Latest Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge suggest they are both waterproof

The last couple of weeks we have seen Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy  Edge images leak over and over again. These latest images though seem pretty convincing, and what’s more they are laying on a bed of ice.

My initial reaction when I saw these images was that they looked really cool and professional. Not like something Samsung would make or use in any kind of  advertising but more likely something casemaker VERUS would use.

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy EDGE leaked

Image : CNET Korea ( in Korean )
The latest leaked images seems to suggest that these phones are waterproof

So why do I think the phones is surrounded by ice rather than glass ?

Well, if I ever were to produce and market a phone or a case the last thing I would want my potential customers to think about would be broken glass. A modern smartphones screen has one big weak spot in terms of durability and that is the fact that the screen is prone to be broken. Would you like customers of a product you made to think about how easily it can be broken when you saw a commercial for it. No ? I did not think so.

The only other feasible explanation in my eyes is that the phones in the picture is surrounded by ice. Something that would suggest the phones are waterproof. This would not fit well with the previous rumors on the new Galaxy S series, but would not be the first time Samsung managed to keep a few secrets to themselves up until launch time.

If these images turns out to be the real thing there is another thing we can take from it. It’s kinda hard to tell but from examining the rightmost phone in the picture it seems evident that the Samsung Galaxy EDGE only has a bendt display on one side, nothing like the rumors of late will have it.

But wait, something looks a bit of.

  • The camera lens seems to be protruding a lot.

By the looks of it, and from comparing these images with the live Galaxy S5 in my hand, it appears that the camera will stick out about twice as much. This is not something I find very likely. If it were the case it would be about a third of the full depth of the phone. Not a look I am hoping for.

  • The speaker hole is too small.

By comparing the image to live Galaxy S phones of yesteryear the microphone output hole is simply too small. If the images where real and the headphone output is correctly proportioned, this phone is at least 1 CM deep. Not very likely unless Samsung decided to put a 10000  mAh battery in it.

The only thing we know for sure is that Samsung is holding an UNPACED event on March 1. at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is when we are likely to see the devices for the first time with our own eyes.


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