot of money and the user experience will be ruined, depending a little on the game in question.

This means for all of us a crappy game experience, where you are bound to accidentally click an ad while having a a particularly difficult boss.

Company C makes another equally good game, enable players to buy things in the game  for real money and put it on Google play for free, 0.00$. This means for the company that they have a bigger chance for the game to get a lot of downloads and a lot of people playing it. If it truly is a good game it will easily climb to the top of the top free new games and in such a way get more publicity and ultimately more people playing their game.

Dead trigger gameplay screenshot

Dead trigger is a free game with in-app purchases

What this means for us, the hardcore gamers is that we can get good games for free while ensuring that the great experience of playing the game lasts as long as possible. And secondly for the ones liking the game but thinking the progress is a bit slow, to pay a few bucks for the ultimate super mega gun that makes the game a little easier.

In conclusion in-app purchases gives us great free games that we can enjoy for a long time while ensuring that the developers make enough money to keep making more.

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One thought on “in-app purchase not a bad thing

  1. Gerald Washington says:

    Counter-point: Why in-app purchases are a VERY, VERY BAD thing

    Summary: You have to pay for the exact same thing multiple times

    I downloaded a game to a new Android device, and made several in-app purchases. My device needed replacement due to a defect. I reinstalled the game, and my in-app purchases were gone. I’d have to pay for them again, to use content that I had already purchased. And, I paid much more than $4.99.

    People replace devices all the time, whether from defects, damages, or upgrades. In-app purchases are a greedy way for developers to get you to pay for the same content over and over again, as you change devices.

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