Is Samsung holding back galaxy s3

After trolling several stores looking for the Samsung galaxy s3 I have almost given up. The news have been about the same in all the places I have been : ” We got a few phones but we are sold out, we may get some more in a couple of days”.

Looks like Samsung is deliberately using a strategy we have seen from another smartphone maker ( Apples IPhone ). The phones are deliberately kept in short supply to make all the more buzz around the launch of their new smartphone.

So why do they do this ? I suspect it is a way to ensure higher sales when they decide to release the phone in big enough numbers that the people who want it can actually get it. Me and my friends have for several days now been talking about nothing else than how much we want it and I am sure that we have influenced some of the people around us in a way that make it more likely that they are going to get the s3 when it is truly made available.

I suspect this is all a part of a plan devised my Samsung’s media department to sell more phones. A good plan I am sure for selling more phones, however not such a good plan for keeping their die hard fans who just can’t get a hold of the phone they have been dreaming about for at least the last half year.

Another thing that would support this claim is that Samsung has the parts and the time to make fully functioning “dummy” phones working just fine except that they lack the part making it possible to call with them. I got to hold one in a store yesterday and the man working there could tell me that it was one of the three Samsung galaxy 3 III they had received from Sammy.

Samsung are claiming that they have had problems with the quality of the covers on the pebble blue version of the phone and that this is somehow related to the lack of phones. This does not however explain why stores are recieving just two white Galaxy s3’s. Shame on you!

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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

2 thoughts on “Is Samsung holding back galaxy s3

  1. […] I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories but the more I think about it the more I feel that the big companies in the world today are constantly exploring ways of getting cheap publicity for their products. Just look at he way a big launch of a new phone are conducted from the Apple and Samsung. You can bet your savings that their phones will run out of stock in a day or two, causing a lot of fuzz and commotion. Witch in turn will get them even more publicity from articles about them being sold out. And how everyone will complain to all their friends that they can’t get a hold of it. Read about how Samsung held back the galaxy s3, apple style to sell more phones. […]

  2. Thanks for the information, its very important for a buyer to know about the drawbacks before buying something expensive.

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